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5000Antler possible pick
2020Photographs of Dornoch, Sutherland Road Improvement - Bill of Quantities, A Taste of Burns 2020
2019New Picture, DHS Talk on Pictish Astronomers, Dornoch Fibre Fest 2019
2018CFC troops preparing a meal , Western end of Elizabeth Crescent, Dornoch Dairy 1 pint milk bottle
2017Timecapsule buried to mark Dornoch Golf anniversar, Dornoch Heritage Burns Night 2017, Dornoch Heritage Society 'Taste o...
2016Rhoda Robertson, Dornoch Golf Club, Club House., Coronation pageant float 1953
2015 'Remembering Ledmore & Migdale, Woodland Trust website access to soundslides, Sports at Dornoch - Canadian Forestry Co...
2014Heritage Society Film Evening 19 Dec 2013, 'Summer Walkers' film, A year in the life of Dornoch's History
2013The History and Stories of Embo, Small flint fragments, Flint fragment
2012Possible skin scraper, Norse place names in south east Sutherland, Objects discovered on Pitgrudy Farm - watch winder
2011Dornoch Academy Photograph, School photograph, Letter to Northern Times 'A Very Uncommon Land'
2010Dornoch links dune erosion Feb 2010, Certificate of Service and Discharge from the RAF, Dornoch Heritage Society Burns N...
2009Notes on Sutherland estate and genealogy, Battle of Golspie 1746, Sutherland archaeology
2008A Highland Landmark article about George Dempster, Road Broch at Keiss, Broch at Killin, above Loch Brora
2007Joiners, The Meadows, Dornoch, Meikle Ferry disaster memorial to Hugh McCulloch, The Way We Are Today Dornoch
2006Trentham Mausoleum, Trentham Mausoleum, Shell Midden
2005Newspaper cutting Historic Uniform, Dornoch Primary School, Dornoch Primary School
2004Sgt. Bethune's uniform, Obituary for sergeant John Macbeath, Dornoch Academy pupils 1947
2003Aerial photos, photograph of Embo village Hall, photograph of Embo village Hall
2002President Bill Clinton at the Royal Dornoch , History of Proncy castle, Letter from W.D.McCrone
2001Old dam near Evelix, The Home of Gowf, Dornoch Bowling Club
2000Piece of coal found on Dornoch beach., Dornoch Cathedral gargoyle, Dornoch Cathedral gargoyle
1999Dornoch light railway, Dornoch Primary School, Furness Postcard Collection - Golf course Dornoch
1998Historylinks building, Dornoch, Railways of Sutherland, Dornoch Primary School
1997Achvaich settlement complex, Achvaich settlement complex, Achvaich settlement complex hut circles
1996List of fishing boats at Embo in 1911,1932,1935, 1938., Srath Ach a' Bhathaich house plans, Srath Ach a' Bhathaich barn
1995Lonfliuch croft location plan, Lonfliuch croft original building, Lonfliuch croft main building
1994Achormlarie site plans, Achormlarie site plans, Dornoch Primary School
1993British Legion Statement of Accounts, The Claymore - Official Journal of the British Legion Scotland, Dornoch Bowling Cl...
1992Earl's Cross School Hostel Photograph, Treasurer's correspondence, British Legion Dornoch branch, Stone pillar
1991Queen Mother inspecting troops 1991, Queen Mother opening Dornoch Bridge 1991, Dornoch Firth Bridge
1990Set of documents on rights of way, Dornoch Bridge under construction, Dornoch Bridge under construction
1989Poem 'A Spring Day at Skelbo Castle, 1989', Programme for 750th anniversary of cathedral, Monk's Canal, Rearquhar
1988Booklet 'The Dornoch Light Railway' Edition 2, Dornoch Cathedral north transept, Dornoch Cathedral east end
1987Petition for guardianship of Skelbo Castle, Rhian, Rhian
1986Cnoc Garbh-airigh plan of buildings, Cnoc Garbh-airigh, Cnoc Garbh-airigh
1985The square, Dornoch, View of Dornoch Firth, View of Dornoch Firth
1984letter from Bob Charles, Hand carved chair, Site investigation for new bridge at the Mound
1983Letter from Miss Macleod to the Scots Magazine 1983, Achormlarie sites, The Macleod twins taxi to Dornoch
1982Duchess Countess and Fourpenny Plantations, Booklet on archaeology of Dornoch, Earl of Sutherland's charges for his mili...
