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1Dornoch golf course1920
2President Bill Clinton at the Royal Dornoch 2002
4Cathedral Junior Choir1981
5Programme for opening of the Dornoch Light Railway1902
6Set of documents on rights of way1990
7Dornoch Fire Brigade1962
8Dornoch Pipe Band1953
18Booklet 'The Dornoch Light Railway' Edition 21988
19Funeral of Queen Victoria1901
20History of Proncy castle2002
21Photograph of Abden Private Hotel1945
22Cambusavie (Hospital) History1976
23Dornoch, Creich and Kincardine local plan1981
24Dornoch Local Plan1980
25Letter to Sutherland District Coucil1980
26Embo School photographs1912
27Photograph of Sutherland Agricultural show, Golspie, 19131913
28Dornoch footballers, early 1900's1900
29Last Campaign of Montrose of 16501950
30Earl's Cross School Hostel Photograph1992
31Photograph of a group at the Sutherland Show1940
32Photograph of Masons at Masonic Building1930
33Photograph of group at Sutherland Show possibly at Dunrobin.1950
34Photograph of 1928 Dornoch Pageant1928
35Receipt from A.M. Paul1956
36Photograph of Mercat Cross and Stocks1920
37Poem 'A Spring Day at Skelbo Castle, 1989'1989
38From a document of 1290, listing the jewels sent by King Edward I of England into Scotland for the use of Queen Margaret0
39Magazine cutting showing photograph of 'The Duke's Tooth-pick'1977
40Magazine photograph of the last engine on the Dornoch railway1957
41Copy photograph of Rev. George Kennedy.1893
42Copy of a photograph of family Group, Mackay1900
43Photograph of 1928 Dornoch Pageant1928
44Photograph of 1928 Dornoch Pageant 'Monks'1928
45First proposed Dornoch Firth bridge - story of Gizzen Briggs0
46Invoice from John Gillespie to J.R. Gilchrist1892
47View of Dornoch Square1900
48View of Dornoch1976
49Laying foundation stone of Dornoch UF Church1908
50St Gilbert's Street, Dornoch1890
51Carnegie Building, High Street, Dornoch1925
52Murray's Steam Bakery, Dean's Lane, Dornoch1890
53Sutherland Arms Hotel, Dornoch1938
54Johnstone's chemist shop, Dornoch1920
55Macdonald's ironmongers1900
56View of Dornoch1920
57St Gilbert's Street, Dornoch1890
58View of Castle and Square, Dornoch1902
59St Gilbert's Street, Dornoch1900
60The square, Dornoch1985
61View of Dornoch Firth1985
62View of Dornoch Firth1985
63View of Dornoch Firth1985
64View of Castle Hotel, Dornoch1950
65View of Square and Cathedral, Dornoch1950
66View of Square and Castle Hotel, Dornoch1950
67View of Dornoch1976
68View of Dornoch from the north1976
69Five views of Dornoch area1936
70Aerial view of Dornoch1970
71Castle Street, Dornoch in deep snow1950
72Aerial view of Dornoch from the south1950
73Historylinks building, Dornoch1998
74The Mound, Sutherland1980
75Dornoch Bridge under construction1990
76Dornoch Bridge under construction1990
77Dornoch Bridge under construction1990
78Old Manse Well text panel1990
79Old Manse Well text panel1990
80Cathedral fountain text panel1990
81Engine No 1646 at Dornoch Railway Station1960
82LMS Train at Dornoch Railway Station1940
83Travellers on Dornoch railway1960
84Cover of 'The Railway Magazine' with Cambusavie Crossing photograph1958
85Title page of The Last Trains (5) North of Scotland1960
86Page from The Last Trains (5) North of Scotland1955
87Dornoch level crossing1955
88Opening day on the Dornoch Light Railway1902
89Mound station water tower1940
90Dornoch Station Platform, Train and Goods Yard1949
91Dornoch Station and Train1940
92Mound railway bridge1940
93Cutting of first sod, Dornoch Light Railway1900
94Cutting of first sod, Dornoch Light Railway1900
95Opening of Dornoch Light Railway1962
96Letters of appointment as porter1919
97Assorted railway documents1919
98Dornoch Light Railway1930
99Dornoch Light Railway1902
100Dornoch Light Railway1960
101Dornoch Light Railway1900
102Dornoch Light Railway1962
103Dornoch Light Railway1960
104Dornoch Light Railway1900
105Dornoch Light Railway1960
106Dornoch station1950
107Dornoch locomotives1950
108Mound station1900
109Dornoch Light Railway1960
110Dornoch Light Railway tickets1920
111Dornoch Light Railway tickets1925
112Highland Railway Company invitation1898
113Dornoch Light Railway train1902
114Dornoch Light Railway1990
115Opening of Dornoch Light Railway1902
116Opening of Dornoch Light Railway1902
117Opening of Dornoch Light Railway1902
118Evelix Bridge, Dornoch1930
119Gunn family, Fourpenny, Dornoch1878
120Gunn family, Fourpenny, Dornoch1912
121Gunn family, Fourpenny, Dornoch1912
122Gunn family, Fourpenny, Dornoch1920
123Gunn family, Fourpenny, Dornoch1915
124Gunn family, Fourpenny, Dornoch1954
125Letter from Miss Macleod to the Scots Magazine 19831983
126Rent receipt Badninish 18131813
127Account owed to A Ross by J R Gilchrist 18921892
128Receipt for parochial assessment, Donald Mackay Badninish 18741874
129invoice from John Sutherland, grocer to John R. Gilchrist1893
130Invoice from A, Ross, carpenter to John R. Gilchrist1892
131Invoice from D. McKenzie, tailor, to J. R. Gilchrist1892
132Invoice from W.S. Fraser, draper, to J. R. Gilchrist1892
133magazine article on Grants of Dornoch1970
134Photograph of Dornoch Stocks1722
135Witch's Stone1930
136Toast list - Carnegie freedom ceremony1899
137Identity card - Jessie Grant (Bell)1943
138Ticket for Volunteer Ball 18621862
139Promotion of E B Mackay to Lieutenant RNVR1938
140Merchants' Association Shop Hours Act 19121912
141Freedom ceremony late 1940s1947
142Opening of Dornoch Academy 19631963
143Opening of Dornoch Academy 19631963
144Opening of Dornoch Academy 19631963
145Opening of Dornoch Academy 19631963
146Opening of Dornoch Academy 19631963
147Opening of Dornoch Academy 19631963
148Opening of Dornoch Academy 19631963
149Opening of Dornoch Academy 19631963
150Opening of Dornoch Academy 19631963
151Opening of Dornoch Academy 19631963
152Opening of Dornoch Academy 19631963
153Opening of Dornoch Academy 19631963
154Opening of Dornoch Academy 19631963
155Laying the foundation stone of the Dornoch UF Church1905
156Queen Mother inspecting troops 19911991
157Queen Mother opening Dornoch Bridge 19911991
158Visit of Queen & Prince Philip 19641964
159Visit of Queen & Prince Philip 19641964
160Visit of Queen & Prince Philip 19641964
162Visit of Queen & Prince Philip 19641964
163Visit of Queen & Prince Philip 19641964
164Visit of Queen & Prince Philip 19641964
165Menu for Burns Supper 19521952
166Programme for Dornoch pageant 19281928
167Programme for Dornoch pageant 19281928
168Programme for Dornoch pageant 19281928
169Programme for Dornoch pageant 19281928
170Swearing-in of sheriff c.19001895
171Letter from W.D.McCrone2002
172Ramsay Macdonald at the Dornoch Games 1930s1930
173Ramsay Macdonald at the Dornoch Games 1930s1930
174Free Church sacrament Dornoch 19151915
175Dornoch Pipe Band1963
176Dornoch Town Council1910
177Girl Guide rally, Dunrobin, 19311931
178Proclamation of George VI1937
183Dornoch pageant 19281928
184Dornoch pageant 19281928
185Dornoch pageant 19281928
186Dornoch pageant 19281928
187Dornoch pageant 19281928
188Dornoch pageant 19281928
189Dornoch Pipe Band 19261926
190Dornoch pageant 19281928
192Cash book of William MacKay Blacksmith 1920-231920
193Cash book of William MacKay Blacksmith 1919-271919
194Sepia photograph of work horses in harness1910
195Photograph of farm horses pulling mower.2002
196Photograph of Billy MacKenzie with hand operated hay rake.1930
197Photograph of Billy MacKenzie tying down a 'cole'1930
198Photograph of muirland prior to reclaimation1962
199Photograph of Caterpillar tractor used for land reclaimation1962
200Photograph of Caterpillar tractor used for land reclaimation1962
201Photograph of of land after reclaimed and reseeded.1962
202List of fishing boats at Embo in 1911,1932,1935, 1938.1996
203Photograph of group of dancers outside Briarfield.1920
204Dornoch War Memorial1919
205Hector Munro's wedding1920
206Georgina Anderson1770
207Dornoch Castle1890
208Dornoch Post Office and Cathedral1890
209Mr & Mrs John Skinner1890
210Mr & Mrs John McGregor Fraser1917
211Mr & Mrs Fraser1935
213Gordon Skinner1930
214Mr & Mrs Joe Skinner1930
215Iris King1930
216Ann Bain and Joan Fraser1930
217Jean Bain and Joan Fraser1939
218John and Joan Fraser1930
219John and Joan Fraser1930
220Embo Public Hall1958
221Embo Public Hall1950
222View of Embo1964
223Mr & Mrs Paul Ross1960
224Order of service, coronation 19021902
225Programme for 750th anniversary of cathedral1989
226Dornoch cathedral midnight July 19081908
227Article on cathedral2002
228Cathedral concert ticket 19901990
229Memorial service Margaret Carnegie Miller, 19901990
230Memorial service Margaret Carnegie Miller, 19901990
231Rev Simpson and wife1981
232Cathedral gargoyles1990
233Cathedral gargoyles1990
234Cathedral gargoyles1990
235Cathedral gargoyles1990
236Cathedral gargoyles1990
237Cathedral gargoyles1990
239Cathedral window1990
243Cathedral window1990
245Cathedral service 19241924
246Cordiner's sketch of cathedral nave 17761775
247Copy from Cordiner's sketch of cathedral nave1900
248Copy from Cordiner's sketch of cathedral nave1900
249Donald Sutherland1985
250Two golfers - Arthur Ryle and Dr Sing1905
251Hugh Munro1940
252Captain Ryle & Mrs Carnegie1900
253Putting on the 2nd green 19271927
254Golf match Harry Vardon/James Braid 19061906
255Winners of Northern Counties Cup 19111911
256Putting on the 18th green 1880s1880
257Tita Sutherland1985
258Tita Sutherland1985
259Tita Sutherland1985
260Arnaud Massey playing Sandy Herd1907
261Group of men taken at a golfing occasion1907
262Opening of Royal Dornoch Clubhouse 19091909
263Tom Morris1880
264St Gilbert Street, Dornoch1890
265Willie Skinner1940
266High tea at ladies' clubhouse c. 19001900
267Group outside golf pavilion (c.1900)1900
268Golfers on the 18th hole of the ladies' course1900
269Dornoch golf course1920
270Dornoch golf course1920
271Dornoch golf course1920
272Dornoch golf course1920
273Dornoch golf course1920
274Troops at Barry Camp 19391939
275Unveiling of Seaforth Highlanders' Memorial 19231923
276Freedom ceremony Sir David Maxwell Fyffe1955
277Clothing coupon book 1947/481947
278Local Pass /Identification for William Bethune1917
279Troops of 51st Division ready for inspection by General Wimberly1943
280Group photograph of reunion of South African War Veterans.1950
281Document giving instructions to Special Constables.1914
282Report on Lord Astor Cup1922
283Obituary of W A Bethune1944
284Identity card Harriet Munro1940
285Local pass Harriet Munro1917
286Local pass Elsie Munro1917
287Permit book Harriet Munro1916
288Information about General Middleton1650
289Petition for guardianship of Skelbo Castle1987
290Skelbo House & Castle1970
291Skelbo House & Castle1970
292George Middleton1670
293General Middleton1715
294Genealogy of Middletons1600
295Picture of 18th century ship1600
296Letter from the Earl of Sutherland 17491749
297Skibo swimming pool1902
298Fete at Skibo 19021902
299Fete at Skibo 19021902
300Rhododendrons at Skibo photograph by Louise Carnegie1907
301View from Loch Ospisdale photograph by Louise Carnegie1907