1981Cathedral Junior Choir, Dornoch, Creich and Kincardine local plan, Rev Simpson and wife
1980Dornoch Local Plan, Letter to Sutherland District Coucil, The Mound, Sutherland
1979View of High Street from cathedral tower, Dornoch Bowling Club, Dornoch Bowling Club
1978British Legion Correspondence - Dornoch Festival Week, 1978 Press cutting about Sutherland Arms Hotel before and after f...
1977Magazine cutting showing photograph of 'The Duke's Tooth-pick', British Legion Correspondence - Queen's Silver Jubilee A...
1976Cambusavie (Hospital) History, View of Dornoch, View of Dornoch
1975letter from Byron Nelson, British Legion Correspondence - Annual Conference, British Legion Correspondence - New publici...
1974British Legion Correspondence - Amenities Committee, British Legion Correspondence - Area Council Meeting, British Legio...
1973Donald Ross documents - article, Dornoch Primary School, Dornoch Primary School 1973
1972Party at the Country Club of North Carolina in honour of Donald Grant., Royal Dornoch golf village, Pinehurst, Dornoch A...
1971A piper's welcome to the Highlands, stone dyke at Evelix, Sower at Dalchiel
1970Aerial view of Dornoch, magazine article on Grants of Dornoch, Skelbo House & Castle
1969British Legion Correspondence - The Claymore Magazine, British Legion Correspondence - Founders Day Service, British Leg...
1968Downgrading of Dornoch Academy, British Legion Correspondence - BL House Inverness, British Legion Correspondence - Dona...
1967Two Ontario mining medallions, British Legion Scotland Handbook (1967), Scottish Railway History in Pictures.
1966letter from Frank ? to Mr Grant, Christmas card with photograph of Ross-shire hills., Agricultural history review
1965New seats in The Square, Tufty Club, Royal British Legion Membership Card
1964Visit of Queen & Prince Philip 1964, Visit of Queen & Prince Philip 1964, Visit of Queen & Prince Philip 1964
1963Opening of Dornoch Academy 1963, Opening of Dornoch Academy 1963, Opening of Dornoch Academy 1963
1962Dornoch Fire Brigade, Opening of Dornoch Light Railway, Dornoch Light Railway
1961photograph of train at Dornoch station, copy of article"Delectable Dornoch", Staff of Dornoch Academy
1960Engine No 1646 at Dornoch Railway Station, Travellers on Dornoch railway, Title page of The Last Trains (5) North of Sco...
1959Dornoch Academy Four 6th year girl pupils 1959, Dornoch Academy 5th & 6th year pupils 1959, Dornoch Academy 6th year pup...
1958Cover of 'The Railway Magazine' with Cambusavie Crossing photograph, Embo Public Hall, Dornoch Academy 1959
1957Magazine photograph of the last engine on the Dornoch railway, The 93rd's kirk session, Dornoch Light Railway
1956Receipt from A.M. Paul, Dornoch Cathedral, Grannie's Heilan Hame
1955Page from The Last Trains (5) North of Scotland, Dornoch level crossing, Freedom ceremony Sir David Maxwell Fyffe
1954Gunn family, Fourpenny, Dornoch, carnival king and queen, Carnival King and Queen
1953Dornoch Pipe Band, Coronation souvenir money box, Royal Dornoch Golf Club Clock
1952Menu for Burns Supper 1952, Scottish Veterans' Garden City Association, Prospectus Sutherland Technical School
1951Northern Times cutting British Legion, Photographs of Dornoch, Dornoch Highland Gathering 1951
1950Last Campaign of Montrose of 1650, Photograph of group at Sutherland Show possibly at Dunrobin., View of Castle Hotel, D...
1949Dornoch Station Platform, Train and Goods Yard, Three herring girls in Yarmouth, Admittance certificate to Swordale Inst...
1948WW2 Defence Medal ribbon and box, Locomotive 15053, Dornoch Bowling Club
1947Freedom ceremony late 1940s, Clothing coupon book 1947/48, Pupils in front of Dornoch Academy, 1947
1946letter from Robert Jones, Jr to Donald Grant, Photograph of Bishopfield Celtic Football Team, winners of Ice-cream Cup, ...
1945Photograph of Abden Private Hotel, Cast of Kirk o' Field, Freedom of burgh to Duke of Sutherland
1944Obituary of W A Bethune, Dornoch Castle with Lancaster bombers, Special order of the day 24th May 1944
1943Identity card - Jessie Grant (Bell), Troops of 51st Division ready for inspection by General Wimberly, William Bremner &...
1942Letter and photo of HMS Dornoch, Earl's Cross, HMS Dornoch 1942
1941The castle from cathedral tower, Dornoch, Dornoch Cathedral, Dornoch
1940Photograph of a group at the Sutherland Show, LMS Train at Dornoch Railway Station, Mound station water tower
1939Jean Bain and Joan Fraser, Troops at Barry Camp 1939, Nurse and patients
1938Sutherland Arms Hotel, Dornoch, Promotion of E B Mackay to Lieutenant RNVR, Marriage of Louise Miller and JF Gordon Thom...
1937Proclamation of George VI, Pipe band, Dornoch football team
1936Five views of Dornoch area, Thomas Hardie, and a companion, having a picnic, The Free Presbyterian Church: An Indictment
1935Mr & Mrs Fraser, Programme for Silver Jubilee banquet 1935, school slate
1934Annie & Tip in 1934 Austin, Donald Ross documents - Pinehurst score card, Carnegie Hall and Library Clashmore c 1930
1933The Trysers, Group of Scouts at Clynemilton, Thomas and Ruby Hardie
1932Embo fishwife, Embo fishwife, Donald Ross
1931Girl Guide rally, Dunrobin, 1931, Girl Guide Group Photograph, Dornoch Girl Guides 1931
1930Photograph of Masons at Masonic Building, Dornoch Light Railway, Evelix Bridge, Dornoch
1929Early arrival of aeroplane in Dornoch, Search for incumbrances relating to land at Clashmore, Elegant performance at Dor...
1928Photograph of 1928 Dornoch Pageant, Photograph of 1928 Dornoch Pageant, Photograph of 1928 Dornoch Pageant 'Monks'
1927Putting on the 2nd green 1927, Photograph of Dornoch Railway Station flooded, Photograph of Dornoch Railway Station floo...
1926Dornoch Pipe Band 1926, invoice from Andrew Kay & Co., Mauchline, for repair of curling stones to Dornoch Curling Club ,...
1925Carnegie Building, High Street, Dornoch, Dornoch Light Railway tickets, photograph of T.S. Matheson delivery van
1924Cathedral service 1924, List of prices of Farriers' and Blacksmiths' Association, Donald Ross documents - King's Course ...
1923Unveiling of Seaforth Highlanders' Memorial 1923, Staff, Dornoch Academy, c. 1930s, Dornoch Academy class, 1923
1922Report on Lord Astor Cup, Group of unknown men, Dedication of war memorial
1921Postcard to George Gordon, National Rifle Association ~ Bisley badge - Robert Mackay 1921, Sales prospectus for Northfie...
1920Dornoch golf course, Photograph of Mercat Cross and Stocks, Johnstone's chemist shop, Dornoch
1919Letters of appointment as porter, Assorted railway documents, Cash book of William MacKay Blacksmith 1919-27
1918Commission of James MacLachlan in Sutherland Volunteer Force, Grant of MBE to James MacLachlan, Wedding of Janet Bell & ...