302Herbaceous border at Skibo photograph by Louise Carnegie1907
303Roses on terrace at Skibo photograph by Louise Carnegie1907
304Herbaceous border at Skibo photograph by Louise Carnegie1907
305Lower Garden Skibo photograph by Louise Carnegie1907
306"On the way to the golf course" photograph by Louise Carnegie1907
307Looking towards Loch Evelix photograph by Louise Carnegie1907
308Fairy Glen primroses photograph by Louise Carnegie1907
309More Fairy Glen primroses photograph by Louise Carnegie1907
310Kyloag road photograph taken by Louise Carnegie1907
311Kyloag road photograph taken by Louise Carnegie1907
312Old bridge over River Shin photograph by Louise Carnegie1907
313Falls of Shin photograph taken by Louise Carnegie1907
314View from Altnagar Lodge taken by Louise Carnegie1907
315Portrait of George Dempster1750
316Portrait of George Dempster1750
317Estate workers at Skibo1895
318Skibo Castle1895
319Skibo Castle swimming pool1902
320Marriage of Louise Miller and JF Gordon Thomson1938
321Gardeners at Skibo Castle1902
322Old club house at Skibo Castle golf course1920
323Golfing medal1930
324Information on Murrays1870
325Map of Ospisdale1765
326Winners of the Bannockburn Challenge Shield 18831883
327Downgrading of Dornoch Academy1968
328Fete at Skibo Castle1911
329Dornoch Firth Bridge1991
330Dornoch Firth Bridge1991
331Dornoch Bridge Northern Times Special Supplement.1991
332Dornoch Firth Festival 19911991
333Royal opening Ceremony of Dornoch Firth Bridge Programme1991
334Invoice from John Gillespie to J.R. Gilchrist1892
335Relief Fund for widows and orphans of Embo fisherman drowned in May 7,18841884
336List of prices of Farriers' and Blacksmiths' Association1924
337Invoice from W S Fraser to J R Gilchrist, Ospisdale1892
338Invoice from D McKenzie, Bonar Bridge to J R Gilchrist, Ospisdale.1892
339photograph of T.S. Matheson delivery van1925
340receipted account from John Sutherland, grocer. 1893
3411928 pageant1928
342Cast of Kirk o' Field1945
343Romance through the ages1964
344William Bremner & Son account1943
345Winners of Northern Counties Cup (golf) 19111911
346W Skinner and Hugh Munro1940
3471928 pageant1928
3481928 pageant1928
3491928 pageant1928
3501928 pageant1928
3511928 pageant1928
3521928 pageant1928
353Cistern in Thurso?1950
354Darkie Macleod and family?1950
355Assorted photographs1920
356Kenny Macrae's family1914
357Kenny Macrae's family1930
358Kenny Macrae's family1895
359Kenny Macrae's family1895
360Kenny Macrae's family1895
361Kenny Macrae's family1895
362Henry Hall1928
363Strathnaver settlements1980
364Minute of Patrick Sellar's arrest1815
365Patrick Sellar's farms, Strathnaver1831
377Thomas Hardie, and a companion, having a picnic1936
383Collection of Dennis Bethune - Dornoch airfield1940
384Information on Joseph Mitchell0
385Dornoch "Puggie"1940
386the mound road1960
387Dornoch views1930
388carnival king and queen1954
389Royal Dornoch golf club caddies1930
390Dornoch scouts and cubs1930
391Donald Ross photos - Donald and daughter Lillian Ross1920
392Newspaper cutting Historic Uniform2005
393Thomas Hardie's photograph album1910
394Thomas Hardie's photograph album1916
395Thomas Hardie's photograph album1909
396Thomas Hardie's photograph album1909
397Thomas Hardie's photograph album1909
398Thomas Hardie's photograph album1909
399Thomas Hardie's photograph album1909
400Thomas Hardie's photograph album1909
401Thomas Hardie's photograph album1909
402Thomas Hardie's photograph album1909
403Thomas Hardie's photograph album1905
404Thomas Hardie's photograph album1905
405Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
406Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
407Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
408Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
409Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
410German gun in Witches Pool1990
411German gun in Witches Pool1990
412German gun in Witches Pool1990
413German gun in Witches Pool1990
414plan of Dornoch golf course1892
415plan of Dornoch golf course1906
416letter from Frank ? to Mr Grant1966
417Party at the Country Club of North Carolina in honour of Donald Grant.1972
418Royal Dornoch golf village, Pinehurst1972
419letter from Bob Charles1984
420letter from Byron Nelson1975
421letter from Robert Jones, Jr to Donald Grant1946
422golf in the north1901
424Royal Dornoch Golf Club meeting1906
425Treasurer's correspondence, British Legion Dornoch branch1992
426Bank statements and cheques, British Legion Dornoch branch1991
427Dornoch Academy 19591958
428Dornoch Academy Four 6th year girl pupils 19591959
429British Legion Correspondence - Amenities Committee1974
430British Legion Correspondence - Annual Conference1975
431British Legion Correspondence - BL House Inverness1968
432British Legion Correspondence - Appointment of Chaplain1970
433British Legion Correspondence - The Claymore Magazine1969
434British Legion Correspondence - Donations1968
435British Legion Correspondence - Founders Day Service1969
436British Legion Correspondence - Area Council Meeting1974
437British Legion Correspondence - Dornoch Festival Week1978
438British Legion Correspondence - Queen's Silver Jubilee Appeal1977
439British Legion Correspondence - New publicity leaflet1975
440British Legion Correspondence - Advisory leaflet VAT1974
441British Legion Correspondence - Annual General Meeting1969
442British Legion Correspondence - Remembrance Day1968
443British Legion Correspondence - Visits1974
444British Legion Correspondence - Welfare1970
445Scottish National Institution for War Blinded1976
446Newspaper articles Skelbo Castle1985
4471978 Press cutting about Sutherland Arms Hotel before and after fire.1978
448The Story of The Mound0
449Sketch of The Mound under construction0
450Newspaper cutting of the opening of the Dornoch Bridge1991
451Newspaper cutting of the opening of the Dornoch Bridge1991
452Newspaper cutting of the opening of the Dornoch Bridge1991
453Photograph of a very old car at Skibo Castle1904
454First Private aeroplane to Land in Dornoch 27.06.301930
455First Aircraft to land in Dornoch.1928
456Dornoch Railway poster1902
457Dornoch Railway shareholder's pass1902
458Dornoch Light Railway1930
459Photograph of Dornoch Railway Station flooded1927
460Photograph of Dornoch Railway Station flooded1927
461Tom Fraser1940
462Invitation to opening of Station Hotel1902
463Programme for opening of Dornoch Light Railway1902
464Programme for cutting of first sod for Dornoch Light Railway1900
465Postcard of Castle Street1910
466Dornoch Cathedral weathercock1970
467Dornoch Cathedral weathercock1970
468Dornoch Cathedral weathercock1970
469Dornoch Cathedral north transept1988
470Dornoch Cathedral east end1988
471Dornoch Cathedral ~ Sutherland memorial1988
472Dornoch Cathedral ~ Richard de Moravia tomb1988
473Dornoch Cathedral ~ detail of old nave1988
474Dornoch Cathedral ~ detail of mortality stone1988
475Dornoch Cathedral piscina1988
476Photographs of Dornoch0
477Simon Bain, town crier1955
478Grants of Dornoch1970
479Achormlarie sites1983
480Camore Wood hut circles1985
481Cyderhall/Sydera sketch map1985
482Camore Wood/Davochfin1985
483Hut circle and souterrain1985
484Hut circle Camore Wood1985
485Hut circles ~ Camore Wood1985
486Hut circles ~ Camore Wood1985
487Hut circle ~ Camore Wood1985
488Hut circles ~ Camore Wood1985
489Hut circle sizes ~ Camore Wood1985
490Hut circle sizes ~ Camore Wood1985
491Hut circle ~ Camore Wood1985
492Diagram of hut circle1985
493Soil analysis of Camore Wood1985
494Hut circle ~ Camore Wood1985
495Hut circle ~ Camore Wood1985
496Hut circle ~ Camore Wood1985
497Hut circle ~ Camore Wood1985
498Hut circle ~ Camore Wood1985
499Hut circle ~ Camore Wood1985
500Hut circle comparative sizes1985
501Hut circle comparative sizes Sutherland1985
502Hut circle entrance aspects ~ Camore Wood1985
503Hut circle reconstructions1985
504Monk's Canal, Rearquhar1989
505Monk's Canal, Rearquhar1989
506Monk's Canal, Rearquhar1989
507Monk's Canal, Rearquhar1989
508Monk's Canal, Rearquhar1989
509Monk's Canal, Rearquhar1989
510Monk's Canal, Rearquhar1989
515Crask dwellings and Rhistockach1989
516Crask dwellings and Rhistockach1989
517Crask dwellings and Rhistockach1989
518Crask dwellings and Rhistockach1989
519Crask settlement and Creagan Asdale hut circle1989
520Crask settlement and Creagan Asdale hut circle1989
521Crask settlement and Creagan Asdale hut circle1989
522Crask settlement and Creagan Asdale hut circle1989
523Crask settlement and Creagan Asdale hut circle1989
524Crask settlement and Creagan Asdale hut circle1989
525Crask settlement and Creagan Asdale hut circle1989
526Crask settlement and Creagan Asdale hut circle1989
527Crask settlement and Creagan Asdale hut circle1989
528Harriet Plantation1988
529Harriet Plantation1988
530Duchess Countess and Fourpenny Plantations1982
531Harriet Plantation1988
532Harriet Plantation1988
533Harriet Plantation1988
534Harriet Plantation1989
538Rhistockach Croft1988
546Cyderhall Farm watermill1988
547Cyderhall Farm watermill1989
548Cyderhall Farm watermill1989
549Cyderhall Farm watermill1989
550Cyderhall Farm watermill1989
551Cyderhall Farm watermill1989
552Evelix Mill invoice1910
553Milltown of Evelix watermill1989
554Milltown of Evelix watermill1989
555Milltown of Evelix watermill1989
556Milltown of Evelix watermill1989
557Milltown of Evelix watermill1989
558Milltown of Evelix watermill1989
559Milltown of Evelix watermill1989
560Milltown of Evelix watermill1989
561Mill-hill watermill1989
562Mill-hill watermill1989
563Mill-hill watermill1989
564Mill-hill watermill1989
565Mill-hill watermill1989
566Mill-hill watermill1989
567Mill-hill watermill1989
568Mill-hill watermill1989
569Mill-hill watermill1989
570Achosnich watermill1989
571Achosnich watermill1989
572Achosnich watermill1989
573Achosnich watermill1989
574Achosnich watermill1989
575Warrant card for Special Constable Alex Mackay1914
576First Aid booklet for Special Constable Alex Mackay1914
577First Aid booklet for Special Constable Alex Mackay1905
578Small dagger with wooden handle1800
579Soil sample from Cyderhall souterrain0
580Piece of coal found on Dornoch beach.2000
581Charred wood from the Cyderhall dig; dated at ~410 BC0
582Strath Laro Puill Fraoich settlement1988
583Strath Laro Puill Fraoich settlement1988
584Strath Laro Puill Fraoich settlement1988
585Strath Laro Puill Fraoich settlement1988
586Strath Laro Puill Fraoich settlement1988
587Strath Laro Puill Fraoich settlement1988
588Strath Laro settlements1988
589Strath Laro settlements1988
591Cnoc Garbh-airigh plan of buildings1986
592Cnoc Garbh-airigh1986
593Cnoc Garbh-airigh1986
594Cnoc Garbh-airigh1986
595Cnoc Garbh-airigh1986
596Cnoc Garbh-airigh1986
597Cnoc Garbh-airigh1986
598Cnoc Garbh-airigh1986
599Cnoc Garbh-airigh1986
600Evelix valley1985
601Sutherland building techniques1985
618Cyderhall souterrain dig1988
619Cyderhall souterrain dig1988
620Cyderhall souterrain dig1988
621Cyderhall souterrain dig1987