1917Mr & Mrs John McGregor Fraser, Local Pass /Identification for William Bethune, Local pass Harriet Munro
1916Permit book Harriet Munro, Thomas Hardie's photograph album, Seaforth Highlanders in France 1916
1915Gunn family, Fourpenny, Dornoch, Free Church sacrament Dornoch 1915, photograph of Jane (Jeannie) Matheson
1914Document giving instructions to Special Constables., Kenny Macrae's family, Warrant card for Special Constable Alex Mack...
1913Photograph of Sutherland Agricultural show, Golspie, 1913, Willie Sutherland, Dornoch Academy class photograph, ~1920
1912Embo School photographs, Gunn family, Fourpenny, Dornoch, Gunn family, Fourpenny, Dornoch
1911Winners of Northern Counties Cup 1911, Fete at Skibo Castle, Winners of Northern Counties Cup (golf) 1911
1910Dornoch Town Council, Sepia photograph of work horses in harness, Thomas Hardie's photograph album
1909Opening of Royal Dornoch Clubhouse 1909, Thomas Hardie's photograph album, Thomas Hardie's photograph album
1908Laying foundation stone of Dornoch UF Church, Dornoch cathedral midnight July 1908, New Year card to George Gordon
1907Arnaud Massey playing Sandy Herd, Group of men taken at a golfing occasion, Rhododendrons at Skibo photograph by Louise ...
1906Golf match Harry Vardon/James Braid 1906, plan of Dornoch golf course, Royal Dornoch Golf Club meeting
1905Laying the foundation stone of the Dornoch UF Church, Two golfers - Arthur Ryle and Dr Sing, Thomas Hardie's photograph ...
1904Photograph of a very old car at Skibo Castle, Note of suspension against Rev James Macdonald, Foundations of Carbisdale ...
1903Grand Aggregate Bisley medal - Robert Mackay 1903, The Castle Dornoch, The Castle Dornoch in Winter
1902Programme for opening of the Dornoch Light Railway, View of Castle and Square, Dornoch, Opening day on the Dornoch Light...
1901Funeral of Queen Victoria, golf in the north, The Avenue, Skibo castle
1900Dornoch footballers, early 1900's, Copy of a photograph of family Group, Mackay, View of Dornoch Square
1899Toast list - Carnegie freedom ceremony, Sutherland Highland Rifle Volunteers shooting medal - Robert Mackay 1899, Grand ...
1898Highland Railway Company invitation, Clashmore School 1898, Embroidered badge - Robert Mackay 1898
1897Scottish Rifle Association badge - Robert Mackay, National Rifle Association ~ Bisley badge - Robert Mackay 1897, United...
1896Appointment of Dr J MacLachlan as 2nd Lieutenant, Proposed railway route from the Mound to Dornoch, National Rifle Assoc...
1895Swearing-in of sheriff c.1900, Estate workers at Skibo, Skibo Castle
1894Donald Ross at 17th hole Struie Course, Silver golf medal - Robert Mackay 1894, Inverness Scientific Society & Field Clu...
1893Copy photograph of Rev. George Kennedy., invoice from John Sutherland, grocer to John R. Gilchrist, receipted account fr...
1892Invoice from John Gillespie to J.R. Gilchrist, Account owed to A Ross by J R Gilchrist 1892, Invoice from A, Ross, carpe...
1891The cathedral of Caithness at Dornoch, In Memoriam John Matheson 1891, List of land plots related to Balloan 1891
1890St Gilbert's Street, Dornoch, Murray's Steam Bakery, Dean's Lane, Dornoch, St Gilbert's Street, Dornoch
1889photograph of Headmaster of Old School, School Hill, Highland Rifle Association badge - Robert Mackay 1889, Scottish Twe...
1888Burgh Accounts for 1888/1889, Family bible of Mr & Mrs James Hardie, The Sutherland Papers
1887Letter relating to Achvaich, Embroidered badge - Robert Mackay 1887, National Rifle Association ~ Wimbledon badge - Robe...
1886Grand Aggregate Wimbledon medal - Robert Mackay 1886, New Embo Lifeboat September 1886, Report on Court case Skibo esta...
1885Sutherland Rifle Volunteers, Poster re grazing on the Links 1895, Dornoch Curling Stones
1884Relief Fund for widows and orphans of Embo fisherman drowned in May 7,1884, Watercolour of Dornoch, Receipt for Church O...
1883Winners of the Bannockburn Challenge Shield 1883, National Rifle Association ~ Wimbledon badge - Robert Mackay 1883, Ba...
1882Grand Aggregate Wimbledon badge - Robert Mackay 1882, Report on sculptured stones from Golspie 1882, Sutherland Table o...
1881Tomb of McLeod of Assynt 1881, Notes on cup and ring marked stones 1881, Temperatures at Dunrobin 1881
1880Putting on the 18th green 1880s, Tom Morris, Stoneware jam jar
1879C.G. Oates, Drawing of unidentified object, Weather in Sutherland in 1879
1878Gunn family, Fourpenny, Dornoch, Manual for Sunday School Teachers, Lease Skibo tenant 1878
1877Isabella gordon birth certificate, Town council minutes 1877, Skibo Rent Receipt Book
1876Lease Skibo tenant 1875, 1876 postcard addressed to T W Marshall Dornoch, Two pieces of sea coal found at Dornoch Point
1875J.G. Gilchrist, Nainie Gilchrist, J.G. Gilchrist
1874Receipt for parochial assessment, Donald Mackay Badninish 1874, Coin found on Embo Beach, Police diary 1874-1878
1873Man and horse at Pitgrudy, Man and bull at Pitgrudy, Mare and foal at Pitgrudy
1872Donald Ross' birth certificate, Birth Certificate Barbara McCulloch 1872
1871Census for Creich 1871 or 1881, Home Recollections - poem about Dornoch, Notes on the 1871 Census for Dornoch Parish
1870Information on Murrays, Castle Street, Mrs. Jane Gilchrist at Ospisdale
1869Shanty town, Kildonan 1869, Lease between Duke of Sutherland and James Calder 1869, Lease between Duke of Sutherland and...
1868Donald Ross photos - Murdoch Ross, Military Group, Victoria 1868 half penny found in the Dornoch area.
1867Letter Heating Dornoch Prison
1866Bible owned by Mary Matheson, Grave of Aalexander Mackay of Proncy Croy who died 20 Mar 1866
1865Coin found in Dornoch area, Victoria 1865 halfpenny found in Dornoch area
1864Photograph in memory of infant Isabella Mackenzie, Birth Certificate Thomas McCulloch 1864
1863Donald Ross photos - Lillian Campbell Ross, Rules of the Largo Field Naturalists' Society, David Leitch
1862Ticket for Volunteer Ball 1862, Ticket to Volunteer Ball 1862
1861Mason work for police station 1861, Coin found in Dornoch area, Victoria 1861 half penny found in Dornoch area
1860D. Gilchrist, John Gilchrist, Mrs Daniel Gilchrist?
1858Envelope with black seal 1858
1857Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1857, Photocopies of pages from 1857 Reynolds Almanack, Missive of lease Skibo 1857
1856Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1856, Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1856, Historical Summary of the Post Office in Scotland
1855George Dempster, General Middleton, Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1855
1854Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1854
1853Receipt for plough ~ Hugh Graham 1853, Letter from George Dempster to Donald Cameron 1853, Letter from George Dempster, ...
1852Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1852, Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1852, Letter from George Dempster to Donald Cameron 1852
1851Snuff horn, Provost W S Fraser and his relatives abroad, Colt revolver found at Lednabirichen croft
1850Scriber or joiner's compass, Cartridge maker, Maid of Norway List of Jewels
1849receipt from John Campbell, Creich School, 1849, for his salary awarded by Daniel Gilchrist of Ospisdale, Rent receipt ~...
1848Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1848, Letter from Daniel Gilchrist to James Loch re courthouse, Minutes of Commissioners of S...