622Cyderhall souterrain dig1987
623Cyderhall souterrain dig1987
624Cyderhall souterrain dig1987
625Cyderhall souterrain dig1987
626Cyderhall souterrain dig1987
627Cyderhall souterrain dig1987
628Cyderhall souterrain dig1987
629Cyderhall souterrain dig1987
630Cyderhall souterrain dig1987
631Cyderhall souterrain dig1987
632Cyderhall hut circle1988
633Evelix valley1985
634Lands and crofts of the Upper Evelix1985
635Notes on Evelix valley crofts1989
636Letters to Jim Bell from Malcolm Bangor-Jones1988
637Notes on Dempster's muir settlers1760
638Article on sheep in Sutherland1988
639Leathad a' Chuailein1989
640Leathad a' Chuailein house plans1989
641Leathad a' Chuailein enclosure1989
642Leathad a' Chuailein main settlement1989
643Leathad a' Chuailein main settlement1989
644Leathad a' Chuailein main settlement1989
645Leathad a' Chuailein main settlement1989
646Leathad a' Chuailein main settlement1989
647Leathad a' Chuailein main settlement1989
648Leathad a' Chuailein main settlement1989
649Leathad a' Chuailein main settlement1989
650Leathad a' Chuailein main settlement1989
651Leathad a' Chuailein main settlement1989
652Leathad a' Chuailein north-west house1989
653Leathad a' Chuailein north-west house1989
654Leathad a' Chuailein corn drying kiln1989
655Leathad a' Chuailein south-east house1989
656Leathad a' Chuailein south-east house1989
657Leathad a' Chuailein corn drying kiln1989
658Achormlarie (west) sites2002
659Achormlarie site plans1994
660Achormlarie site plans1994
661Evelix valley SMR sites2002
662Evelix valley SMR sites2002
663Evelix valley SMR sites2002
664Evelix valley SMR sites2002
665Evelix valley SMR sites2002
666Evelix valley SMR sites2002
667Evelix valley SMR sites2002
668Evelix valley SMR sites2002
669Lonfliuch croft location plan1995
670Lonfliuch croft original building1995
671Lonfliuch croft main building1995
672Lonfliuch croft sheep fanks1995
673Lonfliuch croft main building1995
674Lonfliuch croft outlying house1995
675Srath Ach a' Bhathaich (Strath Achvaich) settlements2002
676Srath Ach a' Bhathaich house plans1996
677Srath Ach a' Bhathaich barn1996
678Srath Ach a' Bhathaich croft1996
679Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - Allt Snipeag and Strathan1987
680Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - Allt Snipeag and Strathan1987
681Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - Allt Snipeag and Strathan1987
682Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - Allt Snipeag and Strathan1987
683Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - Allt Snipeag and Strathan1987
684Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - Allt Snipeag and Strathan1987
685Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - Allt Snipeag and Strathan1987
686Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - Allt Snipeag and Strathan1987
687Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - Allt Snipeag and Strathan1987
688Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - Allt Snipeag and Strathan1987
689Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - the middle Evelix1987
690Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - the middle Evelix1987
691Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - the middle Evelix1987
692Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - the middle Evelix1987
693Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - the middle Evelix1987
694Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - photos by Peter Sargent1989
695Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - photos by Peter Sargent1989
696Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - photos by Peter Sargent1989
697Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - photos by Peter Sargent1989
698Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - photos by Peter Sargent1989
699Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - photos by Peter Sargent1989
700Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - photos by Peter Sargent1989
701Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - photos by Peter Sargent1989
702Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - photos by Peter Sargent1989
703Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - photos by Peter Sargent1989
704Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - photos by Peter Sargent1989
705Srath Ach a' Bhathaich - photos by Peter Sargent1989
706Achvaich settlement complex1997
707Achvaich settlement complex1997
708Achvaich settlement complex hut circles1997
709Achvaich settlement complex1997
710Achvaich settlement complex1997
711Achvaich settlement complex corn drying kiln1995
712Letter relating to Achvaich1887
713Cyderhall (Sydera) eviction settlement1989
714Wedding photograph1938
715Dornoch Cathedral gargoyle2000
716Cockle shells from Cyderhall souterrain0
717Shells from Cuthill Links0
718Shells from Cuthill Links0
719Vitrified rock from Dun Creich0
720Stone from hut circle at Innis Bhreac0
721Samples from Cyderhall souterrain0
722Rock samples0
723Flints from Little Ferry0
724Nail from Dornoch Light Railway1900
729Photograph album of Dornoch Pageant 19281928
730Photograph taken by Miss Lyon1900
731Photograph taken by Miss Lyon - Ben Stack1900
732MacKay photograph & postcard album of Dornoch & surrounds1950
733John Gordon's school satchel1930
734John Gordon's school slate1920
735WW2 surgical instruments1939
736Photograph of members of Lyon family1890
737Photograph of "Nainie" Gilchrist1890
738Photograph of "Nainie" Gilchrist of Ospisdale1890
739Photograph of Kate Gilchrist of Ospisdale1890
740Photograph of Miss Lyon's mother1870
741Photograph of Mrs Jane G. Lyon1870
742Painting of General Middleton's daughter0
743Postcard of plate depicting Scottish Highlanders0
744Photograph of (Ben) Arkle1960
745Photograph of Spinningdale Mill1955
746Christmas card with photograph of Ross-shire hills.1966
747Set of colour photographs in clear plastic folder1960
748Beatrice oil field sample1985
749Coronation souvenir money box1953
750Cast-iron ornament0
751Pair of wooden objects1910
752Bantam coffee container1930
753Fishing net weight1900
754Stoneware jam jar1880
755Pair of butter pats1880
756Stoneware bottle1880
757Stoneware bottle1880
758Peppermint flavouring bottle1920
759Earthenware stopper1910
760Possible skin scraper2012
761Possible skin scraper0
762Possible skin scraper0
763Possible skin scraper0
764Possible skin scraper0
765Sheep shears1870
766Piece of iron smelting slag0
767Gin trap1870
768Horse teeth1900
769Dornoch Curling Club trophy1938
770Highland Light Infantry badge1900
771Highland Light Infantry cap badge1900
772Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders badge1900
773WW1 medals1919
774WW1 medals1919
775Sutherland Highlanders button1880
776Sutherland Volunteers buttons1798
777Dornoch Brass Band buttons1880
778Sutherland Rifle Volunteers badge1880
779Information on Sutherland military badges0
780Sales prospectus for Skibo Estate1890
781Translations of charters0
782Photograph of train at Dornoch station0
783Coloured photograph of Witch's Stone1970
784Report of the Committee for managing the Meikle Ferry Fund.1811
785Set of posters celebrating the 150th anniversary of Andrew Carnegie's birth.1985
786Programme for cutting first sod for Dornoch Light Railway1900
787Scout Photographs1928
788Scout Group Photograph1920
789Girl Guide Group Photograph1931
791Ticket dispenser for film shows1940
792Paraffin bicycle lamp1920
793Carbide bicycle lamp1920
794Candle holder1930
795Float for fishing net1900
796Glass fizzy drinks bottle1900
797Newspaper cutting about Donald Ross1910
798Freedom of burgh to Duke of Sutherland1945
799Booklet on archaeology of Dornoch1982
800Notes on captured German field gun in Dornoch1991
801Dornoch Cathedral gargoyle2000
802Dornoch Cathedral gargoyle2000
803Dornoch Cathedral gargoyle2000
804Dornoch Cathedral gargoyle2000
805Dornoch Cathedral gargoyle2000
806Dornoch Cathedral gargoyle2000
807Dornoch Cathedral gargoyle2000
808Dornoch Cathedral gargoyle2000
809Information on gargoyles2000
810Whales stranded at Bonar Bridge 19271927
811Interpretation panel for Cathedral fountain1990
812Interpretation panel for Cathedral fountain1990
813Castle Street from the east1930
814Seaforth Highlanders in France 19161916
815Relocation of Dornoch war memorial1992
816Relocation of Dornoch war memorial1992
817Relocation of Dornoch war memorial1992
818Discovery of St Michael's Well 19911991
819Site of St Michael's Well1991
820Site of St Michael's Well1991
821Site of St Michael's Well1991
822Site of St Michael's Well1991
823Site of St Michael's Well1991
824Site of St Michael's Well1991
825Site of St Michael's Well1991
826Site of St Michael's Well1991
827Site of St Michael's Well1991
828Site of St Michael's Well1991
829Site of St Michael's Well1991
830Site of St Michael's Well1991
831Site of St Michael's Well1991
832Site of St Michael's Well1991
833Site of St Michael's Well1991
834Site of St Michael's Well1991
835Site of St Michael's Well1991
836Site of St Michael's Well1991
837Site of St Michael's Well1991
838Site of St Michael's Well1991
839Site of St Michael's Well1991
840Site of St Michael's Well1991
841Site of St Michael's Well1991
842Site of St Michael's Well1991
843Site of St Michael's Well1991
844Site of St Michael's Well1991
845Site of St Michael's Well1991
846Site of St Michael's Well1991
847Interpretation panel for St Michael's Well1991
848Old post box in High Street1991
849Old post box in High Street1991
850Old post box in High Street1991
851Old post box in High Street1991
852Old post box in High Street1991
853Old post box in High Street1991
854St Michael's Well and old post box in High Street1991
855Lord Middleton1640
856Arkyll Fraser's powder horn1724
857Milk pail1900
858Milk pail1900
859Milk pail1900
860Milk measure1910
861Cheese press1900
862Small butter churn1930
863Robert Grant1920
864Dornoch War Memorial2002
865Dornoch War Memorial and Muslim soldiers2002
866Dornoch Pipe Band1930
867Event at Dornoch Cathedral1928
868Dornoch Pipe Band1928
869Invitation to Skibo garden party1920
870Cards relating to edding of Louise Carnegie Miller1938
871British Red Cross Society et al1912
872Dornoch pageant 19281928
873Appointment of Dr J MacLachlan as military surgeon1890
874Application from Dr J MacLachlan1895
875Appointment of Dr J MacLachlan as 2nd Lieutenant1896
876Dornoch Light Railway opening programme1902
877Dornoch Light Railway opening Shareholder's Pass1902
878Note of suspension against Rev James Macdonald1904
879Note of suspension against Rev James Macdonald1905
880Letter from Andrew Carnegie1907
881Dornoch Castle with Lancaster bombers1944
882Letter from Sutherland Estate1910
883Letter from Sutherland Estate1911
884Letter from Sutherland Estate1911
885Letter re presentation of medal1911
886Admittance card for presentation at Holyrood1911
887Invitation to ceremony at St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh1911
888Invitation to Holyrood Afternoon Party1911