1847Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1847, Account book of John Grant & Sons Dornoch
1846Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1846, Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1846, Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1846
1845Receipt for rent receipts ~ Hugh Graham 1845, Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1845, Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1845
1844Receipted invoice for rent, Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1844, Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1844
1843Commutation roll for 1843, Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1843, Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1843
1842Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1842, Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1842, Lead communion token from Croich Church
1841re-leasing of Proncy Farm, Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1841, Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1841
1840Letter to Corporal Donald Mackay from Duncan Ross Mackay (brother-in-law) 1840, Commutation roll for 1840, Receipted inv...
1839Receipted invoice for masonry work, Shop invoice, Coin from Meikle Ferry
1838Statute labour assessment ~ Hugh Graham 1838, Telford Bridges, Marine Cargo receipt 1838
1837Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1837, Statute labour assessment ~ Hugh Graham 1837, Early Victorian coin found in Dornoch are...
1836Statute labour assessment ~ Hugh Graham 1836
1835Statute labour assessment ~ Hugh Graham 1835, Account Book of Private Donald Mackay, Invoice to Dugald Gilchrist
1833Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1833, Repair of Dornoch Cathedral
1832Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1832, Burgh Minutes 1832 reference Meikle Ferry Disaster, Information on Dornoch, Burgh Refor...
1831Patrick Sellar's farms, Strathnaver, Strathnaver clearances, Commutation roll for 1831
1830Tradesmen in front of building being refurbished, Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 1830, Rosehall account book 1830
1829Inscription on Crackaig snuff mull, Crackaig snuff mull, Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1829
1828Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1828, Statute labour receipt Hugh Graham 1828, George IV coin found in Dornoch area
1827Rent receipt, William Daniell print of Dornoch, Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1827
1826statistics on schools in Sutherland 1821-1824, Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1826, Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1826
1825Statute labour receipt Hugh Graham 1825, Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1825, Labour receipt Hugh Graham 1825
1824Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1824, Statute labour receipt Hugh Graham 1824
1823Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1823, Commercial Bank book 1823
1822Commutation roll for 1822, Road assessment Hugh Graham 1822, Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1822
1821Valuation of Balvraid, Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1821, Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1821
1820Letter seeking help of owner of Kildonan estate c 1820, Callipers found at Embo
1819Historical Records of 93rd Regiment of Highlanders, Coin found in Dornoch area
1818Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1818, George III coin found at Meikle Ferry, Royal Burghs of Scotland
1817Edinburgh Almanac 1817
1816Coin found at Meikle Ferry, Royal Hospital Chelsea out-patient papers George Grant 93 Foot, Edinburgh Almanac 1816
1815Minute of Patrick Sellar's arrest, Minute of Patrick Sellar's release, Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1815
1814Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1814, Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1814, Statute labour Hugh Graham 1814
1813Rent receipt Badninish 1813, Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1813, Statute labour Hugh Graham 1813
1812Balvraid 1812
1811Report of the Committee for managing the Meikle Ferry Fund., Committee report on disbursment of Meikle Ferry disaster fu...
1810Statute labour Hugh Graham 1810, Statute labour Thomas Mackenzie 1810, Death of Mrs Dempster 1810
1809Meikle and Little Ferry, Meikle Ferry Disaster, Report on the Meikle Ferry Disaster
1808Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1808, Family history of William Anderson Bell, watchmaker Dornoch
1807Note re trees at Migdale 1807, Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1807, Letter from John Grant to Mrs Grant 1807
1806Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1806, Coin found at Embo Beach, Sheet of linen woven at Spinningdale
1805Coin from Meikle Ferry
1803Petition by John Ross to the Countess of Sutherland, Map of Roads and Bridges c.1803 in N.E. Scotland, Horn spoon
1802Petition to Countess of Sutherland, 1802
1801Letter about land at Balvraid, Rent receipt Hugh Graham 1801
1800Small dagger with wooden handle, Handcuffs, Meikle Ferry boat hook
1799Token found in Dornoch area, Coin found in Dornoch area, Memorandum of Sgt John Matheson Sutherland Fencib
1798Sutherland Volunteers buttons, Sasine in favour of James Boog of Skelbo
1797Coin found at Meikle Ferry
1796Burgess Act in favour of Samuel Gallie 1796, Byre charm stones from Rearquhar
1795Rent receipts 1795-1880, Fragment of receipt, Undated rent receipt Hugh Graham
1794Token from fields at the rear of the Burghfield Hotel, Pewter tankard used as a measure, Pewter half pint tankard
1791Letter from George Dempster 1791 - cotton manufacture, Skelbo
1790General Post Office Edinburgh to London Time Bill, Extract from Parish Life in the North of Scotland c 1790, 18th centur...