889Invitation to wedding of Marquis of Stafford1912
890Appointment of James MacLachlan as Sheriff Substitute1912
891Thank you card from Andrew Carnegie1912
892Commission of James MacLachlan in Sutherland Volunteer Force1918
893Grant of MBE to James MacLachlan1918
894Report of Dornoch Burns Night 19251925
895Report of Dornoch Tercentenary celebrations1928
896Programme for Silver Jubilee banquet 19351935
897The Free Presbyterian Church: An Indictment1936
898Retirement of Dr James MacLachlan1936
899Wedding of Louise Carnegie Miller to J F Gordon Thomson1938
900Presentation to Louise Carnegie Miller1938
901Dornoch Pipe Band at Embo1939
902Programme for opening of Dornoch Railway1902
903Inverness Advertiser report, photograph, and copies of medal, relating to ferry disaster at Bonar Bridge, 1860.0
904Photograph of a group of golfers in front of the original clubhouse in the late 1880s1880
905Dornoch Town Council members, c.1930, outside Royal Golf Hotel.1920
906Dornoch Pipe Band c. 1920s1920
907Photograph of opening ceremony of the new Academy.1963
908Queen Mother at opening of Dornoch Academy1963
909Pupils in front of Dornoch Academy, 19471947
910Staff, Dornoch Academy, c. 1930s1923
911Dornoch Pageant 19281928
912Dornoch Pageant 19281928
913Dornoch Pageant 19281928
914Dornoch Pageant 19281928
915View of Tongue1970
916Weaving at Brora1970
917Dornoch Pageant 19281928
918Embo School photographs1912
919Shells from Cuthill Links0
920Wedge from Dornoch Light Railway1900
921The Photography of Kathleen Lyon1930
922Collection of negatives belonging to Miss Lyon1910
923C.G. Oates1879
924J.G. Gilchrist1875
925Nainie Gilchrist1875
926J.G. Gilchrist1875
927J.G. Gilchrist1875
928D. Gilchrist1860
929John Gilchrist1860
930Margaret Gilchrist1870
931J.G. Gilchrist1870
932Mrs Daniel Gilchrist?1860
933Unknown female Gilchrist?1860
934Mrs Daniel Gilchrist?1860
935Jane Reoch?1870
936Female Reoch1870
937Helen Reoch1870
938C.G. Oates1875
939George Dempster1855
940Alice Reoch1875
941Boy Brown1875
942Two girls1875
943Mrs Anne Brown1875
944Mrs J.B. Macdonald1875
945Daniel Gilchrist?1860
946Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland Caithness Study Tour 19921992
947Lonemore of Dornoch1783
948List of nature reserves1975
949Tool for chopping1920
950Bicycle lamp1940
951Scriber or joiner's compass1850
952The Trysers1933
953Dornoch Council Chambers1990
954Dornoch Council Chambers1990
955Royal Dornoch Golf Links1900
956Sutherland Arms Hotel1920
957Royal family1955
958Old manse well1990
960Skibo Castle open day1988
961Skibo Castle open day1988
962Harry Macrae's parents1920
963Freedom of Burgh and Pageant photograph album 19281928
964Photograph album 1928 Pageant1928
9651928 pageant1928
9661928 pageant1928
9671928 pageant1928
9681928 pageant1928
969Wedding of Janet Bell & Lt George Stutt1918
970Opening of Royal Dornoch Golf Club House 19091909
971Willie Sutherland1913
972Wedding photograph1905
973Copies of miscellaneous photos0
974Men digging out deep snow B 9168 near War Memorial 19551955
975Digging out deep snow February 19551955
976Copy of photo1947
9771928 pageant1928
9781950s Photograph Album of Mr Hardie, Factor Skibo1950
979Poem in memory of Private Thomas MacCulloch1916
980War story of Willie Mackay1939
981Special order of the day 24th May 19441944
982Appointment of Frederick Nicholson as Church Officer1880
983Receipt for Church Officer's salary1884
984Payment of Church Officer's salary1880
985Primaries I and II, Dornoch Primary, 19461946
986Dornoch Burgh school 19121912
987Pre-Academy class, Rearquhar School, c. 19101900
988Mr Hourston's class, Dornoch Burgh School1907
989Dornoch Burgh School class, c. 1900, teacher, Mr W. Shaw.1890
990Dornoch Academy class, 19231923
991Class photograph of Dornoch Academy, 1946-47.1947
992Class of Dornoch Burgh School, c.1910, Miss Macallan, teacher.1906
993School group outside Dornoch Burgh School, including several classes.1907
994Rearquhar School1880
995Dornoch Academy teachers1975
996Teachers and wives, Dornoch Academy1970
997Minute of Patrick Sellar's release1815
998New seats in The Square1965
999Dornoch, Ontario1990
1000Dornoch Academy, Miss Fraser's class1923
1001Pipe band1937
1002Sir John Heathcote Amory and Joyce Wethered1970
1003Hand carved chair1984
1004Dornoch Academy prize winners 19721972
1006Dornoch Curling Club1955
1007Kirsty Grant1955
1008Highland Games Committee1930
1009Travelling theatre company1920
1010Fourpenny Post Office1968
1011Robert Stevenson's Dornoch Bridge model1990
1012Walking the burgh bounds1989
1013Sheriff McCulloch memorial1987
1014Inscription on Crackaig snuff mull1829
1015HMS Sutherland Commissioning Book1997
1016Letter and photo of HMS Dornoch1942
1017receipt from Dornoch Board School for school fees for Jane Matheson 1884
1018certificate awarded to Margaret MacKay from North of Scotland College of Agriculture 1928
1019photograph of prefects, Dornoch Academy, class of 1955-561955
1020photograph of Headmaster of Old School, School Hill1889
1021Photograph of Skibo school group, ~1930's1920
1022receipt from John Campbell, Creich School, 1849, for his salary awarded by Daniel Gilchrist of Ospisdale1849
1023Princess Chrysanthemum light opera, 19381938
1024Dornoch Academy class photograph, ~19201913
1025Photograph of the pupils and staff of Dornoch Academy at opening ceremony by Lord Kennedy, 1913.1913
1026Contract for No 1 Rosebery Avenue1920
1027Crackaig snuff mull1829
1028Letter about land at Balvraid1801
1029Valuation of Balvraid1821
1030Site investigation for new bridge at the Mound1984
1031Letter re investigation for new bridge at the Mound1985
1032Borehole report1984
1033Borehole report1984
1034Borehole report1984
1035Borehole locations at the Mound1984
1036Letter to Sutherland District Council re new bridge at the Mound1985
1037Letter to Sutherland District Council re new bridge at the Mound1986
1038New bridge at the Mound1989
1039Statutory order re approach roads for Dornoch Firth bridge1989
1040Papers relating to the proposed Dornoch Firth rail bridge1984
1041Train at Dornoch station1959
1042Railways of Sutherland1998
1043The Kerry Tramway and Other Timber Light Railways1920
1044Dornoch Light Railway annual report1902
1045Tablet at Helmsdale station1978
1046Highland Railway waybill1910
1047Highland Railway waybills1910
1048Plaque on council table2002
1049Rubbing of plaque on council table2002
1050Dornoch & District Planning Study 19751975
1051Programme for Dornoch pageant 19281928
1052Sutherland chair1985
1053photograph of Jane (Jeannie) Matheson 1890
1054photograph of Jane (Jeannie) Matheson 1905
1055photograph of Jane (Jeannie) Matheson 1915
1056photograph of Jane (Jeannie) Matheson 1960
1057school slate1935
1058Letter to Mr Paul from The Clerkenwell Smelting Co.1936
1059Advertising leaflet for "The patent Simplicity Ear Piercer"1930
1060Photograph of group containing Andrew Paul of Royal Flying Corps in Italy.1917
1061Photograph of Mr Paul outside his shop in Golspie.1918
1062Photograph of Mr Paul at his work bench.1918
1063Postcard showing interior of Jeweller's shop in Canada, where Mr Paul worked. 1910
1064Samples of headed stationery for A.M. Paul, Optician, Engraver, Watchmaker and Jeweller.1950
1065invoice from Andrew Kay & Co., Mauchline, for repair of curling stones to Dornoch Curling Club 1926
1066Invoice from William A. Macdonald, Ironmonger, Dornoch, to Dornoch Curling Club1926
1067receipt from Sutherland Estates for ground rent for Dornoch Curling Club1926
1068invoice from Thomas Mackay, Motor Hirer, for carting of curling stones to Dornoch Curling Club 1927
1069photograph showing party of 6 women and 4 men in wooded area 1900
1070photograph of boys' football team with names1950
1071Birds in winter1900
1072Stone pillar1992
1073Stone pillar1992
1074Loch Fleet0
1075Loch Fleet0
1076Dornoch Bridge Construction ~ Deck Sections below the Bridge1990
1077Dornoch Firth Bridge Construction ~ Ard na Calc ?1990
1078Dornoch bridge construction1990
1079Dornoch Firth Bridge Construction ~ View from the Nose-piece1990
1080Dornoch bridge construction1990
1081Dornoch bridge construction1990
1082Dornoch Heritage Society display1987
1083Aerial photos2003
1084Duchess of Sutherland1905
1085photograph of curling at Loch an Treel1930
1086Photograph of Bishopfield Celtic Football Team, winners of Ice-cream Cup1946
1087Stevenson model bridge1990
1088Concert programme 19151915
1089Poem for 5th Seaforth Highlanders1914
1090Dredged up German gun1991
1091WW2 Defence Medal ribbon and box1948
1092Haymaking at Proncy1930
1093fourpenny post office1968
1094Dornoch post office1930
1095postcard (black & white photo) of Camore Crescent1935
1096postcard (sepia photo) of Castle street1950
1097photograph of memorial tree planted by Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders1980
1098photograph of memorial tree planted by Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders1980
1099photograph of the Torboll Street Farm tractor 1963
1100photograph of the Torboll Street Farm tractor 1963
1101photograph of train at Dornoch station1961
1102photograph of curling at Loch an Treel1930
1103photograph of curling at Loch an Treel1930
1104Hilton School1910
1105Fearn war memorial1920
1106Unknown woman1900
1107Miss A Ross1900
1108Miss A Ross1900
1109Unknown woman1900
1110Esther Gordon1900
1111Jenny Macfarlane1900
1112Jenny Macfarlane1916
1113Jenny Macfarlane1917
1114Unknown woman1900
1115Jack Gordon as a baby1910
1116Two children1910
1117Robert Gordon with sons John and James1910
1118Margaret and Robert Gordon1900
1119Unknown woman1900
1120Three children1910
1121Family photo1900
1122Woman and two children1913
1123Woman and two children1900
1124Six young people1910
1125Six people1910
1126Man with horse and trap1910
1127Military camp with visitors1914
1128Unknown soldier1914
1129Unknown couple1914
1130John Gordon driving a cart1914
1131Three young men1900
1132Three men1910
1133Soldier on horseback1914
1134Unknown soldier1914
1135Four soldiers1914
1136Soldier on horseback1914
1137Unknown soldier1914
1138Unknown man1900
1139Soldier with cart1914
1140Two soldiers1914
1141Unknown soldier1914
1142Group of unknown men1900
1143Group of unknown men1900
1144Group of unknown men1922
1145Unknown man1900
1146Unknown man1900
1147Unknown soldier1914
1148Two sergeants1914
1149Man with horse1900
1150Unknown man1900
1151Unknown soldier1900
1152Unknown soldier1914
1153Five men1900
1154John Elliott Gordon and James Eric Gordon1910
1155Three men1910
1156Lance Corporal Seaforth Highlanders1914
1157Eight railwaymen1910
1158Unknown soldier1914
1159Army football team1917
1160Unknown man1910
1161Two soldiers1918
1162Unknown man1910
1163Four soldiers1914
1164Military group1914
1165Two soldiers1914
1166Three soldiers1914
1167Unknown man1910
1168Unknown soldier1914
1169Unknown soldier1914
1170Unknown soldier1914
1171Unknown man1900
1172Unknown soldier1914
1173Unknown soldier1914
1174Unknown soldier1914
1175Three soldiers1914
1176Five men1910
1177Unknown man1910
1178Unknown soldier1914
1179Unknown man1910
1180Unknown man1900
1181Unknown soldier1914
1182Four soldiers1914
1183Unknown man1900
1184Unknown soldier1914
1185Unknown soldier1914
1186Three Seaforth Highlanders 1914
1187Tradesmen in front of building being refurbished1830
1188Balvraid sawmill under construction1890
1189Dornoch football team1945
1190Carnegie building, Dornoch1989
1191Auld brig, south side, and Carnegie Library1989
1192St Gilbert street, looking west1987
1193Auld brig, north side, looking south1989
1194Old Manse well, the Meadows1988
1195Sheriff Court building, Castle Street1989
1196Cathedral from Castle tower1988
1197Mauchline ware container for glass1870
1198Fishwife at cottage window1920
1199Three herring girls in Yarmouth1949
1200Embo fishwife1932
1201Embo fishwife1932
1202Harvest at Cuthill1946
1203Rearquhar School, 19271927
1204Pupils & teacher, Dornoch Academy,1936 or 19371936
1205Rearquhar (Birichen) School, 19281928
1206group of pupils, Skibo school1920
1207Embo Public school Class 1, 19121912
1208history of education in Dornoch1985
1209Washing sheep at Proncy1930
1210Admittance certificate to Swordale Institution for Norman Martin1949
1211Discharge certificate of Swordale Institution for Henry Selwood1949
1212Admission certificate of Swordale Institution for Peter Mullen1949
1213Discharge certificate of Swordale Institution for Norman Martin1949
1214Admission certificate of Swordale Institution for William Rogers1949
1215Discharge certificate of Swordale Institution for Wiiliam Rogers1949
1216Admission certificate of Swordale Institution for Sidney Wicks1949
1217Discharge certificate of Swordale Institution for Sidney Wicks1949
1218Admission certificate of Swordale Institution for Harry MacClusky1949
1219Discharge certificate of Swordale Institution for Harry MacClusky1949
1220Admission certificate of Swordale Institution for Henry Selwood1949
1221Badge with military photo1914
1222Bottle found at The Deanery1890
1223set of postcards of Dornoch1900
1224Dornoch Academy school photograph 1947-481947
1225Dornoch Academy school photograph 19501950
1226Last Town Council 19751975
1228Rededication of the War Memorial? 19951995
1229Postcards from the Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum1980
1230Paper bag from the Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum1980
1231View of High Street from cathedral tower1979
1232St Michael's Well1990
1233Ladies at fete1990
1234Dedication of war memorial1922
1236Dornoch football team1930
1237Dornoch football team1937
1238Gargoyle on the cathedral1990
1239Gravestone in the cathedral wall1988
1240British Legion parade 19871987
12411928 pageant1928
1242Castle Street1900
1243Castle Street1900
1244Unknown group of people1918
1245Spectators at 1928 pageant1928
1246Parade in Castle Street?1955
1247Group of Brownies1920
1248Cart with carcasses1910
1249Group of Brownies1920
1250Four people in deckchairs1910
1251Children in fancy dress1920
1253Two boys1930
1254Fruit pickers1930
1255Fruit pickers1930
1256Fruit pickers1930
1257Jubilee parade 19351935
1258Dornoch from the north1910
1259Children in field1900
1260The Dornoch whales1927
1261statistics on schools in Sutherland 1821-18241826
1262Dornoch Firth bridge2000
1263photograph of Embo village Hall2003
1264photograph of Embo village Hall2003
1265photograph of Embo village Hall2003
1266photograph of Embo village Hall2003
1267Agricultural history review1966
1268record of sheep transport from Peebles to Ospisdale1990
1269Strathnaver clearances1831
1270Strathnaver clearances1980
1271re-leasing of Proncy Farm1841
1272Analysing the Clearances: the case of the great Highland famine, 1846-561980
1273Advert for Frazers of Perth, Dornoch1939
1274telephone circuits for Dornoch branch railway1902
1275Army leave pass and railway ticket1940
1276Highland Railway luggage labels1902
1277LMS notice "shunt with care"1930
1278Clearances in Dornoch1980
1279Black and white views of Dornoch and district2003
1280Colour photographs of views of Dornoch taken from Cathedral tower2003
1281copy of article"Delectable Dornoch"1961
1282New Year card to George Gordon1908
1283Postcard to George Gordon1908
1284Postcard to George Gordon1909
1285Postcard to George Gordon1910
1286Postcard to George Gordon1910
1287Postcard to George Gordon1910
1288Postcard to George Gordon1910
1289Postcard to George Gordon1910
1290Postcard to George Gordon1910
1291New Year card to George Gordon1910
1292Postcard to George Gordon1911
1293Postcard to George Gordon1911
1294Postcard to George Gordon1911
1295Postcard to George Gordon1911
1296Postcard to George Gordon1911
1297Postcard to George Gordon1911
1298Postcard to George Gordon1911
1299Postcard to George Gordon1911
1300Postcard to George Gordon1911
1301Postcard to George Gordon1912
1302Postcard to George Gordon1912
1303Postcard to George Gordon1912
1304Postcard to George Gordon1912
1305Postcard to George Gordon1912
1306Postcard to George Gordon1912
1307Postcard to George Gordon1912
1308crossing of the Dornoch Firth1987
1309Agricultural implements1880
1310Introduction to the game of golf by Donald Grant1927
1311Dornoch Firth SSSI notification1985
1312Postcard to George Gordon1911
1313Postcard to George Gordon1913
1314Postcard to George Gordon1913
1315Postcard to George Gordon1909
1316Postcard to George Gordon1910
1317Postcard to George Gordon1911
1318Postcard to George Gordon1912
1319Postcard to George Gordon1909
1320Postcard to George Gordon1909
1321Postcard to George Gordon1909
1322Postcard to George Gordon1910
1323Postcard to George Gordon1910
1324Postcard to George Gordon1910
1325Postcard to George Gordon1910
1326Postcard to George Gordon1910
1327Postcard to George Gordon1910
1328Postcard to George Gordon1910
1329Postcard to George Gordon1909
1330Postcard to George Gordon1909
1331Postcard to George Gordon1910
1332Postcard to George Gordon1910
1333Postcard to George Gordon1910
1334Postcard to George Gordon1910
1335Postcard to George Gordon1910
1336Postcard to George Gordon1910
1337Postcard to George Gordon1911
1338Postcard to George Gordon1911
1339Postcard to George Gordon1908
1340Postcard to George Gordon1910
1341Postcard to George Gordon1910
1342Postcard to George Gordon1910
1343Postcard to George Gordon1910
1344Postcard to George Gordon1910
1345Postcard to George Gordon1911
1346Postcard to George Gordon1911
1347Postcard to George Gordon1911
1348Postcard to George Gordon1911
1349Postcard to George Gordon1909
1350Postcard to George Gordon1909
1351Postcard to George Gordon1909
1352Postcard to George Gordon1910
1353Postcard to George Gordon1912
1354Postcard to George Gordon1913
1355Postcard to George Gordon1914
1356Postcard to George Gordon1912
1357Postcard to George Gordon1913
1358Postcard to George Gordon1913
1359Postcard to George Gordon1921
1360Postcard to George Gordon1922
1361Postcard to George Gordon1911
1362Postcard to George Gordon1911
1363Postcard to George Gordon1910
1364Postcard to George Gordon1911
1365Postcard to George Gordon1911
1366Postcard to George Gordon1909
1367Compliments card1920
1368Isabella gordon birth certificate1877
1369Old dam near Evelix1989
1370Old dam near Evelix2001
1371The 93rd's kirk session1957
137293rd Highlanders1920
1373Earl of Sutherland's charges for his militia to the government, 1746.1982
1374The Sutherland regiment1880
1375Letter to Corporal Donald Mackay from Duncan Ross Mackay (brother-in-law) 18401840
1376New Orleans battlefield1981
1377The Home of Gowf2001
1379W & J Cruickshank bottle1940
1380Lemon bottle1910
1381Schweppes bottle1880
1382Election stamp1900
1383Election stamp1900
1384Cartridge maker1850
1385Pair of butter pats1910
1386Pair of butter pats1910
1387Butter curler1910
1388Butter mould1910
1389Territorials leaving Dornoch 5/8/19141914
1390Unknown soldier1918
1391Dornoch War Memorial1925
1392Royal Dornoch Golf Club score card1995
1393Greg Norman playing at Dornoch1984
1394Aerial view of Dornoch1970
1395Aerial view of Dornoch1960
1396aerial view of Dornoch1970
1397Aerial view of Dornoch1960
1398Award of Freedom of Burgh to Duke of Sutherland1945
1399Award of Freedom of Burgh to Duke of Sutherland1945
1400Statue of Duke of Sutherland in cathedral1950
1401Statue of Duke of Sutherland in cathedral1950
1402Stevenson model bridge1990
1403Last locomotive1962
1404Snow being cleared from railway line1950
1405Locomotive 55053 in the snow1950
1406Locomotive 55053 in the snow1950
1407Locomotive 150531948
1408Locomotive 550531940
1409Flood at Dornoch station 19271927
1410Proposed railway route from the Mound to Dornoch1896
1411Aerial slides summer 2003 - Dornoch Town Centre2003
1412HMS Sutherland crest1996
1414Station signal cabin at the Mound1919
1415Valuation of pointsman's house at the Mound1939
1416Scotch Larder2000
1417Newsagent, High Street2000
14183 Church Street2000
1419RR Johnstone chemist's shop2000
1420Castle Close Antiques2000
1421Cathedral Cafe2000
1422Maclennan's grocer's shop1900
1423WC Bremner cabinetmaker1890
1424WG Moore tailor1890
1425WS Fraser draper1910
1426Dornoch from the Lonemore road1880
1427Royal Dornoch Golf Club2000
1428Royal Dornoch Golf Club House1909
1429Gillespie's shop in Castle Street1980
1430Cameron's butchers, Station Road1914
1431Norlander Country Shop, Station Road1990
1432Group of railwaymen at Dornoch station1930
1433Kyle of Sutherland view1964
1434Sunset over the Dornoch Firth1950
1435Embo Main Street1930
1436Burghfield Hotel aerial view1930
1437Dornoch Hotel1935
1438Golfing presentation1900
1439Volunteers' parade in Dornoch Square1880
1440Boat at Newton Point1880
1441Pipe band in Dornoch Square1990
1442View along Castle Street2000
1443Skelbo Castle1983
1444View of the cathedral from the NE.1890
1445Commutation roll for 18221822
1446Commutation roll for 18311831
1447Commutation roll for 18401840
1448Commutation roll for 18431843
1449List of residents in Dornoch town and parish for 1805-6 showing rents payable above -�50
1450List of subscribers to Duke of Sutherland monument0
1451Land reclamation at Skelbo1962
1452Edderton ark1985
1453Petition to Countess of Sutherland 18021990
1454Testimony to Royal Commission 1892 and letter 18931990
1455Skelbo accounts 12901290
1456Witch's stone and stocks1890
1457Douglas Rolland & JH Taylor1890
1458Obituary for Joyce Wethered1997
1459Skelbo House & Castle1970
1460Dornoch pug1962
1461Cambusavie halt1940
1462Military cap badge1914
1464Winners of the Barnie Shield1940
1465Carnival King and Queen1940
1466Dornoch Football Club 19721972
1467Sweet jar1900
1468Bread tin1900
1469Town council minutes 18771877
1471Dornoch Academy school sports1935
1472Clashmore School 18981898
1473Dornoch Academy class 19351935
1474Dornoch Academy class 1930's1930
1475School group 1920s1920
1476Dornoch Academy class 19201919
1477Skibo School 19371937
1478Dornoch Academy 19201918
1479Dornoch Academy 1919/19201919
1480Dornoch Academy staff 19231923
1481Balvraid School 19271927
1482Balvraid School 19301925
1483Staff and board of new Dornoch Academy 19131913