1789Discourse by George Dempster
1788Sutherland Estate map showing Ballvraid and pasture to west
1787Burgess Ticket awarded to Thomas Graham, Burgess ticket William Taylor 1787
1786Proncynain 1786
1785Excerpts from Decreet of Division of the Commonty of Loanmore
1784David Aitken's Plan of Dornoch 1784
1783Lonemore of Dornoch, Correspondence with Mackenzie of Delvine 1783, Map Lonemore of Dornoch
1782Westwick, Norfolk
1781Skibo rentals for 1781
1780Communion Tokens from Dornoch and Kincardine?, 18th century young woman, Objects discovered on Pitgrudy Farm - 7 buttons...
1776Map of Littleferry area, Tain to Wick road map 1776, Map of the 'Road from Tain to Wick' 1776
1775Cordiner's sketch of cathedral nave 1776, Coin found at the Burghfield Hotel, Burgess Ticket complete with seal
1773Sheriffs Substitute of Ross, Cromarty and Sutherla
1770Georgina Anderson, Skibo Rent Receipts 1770 -1806, George III coin found in Dornoch area
1767Gaelic Bible belonging to John Bethune
1766Coin found at Burghfield Hotel
1765Map of Ospisdale
1764Family Tree of Donald Ross and Ann Gordon of Skibo Mill
1763List of coucillors and magistrates of Dornoch 1763
1761Inventory of Dunrobin 1761
1760Notes on Dempster's muir settlers, Part of Skelbo area estate map, Coin from Proncy
1751Inventory of the Cattle goods and other effects of George Gordon of Culmaily., Letters to Mackenzie of Delvine
1750Portrait of George Dempster, Portrait of George Dempster, Account of expenses James Glass to Dornoch Town Council
1749Letter from the Earl of Sutherland 1749
1748Dornoch Burgh Council Minutes 1748, 1754 & 1763, Note on building of the Council House 1748-50, Call to Thomas Mackay to...
1747Death of Lady Sutherland 1747, Notes on the Countess of Sutherland's funeral 1747
1746Letter to Dr. Duguid 1746, Letters from Dunrobin 1746/7, Notes on events of 1746
1745Notes from Culloden Papers, Extracts from "Contract" Journal of an English Medical Officer 1745
1740Miniature of George Sutherland, Information about George Sutherland, Close up of miniature of George Sutherland
1734Dr John Gordon's account to the Honourable John Gordon of Embo
1731Vellum document relating to James MacBeath of Dornoch 1731
1727Coin from fields at the rear of the Burghfield Hotel, Coin found in Dornoch Woods, Notes on John Mackenzie Lord McLeod
1725Moll's map of Caithness & Sutherland 1725
1724Arkyll Fraser's powder horn
1722Photograph of Dornoch Stocks
1715General Middleton, By the Banks of the Neva - burial of Lord Duffus of Skelbo in St Petersburg
17141714 coin found in Dornoch area
1700Depiction of early game of golf, Buckle from Dornoch woods, Buckle found in Dornoch woods
1697Coin found at Meikle Ferry Inn, William III Silver sixpence
1696William III Coin
1694Coin frfom Littleferry
16911691 Coin found in Dornoch area
1688Coin found at Meikle Ferry
1680Objects discovered on Pitgrudy Farm - Iron Key
1677Coin found at Proncy, Embo House Armorial, Coin from Littleferry
1670George Middleton, Lord Middleton
1669Visit of Lord Lovat to Strathnaver 1669
1663Coin found in Dornoch Woods, Coin found in Dornoch Woods, Coin found in Dornoch Woods
1660Set of coins and buckles, Coin from Littleferry, Objects discovered on Pitgrudy Farm - buckle
1654Copy of pages 137 and 138 of Blaeu atlas of Scotland, Blaeu map of Sutherland 1654, Blaeu map of Sutherland 1654 - enlar...