1484Two school pens1880
1485Two postcards of Golspie1913
1487Dornoch Cathedral1910
1488Dornoch Castle1910
1489Dornoch from the west1910
1490Sutherland Arms Hotel1910
1491Dornoch from the west1910
1492Royal Dornoch Golf Course1910
1493Skibo Castle1910
1494Skelbo Glen1910
1495Bridgend Skelbo1910
1496Cambusmore and the Mound1910
1497Dornoch Firth from above Spinningdale1910
1498Torball Falls1910
1499Set of Valentines photos1910
1500Views of Dornoch & Vicinity1940
1501Set of dominoes1880
1502Extracts from minute book of heritors and kirk session of Dornoch, 1844-45 and 1898.1960
1503Receipted invoice for meal1840
1504Receipted invoice for rent1844
1505Receipted invoice for masonry work1839
1506Embo station inventory1960
1507Highland railway waybill1909
1509Highland railway luggage label1909
1510Great North of Scotland railway waybill1909
1511Birthplace of Andrew Carnegie2000
1512Lord Duffus1995
1513Skelbo castle1996
1514Sgt. Bethune's uniform2004
1515Dornoch light railway1999
1516Obituary for sergeant John Macbeath2004
1517Early arrival of aeroplane in Dornoch1929
1518Foundations of Carbisdale Castle1904
1519Telephone box1987
1520Telephone box1987
1521Dornoch Academy pupils 19472004
1522Dornoch Academy pupils 19582004
1523Dornoch football club 19722004
1524Little Ferry from south1996
1525The Grange (now the Royal Golf hotel)1890
1526Commemoration plate of the Crimean war1840
1527Commemoration plate of the Crimean war1840
1528Dornoch Highland Gathering 19351935
1529Physical geographical features of the Dornoch area1970
1530Metal pole trap1930
1531Torboll ploughman's contract1937
1532Employment contract1938
1535Loco 55053 at Inverness1902
1536Bill for testing of water supply 19131913
1537Harvesting at Cuthill farm 19501950
1538Watercolour of Embo beach, Dornoch in background1991
1540Hay-knife blade1910
1541Petition to Countess of Sutherland, 18021802
1542Testimony to Royal commission of 1892 and letter 18931892
1543Merit certificate awarded to Jane Matheson1893
1544Medical card John Farquhar1940
1545Bill for materials 19141914
1546Bill for tools 19141914
1547Burghfield, Dornoch1938
1548The Grange, Dornoch1937
1549The Castle, Dornoch1936
1550The Castle, Dornoch1920
1551The Castle, Dornoch1937
1552The Castle, Dornoch1950
1553The Dornoch Hotel1949
1554The Royal Golf Hotel1945
1555The Sutherland Arms Hotel1945
1556Castle Street, Dornoch1938
1557Castle Street, Dornoch1938
1558Castle Street, Dornoch1939
1559Bridge Street, Dornoch1936
1560Dornoch beach1946
1561Dornoch war memorial1944
1562West End, Dornoch1938
1563Sutherland Road, Dornoch1938
1564The castle from cathedral tower, Dornoch1941
1565The masonic hall, Dornoch1938
1566Dornoch, looking NE1938
1567Skibo Castle1938
1568Skibo Castle1938
1569Skibo Castle1946
1571Witch's stone1914
1572Station Hotel1912
1573Golf Clubhouse1938
1574Golf course1938
1575Opening of Golf Clubhouse1900
1576Dunrobin Castle1910
1577Dunrobin Castle1938
1578Dunrobin Castle1943
1579Dornoch Cathedral1939
1580Dornoch Cathedral1941
1581Dornoch Cathedral1937
1583Dornoch Cathedral1936
1584Dornoch Cathedral1904
1585Dornoch Cathedral interior1900
1586Dornoch Cathedral1900
1589Castle Street1940
1590Dornoch from the air1940
1591Dornoch from the cathedral tower1900
1592Dornoch Cathedral and Castle1910
1593Earl's Cross1942
1594The Mound1940
1595Dornoch Cathedral1956
1596Dornoch Cathedral1908
1597Dornoch Cathedral1949
1598Castle Street1900
1599Dornoch from the Cathedral tower1900
1600Views of Dornoch1910
1601Sutherland Arms hotel1909
1602Grannie's Heilan Hame1956
1603Skibo castle1905
1604Skibo castle1900
1605the avenue, Skibo castle1901
1607The Mound station1902
1608The last train, Dornoch1907
1609Dornoch Tennis Club1910
1610Children at beach1920
1611Dornoch Golf Club bazaar1920
1612Bremner family at the beach1919
1613Wedding party outside Sutherland Arms Hotel1918
1614Communion Tokens from Dornoch and Kincardine?1780
1615Dornoch Royal Charter1628
1616HMS Dornoch 19421942
1617sunset over Dornoch firth1930
1618kyle of Sutherland and Dornoch firth1930
1619Macrae's tearoom, Spinningdale1958
1620Bonar Bridge station1900
1621Ross House hostel 19471947
1622HMS Dornoch 19421942
1623HMS Dornoch 19421942
1625Skardies at Cyderhall0
1626Cyderhall area0
1627Cyderhall Viking grave0
1628Cyderhall Viking stepping stones0
1629Cyderhall Viking stepping stones0
1630Cyderhall Viking stepping stones0
1631Cyderhall Viking stepping stones0
1632Norse place names in south east Sutherland2012
1633Highland Railway timetable1910
1634A Parish Appraisal of Dornoch2000
1635Sutherland Arms Hotel1920
1636Sutherland Arms Hotel1920
1637Sutherland Arms Hotel1920
1638Sutherland Arms Hotel1930
1639Sutherland Arms Hotel1930
1640Sutherland Arms Hotel1930
1641Castle and Old Post Office1930
1642Royal Dornoch Golf Club Clock1953
1643Royal Dornoch Golf Club Clock1953
1644Royal Dornoch Golf Club Clock1953
1645Royal Dornoch Golf Club Clock2004
1646MacKay family tree2004
1648Royal Golf hotel1937
1649opening of Royal Golf hotel1939
1650opening of Royal Golf hotel1939
1651A piper's welcome to the Highlands1971
1652Bill for decorating 19161916
1653Earl's Cross1950
1654Inventory of Dornoch houses 19851985
1655Poem about Janet Horne2002
1656Castle street, Dornoch1996
1657Golf course, Dornoch1996
1658Golf course, Dornoch1996
1659Dornoch Academy Photograph 1922/231922
1660African Iron Spearhead c 19001900
16611770/1 Freedom of burgh granted to John Mackenzie 19301930
16621770/1 Freedom of burgh granted to John Mackenzie 19301930
1663Road Broch at Keiss1930
1665Broch at Kilphedir1930
1666Lintel Slab of Broch ~ Carn Liath, Strath Steven1930
1667Chamber ~ Broch at Backies1930
1668Broch at Carrol, above Loch Brora1930
1669Broch at Torwood, Stirling1930
1670Sallachaidh Broch ~ looking west through entrance1930
1671Broch at Brae, Strath Carnaig1930
1672Inside Entrance Passage ~ Broch at Dun Creagach, Kilbreck1930
1673Broch at Dun Trodden, Glenelg1930
1674Broch at Dun Beag, Struan More, Skye1930
1675Chambered Tomb ~ Cairn of Get, Garrywhin1930
1676Chambered Tomb at Loth Beg ~ Long Cairn1930
1677Chambered Tomb ~ Clava Mains Cairn remains1930
1678Chambered Tomb ~ Kist on Cairn, Sciberscross1930
1679Chambered Tomb ~ Camster Round Cairn1930
1680Chambered Tomb ~ Kyleoag Cairn1930
1681Chambered Tomb at Ledmore - Spinningdale ~ Earthfast Boulder in Cairn1930
1682Chambered Tomb at Harriet Plantation ~ Ruins1930
1683Chambered Tomb at Torrish ~ Round Cairn1930
1684Chambered Tomb at Kinbrace ~ Round Cairn1930
1685Chambered Tomb at Cnoc Chaornaidh, Loch Borrolan1930
1686Chambered Tomb ~ Fiscary Cairn (236)1930
1687Chambered Tomb ~ Skelpick Horned Cairn (238)1930
1688Chambered Tomb at Corrimony ~ Clava type Cairn, Glen Urquhart1930
1689Hut Circle, Rearquhar1930
1690Hut Circle, Fhionn Fhuaraidh1930
1691Round House, Eriboll ~ outside entrance from north1930
1692Wheelhouse ~ Coll Tulloch, Houstry1930
1693Wag/Wheelhouse at Sciberscross ~ West of Graveyard Enclosure1930
1694Dornoch Primary School1988
1695Enclosure ~ North-east Craggan1930
1696Wag/Wheelhouse at Kintradwell ~ outside broch1930
1697Enclosure at Ord, Lairg1930
1698Homesteads ~ Ousdale1930
1699Earth House at Kirkton 1930
1700Earth House at Kilphedir1930
1701Earth House at Kintradwell1930
1702Stone Circle at Achavanich I ~ Bank1930
1703Stone Circle at Auchinduich1930
1704Chambered Cairn at Savalbeg, Lairg1930
1705Hut Circle at Rhaoine, west of Rogart1930
1706Chambered Tomb ~ Meayll Circle, Rushen, Isle of Man1930
1707Wag/Homestead at Dalnamain ~ Corn Drying Kiln1930
1708Skara Brae, Orkney1930
1709Durcha Broch, near Rosehall1930
1710Broch at Carn Mor, Strath Carron, Ross1930
1711Stone Circle at Aberscross1930
1732Dornoch Light Railway1957
1733Andrew Paul's watchmaker's work bench1914
1734Andrew Paul's treadle1914
1735Andrew Paul's lathe1914
1736Andrew Paul's glass cutter1914
1737Andrew Paul's vice1914
1738Andrew Paul's engraver's block1914
1740Andrew Paul's lathe1914
1741Seal made by Andrew Paul1914
1742Seal made by Andrew Paul1914
1743Andrew Paul's shaping pliers1914
1744Piece of engraving by Andrew Paul1914
1745Piece of engraving by Andrew Paul1914
1746Empty watch face packet1914
1747Andrew Paul's ring size measurers1914
1748Incomplete luckenbooth brooch1914
1749Incomplete luckenbooth brooch1914
1750Box of bottles of watch oil1914
1751Bottle of watch oil1914
1752Bottle of clock oil1914
1753Bottle of clock oil1914
1754Jar of paint1950
1755Box of watchmaker's screws1914
1756Watchmaker's oil dish1914
1757Watchmaker's whetstone in box1914
1758Watchmaker's swage1914
1759Watchmaker's oil dish with lid1914
1760Watchmaker's hammer1914
1761Watchmaker's pliers1914
1762Watchmaker's tweezers1914
1763Watchmaker's measuring calipers1914
1764Watchmaker's file1914
1765Watchmaker's screwdriver1914
1766Watchmaker's screwdriver1914
1767Watchmaker's screwdriver1914
1768Watchmaker's screwdriver1914
1769Watchmaker's magnifying eyepiece1914
1770Watch front1914
1771Box containing watchmaker's tools1914
1772Box containing watchmaker's lathe chucks1914
1773Watchmaker's brush1914
1774Watchmaker's brush1914
1775Watchmaker's box containing paint1914
1776Dornoch Bowling Club1972
1777Dornoch Bowling Club1948
1778Dornoch Bowling Club1950
1779Dornoch Bowling Club1946
1780Dornoch Bowling Club1946
1781Dornoch Bowling Club2000
1782Dornoch Bowling Club2000
1783Dornoch Bowling Club2000
1784Dornoch Bowling Club2000
1785Dornoch Bowling Club2000
1786Dornoch Bowling Club2000
1787Dornoch Bowling Club2000
1788Dornoch Bowling Club2000
1789Dornoch Bowling Club2000
1790Dornoch Bowling Club2000
1791Dornoch Bowling Club2000
1792Dornoch Bowling Club2001
1793Dornoch Bowling Club - Audrey Hellier2001
1794Dornoch Bowling Club2001
1795Dornoch Bowling Club1968
1796Dornoch Bowling Club1923
1797Dornoch Bowling Club Officers1980
1798Dornoch Bowling Club1975
1799Dornoch Bowling Club1993
1800Dornoch Bowling Club1988
1801Dornoch Bowling Club1946
1802Dornoch Bowling Club2000
1803Dornoch Bowling Club2000
1822MacKay photograph & postcard album of Dornoch and surrounds1950
1823Three arched Bonar Bridge1950
1824Tinted view of road bend at Spinningdale with ruined mill1950
1825Tinted view of Fairy Glen, Spinningdale1950
1826The rushing water of Fairy Glen1950
1827photograph and postcard album of Dornoch and surrounds1950
1828Road between Bonar Bridge and Clashmore1930
1829Clashmore from the east end1950
1830Dornoch Beach 19591959
1831Tinted postcard of Castle Street, Dornoch1950
1832Tinted postcard of Castle Street looking west1950
1833Dornoch Cathedral unadorned1950
1834Abden, Dornoch prior to building of Bishopsfield houses1930
1835Early photograph of St Gilbert Street1920
1836The Station Hotel Dornoch1910
1837Royal Dornoch Golf Course1930
1838The Big Rocks, Dornoch Beach1950
1839Multiple view Dornoch postcard1950
1840Dornoch Cathedral Manse1919
1841Tigh-na-mara - now Cathedral House1950
1842Pitgrudy Farm1950
1843Dornoch from Grange Road looking west1950
1844Skibo Castle viewed from garden1950
1845Locomotive 55053 crossing the Mound1950
1846Royal Golf and Dornoch Hotels1950
1847Royal Dornoch Golf Course1950
1848Kyle of Sutherland from Struie1930
1849The new bridge at Helmsdale1950
1850Dornoch Cathedral Chancel1950
1851The Beach at Dornoch looking North1950
1852Castle from Cathedral Tower, Dornoch1950
1853Dornoch Sands1950
1854Dornoch from the Air1950
1855Castle Street colour postcard1950
1856Stall in Dornoch Square with 'Dornoch Gypsies'1950
1857Loch Shin near Lairg, Sutherland1950
1858Lairg and Loch Shin1950
1859Dornoch Cathedral postcard1950
1860Views of Dornoch & Vicinity1900
1861Views of Dornoch & Vicinity1900
1862Views of Dornoch & Vicinity1900
1863Views of Dornoch & Vicinity1900
1864Views of Dornoch & Vicinity1900
1865Views of Dornoch & Vicinity1900
1866Views of Dornoch & Vicinity1900
1867Views of Dornoch & Vicinity1900
1868Views of Dornoch & Vicinity1900
1869Views of Dornoch & Vicinity1900
1870Views of Dornoch & Vicinity1900
1871Views of Dornoch & Vicinity1900
1872Views of Dornoch & Vicinity1900
1873Views of Dornoch & Vicinity1900
1874Views of Dornoch & Vicinity1900
1875Views of Dornoch & Vicinity1900
1876Bridge-end Skelbo near Dornoch1930
1877Two men standing on river bank1930
1878Loch Moy1930
1879Sutherland Arms Hotel, Dornoch1930
1880Formal garden - Skibo or Dunrobin1930
1881Lairg Sheep Sales1930
1882Highland Dancing1930
1883Golf Presentation - Skibo Course?1930
1884Couple on board a ship c 19301930
1885Houses at Embo1930
1886Ruby Hardie fishing at a lake1930
1887Skibo Castle and garden, viewed from west1930
1888Elgin Cathedral, Porch of Chapter House1930
1889Sheep Trial in Sutherland1930
1891Culrain railway bridge, Invershin1930
1892Shop Assistant1900
1893Heritage Society Membership Card1983
1894stone dyke at Evelix1971
1895large iron ring with hook and eye1840
1896construction of Dornoch bridge1985
1897Collection of Dennis Bethune - photo St Gilbert Street1900
1898Collection of Dennis Bethune - Dornoch pipe band1930
1899Thomas Hardie's photograph album1905
1900Thomas Hardie's photograph album1905
1901Thomas Hardie's photograph album1905
1902Watchmaker's engraving tool1914
1903Watchmaker's Grain and DWT weights1914
1904Watchmaker's hacksaw1914
1905Watchmaker's vice1914
1906Watchmaker's mainspring gauge1914
1907Watchmaker's calipers1914
1908Letterhead printing block1914
1909Letterhead printing block1914
1910Letterhead printing block1914
1912Watchmaker's blow pipe with less curved end1914
1913Watchmaker's ring stretcher1914
1914Watchmaker's ring measuring gauge1914
1915Watchmaker's ring measuring gauge1914
1916Watchmaker's ear piercer1914
1917Box for watchmaker's ear piercer1914
1918Watchmaker's brush1914
1919Watchmaker's brush1914
1920Watchmaker's tool1914
1921Watchmaker's tool1914
1922Watchmaker's drum of sawdust1914
1923Donald Ross photos - Lillian Campbell Ross1863
1924Donald Ross photos - John Sutherland, Grocer1892
1925Donald Ross photos - Donald, Aeneas and Alex Ross1900
1926Donald Ross photos - Murdoch Ross1868
1927Donald Ross photos - Janet, Lillian and Donald Ross1912
1928Donald Ross photos - Janet, Lillian and Donald Ross1915
1929Donald Ross documents - golf courses booklet1930
1930Donald Ross documents - Pinehurst score card1934
1931Donald Ross documents - King's Course score card1924
1932Donald Ross documents - scores for Open Golf Championship at St Andrews1910
1933Donald Ross documents - article1973
1934Donald Ross documents - article1936
1935Donald Ross documents - article1955
1936Donald Ross documents - article1945
1937Donald Ross documents - article on Alex Ross1945
1938Donald Ross documents - article1993
1939Donald Ross documents - article1955
1940Donald Ross documents - article1995
1941Donald Ross documents - article1937
1942Donald Ross documents - articles1948
1943Donald Ross documents - article1991
1945No 26 Company Canadian Forestry Corps - Scotland 19431943
1946Dornoch Cathedral Graveyard2000
1947Dornoch Cathedral Weathervane2000
1948Skibo School1946
1949Tea Party at Clashmore Hall1953
1950Chuck for watchmaker's lathe1914
1951Watchmaker's blueing pan1914
1952Watchmaker's pivot burnisher1914
1953Watchmaker's depthing tool1914
1954Cone of borax1914
1955Small tin of watchmaker's screws1914
1956Watchmaker's shaping pliers1914
1957Small phial of watchmaker's screws1914
1958Watchmaker's ear piercer1914
1959Andrew Paul's jeweller's shaping pliers1914
1960Watchmaker's wooden swage1914
1961Watchmaker's pith1914
1962Wooden box1914
1963Watchmaker's set square1914
1965Ring size measurement cards1914
1966Watchmaker's pivot burnisher in box1914
1967Box of watch oil sinks and end mills1914
1968Box of watchmaker's lathe cutting tools1914
1969Watchmaker's pivot finisher in box1914
1970Watchmaker's engraving test piece1914
1971Box of watchmaker's arbours1914
1972Watch mainspring fitting tool in box1914
1973Box containing watchmaker's poising tool1914
1974Watchmaker's pivot burnisher in box1914
1975Watchmaker's demagnetiser in box1914
1976Watchmaker's file1914
1977Watchmaker's reamers in box1914
1978Watchmaker's tool in box1914
1979Watchmaker's hand-held vice1914
1980Andrew Paul's ring size measurers1914
1981Wooden hole cleaners1914
1982Bag of small watchmaking parts1914
1983Five watchmaker's collets1914
1984Watchmaker's engraving tool1914
1985Watchmaker's engraving tool1914
1986Watchmaker's engraving tool1914
1987Watchmaker's engraving tool1914
1988Watchmaker's engraving tool1914
1989Dornoch Light Railway1950
1990Skibo staff1935
1991Model of 1831 proposed Dornoch Firth Bridge0
1992Bust of Robert Stevenson0
1993Sower at Dalchiel1971
1994Dornoch Hotel1948
1995Snuff horn1851
1996Old Dornoch ~ Its Traditions and Legends1920
1997Dornoch Games1945
1998Trains Illustrated No 103 Volume X1957
1999Carnegie 'Man of steel with a cold heart to match'2004
2000Donald Ross documents - Garden dedication1991
2001Photograph album of Miss Elizabeth Mackay & Miss Jocelyn Joyce1930
2002Entry voucher for Clynelish distillery1988
2003Marriage proclamation1873
2004Possible whetstone from hut circle at Innis Bhreac0
2005Possible whetstone from hut circle at Innis Bhreac0
2006Possible whetstone0
2007Donald Ross at 17th hole Struie Course1894
2008Donald Ross1890
2009Donald Ross family group1911
2010Donald and Janet Ross1904
2011Donald Ross in uniform1890
2012Donald Ross Statue1991
2013Donald Ross1919
2014Donald Ross1890
2015Donald Ross family group1909
2016Donald Ross family group1915
2017Donald Ross' birth certificate1872
2018Donald Ross0
2019Donald Ross0
2020Donald Ross0
2021Donald Ross0
2022Ross family photograph1880
2023Ross family home in Gilbert Street1900
2024Dornoch Primary School1989
2025Dornoch Primary School1990
2026Dornoch Primary School1991
2027Dornoch Primary School1992
2028Dornoch Primary School1993
2029Dornoch Primary School1994
2030Dornoch Primary School1995
2031Dornoch Primary School1996
2032Dornoch Primary School1997
2033Dornoch Primary School1998
2034Dornoch Primary School1999
2035Dornoch Primary School2000
2036Dornoch Primary School2001
2037Dornoch Primary School2002
2038Dornoch Primary School2003
2039Dornoch Primary School2004
2040Dornoch Primary School2005
2041Dornoch Primary School1993
2042Dornoch Primary School1993
2043Dornoch Primary School1993
2044Dornoch Primary School1993
2045Dornoch Primary School1993
2046Dornoch Primary School1993
2047Dornoch Primary School1993
2048Dornoch Primary School1993
2049Dornoch Primary School1993
2050Dornoch Primary School1993
2051Dornoch Primary School1992
2052Dornoch Primary School1992
2053Dornoch Primary School1994
2054Dornoch Primary School1994
2055Dornoch Primary School1994
2056Dornoch Primary School1994
2057Dornoch Primary School1995
2058Dornoch Primary School1994
2059Dornoch Primary School1994
2060Dornoch Primary School1994
2061Dornoch Primary School1994
2062Dornoch Primary School1994
2063Dornoch Primary School1994
2064Dornoch Primary School1994
2065Dornoch Primary School1994
2066Dornoch Primary School1994
2067Dornoch Primary School1994
2068Dornoch Primary School1990
2069Dornoch Primary School1989
2070Dornoch Primary School1990
2071Dornoch Primary School2005
2072Dornoch Primary School2005
2073Dornoch Primary School2005
2074Dornoch Primary School2004
2075Dornoch Primary School Christmas concert 20042004
2076Dornoch Primary School1990
2077Dornoch Primary School1990
2078Dornoch Primary School1990
2079Dornoch Primary School1990
2080Dornoch Primary School1990
2081Dornoch Primary School1990
2082Dornoch Primary School1990
2083Dornoch Primary School1990
2084Dornoch Primary School1990
2085Dornoch Primary School1990
2086Dornoch Primary School1990
2087Dornoch Primary School1990
2088Dornoch Primary School1992
2089Dornoch Primary School1992
2090Dornoch Primary School1992
2091Dornoch Primary School1992
2092Dornoch Primary School1992
2093Dornoch Primary School1986
2094Dornoch Primary School1986
2095Dornoch Primary School1987
2096Dornoch Primary School1983
2097Dornoch Primary School1988
2098Dornoch Primary School1988
2099Dornoch Primary School1988
2100Dornoch Primary School1987
2101Dornoch Primary School1987
2102Dornoch Primary School1987
2103Dornoch Primary School1987
2104Dornoch Primary School1987
2105Dornoch Primary School1987
2106Dornoch Primary School1987
2107Dornoch Primary School1988
2108Dornoch Primary School1988
2109Dornoch Primary School1988
2110Dornoch Primary School1988
2111Dornoch Primary School1988
2112Dornoch Primary School1989
2113Dornoch Primary School1989
2114Dornoch Primary School1990
2115Dornoch Primary School1991
2116Dornoch Primary School1991
2117Dornoch Primary School1991
2118Dornoch Primary School1992
2119Dornoch Primary School1973
2120Embroidered badge - Robert Mackay1880
2121Embroidered badge - Robert Mackay 18841884
2122Embroidered badge - Robert Mackay 18871887
2123Embroidered badge - Robert Mackay 18981898
2124Embroidered badge - Robert Mackay 19191919
2125Embroidered badge - Robert Mackay1880
2126Scottish Rifle Association badge - Robert Mackay1880
2127Scottish Rifle Association badge - Robert Mackay1897
2128Highland Rifle Association badge - Robert Mackay 18891889
2129Caledonian Challenge Shield badge - Robert Mackay 19101910
2130National Rifle Association ~ Wimbledon badge - Robert Mackay 18831883
2131National Rifle Association ~ Bisley badge - Robert Mackay 18931893
2132National Rifle Association ~ Bisley badge - Robert Mackay 18961896
2133National Rifle Association ~ Bisley badge - Robert Mackay 18971897
2134National Rifle Association ~ Bisley badge - Robert Mackay 18981898
2135National Rifle Association ~ Bisley badge - Robert Mackay 19211921
2136Bannockburn Challenge Shield badge - Robert Mackay 18831883
2137United Services badge - Robert Mackay 18971897
2138Dornoch Academy Magazine 19481948
2139Honorary Sheriffs - including bowling club member Hugh Steele1974
2140Dornoch Bowling Club1978
2141Dornoch Bowling Club1979
2142Dornoch Bowling Club1979
2143Dornoch Bowling Club1979
2144Dornoch Bowling Club1979
2145Dornoch Bowling Club1979
2146Dornoch Bowling Club1979
2147Donald Ross documents ~ Articles1940