1653Part of detailed Blaeu map 1653
1650Information about General Middleton, 18th century woman, Notes on the Sutherlands of Duffus
1649Coin from the fields at the rear of the Burghfield Hotel
1640Lord Middleton
1632Coin from Littleferry
1630General Middleton, Notes on the Gordons of Sallachy 17th Century
1629Charles I 2d turner 1629
1628Dornoch Royal Charter, Dornoch's Royal Charter , July 14 1628
1625Coin from Littleferry, Coin from Littleferry
1615Letter to Mrs Hetty Rose concerning Pte Blundell
1610'Paip' (commemorative) stone
1603James VI silver 2 shilling piece, James VI Silver coin
1602James VI Silver coin
1601Carved stone found near Dornoch Library
1600Genealogy of Middletons, Picture of 18th century ship, Coins from the fields at the rear of the Burghfield Hotel
1594Elizabeth I Silver half groat coin
1588Coin found in Dornoch area, Coin found in Dornoch area
1583James VI 'Billion Plack' (8d) 1583 -1590
1580Assorted unidentified coins found in Dornoch area
1573Ortelius map of Scotland 1573
1567Extract from Criminal Trials 1576-7
1558Elizabeth 1 half groat silver coin, Badly worn coin, silver, Badly worn coin/ love token, silver
1552Coin found at west of Sunny Bank, Dornoch
1550Man in 16th century dress, Objects discovered on Pitgrudy Farm - Lead, plain disc
1515Sasine 1515, Translation of sasine 1515
1500Notes onEarls of Sutherland & Caithness 1500 - 1600, Sutherland in the 16th Century, Coin from Littleferry
1491Statutes 1457 and 1491
1400Notes on the Sutherlands from Hugh Freskyn, Notes on the Earls of Sutherland 1400 - 1800, Weight found at Burghfield
1307Silver coin Edward II
1300The Plaiden Ell, Dornoch Cathedral churchyard, The Mercat Cross, Dornoch, Treasure Trove objects from Balloan, Dornoch -...
1290Skelbo accounts 1290
1250Cast copper alloy buckle
1248Notes on the Earls of Sutherland 1248 - 1508
1216Half of a silver coin Henry III, Silver coin Henry III
1207Henry III silver long cross penny
1200Seal matrix of James, Chaplain of Dornoch, Shells from Cuthill Links, Possible whetstone fragment from Cyderhall souterr...
1198Notes on Earldom of Caithness 1056 to 1198
1150Objects discovered on Pitgrudy Farm - Lead, plate, Objects discovered on Pitgrudy Farm - Lead, melted fragment, Treasure...
1100Medieval pin, buckle and brooch fragment
924Letter re. meeting about telephone service 1924
900Terminal of a Viking circular or oval silver bracelet
800Ospisdale brooch, Ospisdale brooch, Medieval broches, buckles, pin and Jew's harp
400Possible skin scraper
200Fragment of a Roman brooch
0From a document of 1290, listing the jewels sent by King Edward I of England into Scotland for the use of Queen Margaret...
-3000Axe head
-4500Flint object either a blade or saw

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Closer view of the Ospisdale standing stoneDunrobin Castle viewed from the walled gardenDunrobin Castle from the walled gardenCrofter with his ponyCairn at Spinningdale or possibly MigdaleCarb Liath Broch entranceDun Dornaigil Broch general settingA loch viewA highland rocky river bedTypical moorland view in Sutherland