2148City of Edinburgh & Midlothian Rifle Association badge - Robert Mackay1880
2149Scottish Rifle Association badge - Robert Mackay1880
2150Highland Rifle Association badge - Robert Mackay 18931893
2151Highland Rifle Association badge - Robert Mackay 18951895
2152Caledonian Challenge Shield badge - Robert Mackay 19091909
2153National Rifle Association ~ Wimbledon - Robert Mackay 18831883
2154National Rifle Association ~ Wimbledon badge - Robert Mackay 18871887
2155National Rifle Association ~ Bisley badge - Robert Mackay 19011901
2156National Rifle Association ~ Bisley badge - Robert Mackay 19051905
2157National Rifle Association ~ Bisley badge - Robert Mackay 19191919
2158National Rifle Association ~ Bisley badge - Robert Mackay 19201920
2159Gold Coast Rifle Association medal - Robert Mackay 1926/71926
2160Western Province & Ashanti Rifle Association medal - Robert Mackay 1927/81927
2161Western Province & Ashanti Rifle Association medal - Robert Mackay 19241924
2162Western Province & Ashanti Rifle Association medal - Robert Mackay 19251925
2163Western Province & Ashanti Rifle Association medal - Robert Mackay 19281928
2164Western Province & Ashanti Rifle Association medal - Robert Mackay 19281928
2165Western Province & Ashanti Rifle Association medal - Robert Mackay 19291928
2166Shop invoice1908
2167Shop invoice1839
2168Meikle and Little Ferry1809
2169Trentham Mausoleum2005
2170Trentham Mausoleum2006
2171Trentham Mausoleum2006
2172Inventory of trophies, badges and medals of Robert Mackay2005
2173Notes on Donald James Ross2005
2174Donald Ross with grand-daughters1945
2175Excerpts from letters of Donald James Ross2005
2176The Donald Ross Society2004
2177Lillian Campbell ~ mother of Donald Ross2005
2178Family tree of Donald Ross2005
2179Donald Ross1932
2180Donald Ross2005
2181Visit by to Dornoch by Elizabeth Shapiro2005
2182Meikle Ferry2005
2183Highland and LMS Railway Tickets1901
2184Medal for the Sutherland Bonspiel1912
2185Two Ontario mining medallions1967
2186Dornoch Golf Club medal - Robert Mackay1900
2187Dornoch Golf Club medal - Robert Mackay1900
2188Dornoch Golf Club medal - Robert Mackay 19021902
2189Dornoch Golf Club medal - Robert Mackay 19051902
2190Silver golf medal - Robert Mackay 18941894
2191Five National Rifle Association pouches - Robert Mackay1880
2192Long service medal - Robert Mackay 18951895
2193Sutherland Highland Rifle Volunteers shooting medal - Robert Mackay 18921892
2194Sutherland Highland Rifle Volunteers shooting medal - Robert Mackay 18921892
2195Sutherland Highland Rifle Volunteers shooting medal - Robert Mackay 18961896
2196Sutherland Highland Rifle Volunteers shooting medal - Robert Mackay 18971897
2197Sutherland Highland Rifle Volunteers shooting medal - Robert Mackay 18991899
2198Dunrobin Rifle Club medal - Robert Mackay 19101910
2199Scottish Twenty Club medal - Robert Mackay 1889/901889
2200Scottish Twenty Club medal - Robert Mackay 1892/31892
2201Scottish Twenty Club medal - Robert Mackay 1892/931892
2202Scottish Twenty Club medal - Robert Mackay 1897/981897
2203Scottish Twenty Club medal - Robert Mackay1880
2204Scottish Twenty Club medal - Robert Mackay1880
2205Scottish Twenty Club medal - Robert Mackay1880
2206International Twenty Match badge - Robert Mackay 18921892
2207International Twenty Match badge - Robert Mackay 18931893
2208International Twenty Match badge - Robert Mackay 18951895
2209International Twenty Match badge - Robert Mackay 18971897
2210International Twenty Match badge - Robert Mackay 18981898
2211International Twenty Match badge - Robert Mackay 19001900
2212National Rifle Association medal - Robert Mackay1880
2213National Rifle Association medal - Robert Mackay1880
2214Astor County Cup medal - Robert Mackay1880
2215Astor County Cup medal - Robert Mackay1880
2216NRA Rifle Clubs medal - Robert Mackay1880
2217NRA Rifle Clubs medal - Robert Mackay1880
2218Caledonian Challenge Shield medal - Robert Mackay1880
2219Grand Aggregate Wimbledon badge - Robert Mackay 18821882
2220Grand Aggregate Wimbledon medal - Robert Mackay 18861886
2221Sutherland Arms Hotel1930
2222Sutherland Arms Hotel fire1941
2223Outside the Eagle Hotel with Mrs. Tewsley1920
2224Outside the Eagle Hotel with Mrs. Tewsley1920
2225The Eagle Hotel1920
2226Sheriff MacKenzie of Dornoch1908
2227Dornoch Beach1938
2228Dornoch Golf Club1938
2229St Finnbar's Church1930
2230Castle Street Dornoch looking East1905
2231Blank postcards1930
2232The Final Whistle1960
2233Milk bottle from Dornoch Dairy1920
2234Meikle Ferry boat hook1800
2235Meikle Ferry boat hook1800
2236Dornoch Primary School1989
2237Sinclair Gunn Dornoch Drum Major1950
2238High Street and Cathedral, Dornoch1950
2239Meikle Ferry boat hook1900
2241Shell Midden2005
2242Shell Midden2006
2243Victory Loan Flag 19191919
2244Embo Anchor2006
2245Grand Aggregate Bisley medal - Robert Mackay 18931893
2246Grand Aggregate Bisley medal - Robert Mackay 18961896
2247Grand Aggregate Bisley medal - Robert Mackay 18981898
2248Grand Aggregate Bisley medal - Robert Mackay 18991899
2249Grand Aggregate Bisley medal - Robert Mackay 19011901
2250Grand Aggregate Bisley medal - Robert Mackay 19031903
2251Grand Aggregate Bisley medal - Robert Mackay 19051905
2252Group at Bisley 19081908
2253Tales of the "Coffee Pot"1983
2254Winter, February 1955 ~ snow2006
2255Dornoch Football Team1928
2256Dornoch School1926
2257Dornoch School1928
2258Dornoch School1927
2259Dornoch from the south1900
2260Dornoch from the air1920
2261Dornoch Golf Club Members 19801980
2262Dornoch Golf Club Members 19801980
2263Dornoch Golf Club 19721972
2264Dornoch Golf Club ~ 1880s1880
2265Dornoch Football Club1953
2266Dornoch Football Club 19371937
2267Dornoch Light Railway1957
2268Dornoch Light Railway1957
2269Dornoch Light Railway1957
2270Dornoch Light Railway1958
2271Dornoch Light Railway1958
2272Dornoch Light Railway1958
2273Dornoch Light Railway1957
2274Dornoch Light Railway1957
2275Dornoch Light Railway1957
2276Dornoch Light Railway1957
2277Dornoch Light Railway1958
2278Summary of the History of Skelbo1990
2279Map of part of Skelbo Estate 17881990
2280Farm of Skelbo1990
2281Skelbo Estate/Farm1990
2282Diagram of Farm Buildings1990
2283Skelbo Castle, Sutherland1990
2284Skelbo Farm Buildings1990
2285The Maid of Norway1990
2286Archaeological site notes1960
2287Stone hatchet from Balvraid1945
2288Photographs of Dornoch1902
2289Photographs of Dornoch1902
2290Photographs of Dornoch1920
2291Photographs of Dornoch1920
2292Photographs of Dornoch1902
2293Photographs of Dornoch1910
2294Photographs of Dornoch1908
2295Photographs of Dornoch1950
2296Photographs of Dornoch1940
2297Photographs of Dornoch1930
2298Photographs of Dornoch1909
2299Photographs of Dornoch1902
2300Photographs of Dornoch1920
2301Photographs of Dornoch1950
2302Photographs of Dornoch1912
2303Photographs of Dornoch1912
2304Photographs of Dornoch1912
2305Photographs of Dornoch1912
2306Photographs of Dornoch1910
2307Photographs of Dornoch1950
2308Photographs of Dornoch1951
2309Photographs of Dornoch1902
2310Photographs of Dornoch1918
2311Photographs of Dornoch1911
2312Photographs of Dornoch1920
2313Photographs of Dornoch1912
2314Photographs of Dornoch1908
2315Photographs of Dornoch1942
2316Photographs of Dornoch1942
2317Photographs of Dornoch1930
2318Photographs of Dornoch1928
2319Photographs of Dornoch1930
2320Photographs of Dornoch1953
2321Ministry of Food lapel badge1939
2322Genealogy ~ Annat, Boog and Murdoch Ross2006
2323Photographs of Dornoch1920
2324Photographs of Dornoch1920
2325Photographs of Dornoch1900
2326Photographs of Dornoch1900
2327Photographs of Dornoch1890
2328Photographs of Dornoch1950
2329Photographs of Dornoch1966
2330Photographs of Dornoch1900
2331Photographs of Dornoch1902
2332Photographs of Dornoch1930
2333Photographs of Dornoch1911
2334Photographs of Dornoch1959
2335Photographs of Dornoch1950
2336Photographs of Dornoch1950
2337Photographs of Dornoch1910
2338Photographs of Dornoch1910
2339Photographs of Dornoch1910
2340Photographs of Dornoch1900
2341Photographs of Dornoch1930
2342Photographs of Dornoch1900
2343Photographs of Dornoch1900
2344Photographs of Dornoch1920
2345Photographs of Dornoch1900
2346Photographs of Dornoch1910
2347Photographs of Dornoch1920
2348Photographs of Dornoch1920
2349Dempster's Muir Settlers1988
2350Report on young plantations ~ Duke Sutherland's Estate1988
2351Inventories of buildings at Coxtoun1988
2352Sheep farming1988
2353Dornoch Highland Gathering 19511951
2354Flora of the Parish of Dornoch1989
2355Part of Skelbo area estate map1760
2356Old barn at Evelix1890
2357Notes on old barn at Evelix1890
2358Dornoch Pipe Band 19581958
2359Dornoch Pipe Band 1960s1960
2360Pipe Major Kenny Macrae1960
2361Pipe Major Kenny Macrae1960
2362Pipe Major Kenny Macrae and William Fraser1960
2363Dornoch Pipe Band1985
2364Dornoch Pipe Band1988
2365Old ferry boat behind cathedral1995
2366Old ferry boat behind cathedral1995
2367The Sutherland Constabulary at Dornoch1890
2368Waiting crowd1955
2369Ann Cumming and Thomas McFarlane1920
2370Embo Public School1890
2371Embo Public School1920
2372Early curling stones (2 objects)1800
2373Upper quern stone0
2374Train crossing the Mound.1945
2375Cathedral septcentenary1924
2376Cathedral interior looking towards east end1924
2377Cathedral interior looking towards north aisle1924
2378Cathedral interior looking towards east end1924
2379Cathedral septcentenary celebrations1924
2380Queen Elizabeth in Dornoch1962
2381Freedom of Dornoch conferred on Lord Kilmuir1950
2382Robert Grant during WW11915
2383Studio portrait of three soldiers and man in suit1914
2384Group at outdoor show 1950s1950
2385Three soldiers WW1 including Bob Grant1914
2386Two young men1910
2387House by Dornoch Cathedral1883
2388House by Dornoch Cathedral1880
2389Two soldiers1939
2390Portrait of five men1910
2391Portrait of an officer WW1 - Robert Grant1914
2392Anne or Jane Oman spinning1890
2393William Oman1890
2394John Oman1890
2395Boys' football team1949
2396Dornoch football club1953
2397Dornoch football club1953
2398Dornoch Bowling Club1948
2399Dornoch football club1937
2400Dredged up German gun1991
2401Dredged up German gun1991
2402Dredged up German gun1991
2403Relocation of Dornoch war memorial1992
2404Relocation of Dornoch war memorial1992
2405Relocation of Dornoch war memorial1992
2406Donald Ross & Rev.Mackay1930
2407Station Hotel1912
2408Train crossing the A9 near the Mound.1945
2409The "coffee pot"1900
2410Skibo Castle1920
2411Poem by a relative of Provost Fraser1800
2412Freedom of the Burgh 19461946
2413Carnival King and Queen1954
2414Tufty Club1965
2415Dornoch Ladies Gaelic Choir1958
2416Dornoch Carnival King and Queen1954
2417Grianach, Dornoch Firth1948
2418"Skibo Castle" locomotive1948
2419Dornoch views1948
2420Dornoch Cathedral1948
2421Dornoch beach1948
2422View from Square, Dornoch1948
2423Dornoch Cathedral1948
2424Views of Dornoch1960
2425Skibo Castle1900
2426Red Cross certificate presentation1960
2427Don Calder ~ Clerk of Works, Skibo1930
2428Dornoch, Canada2001
2430Badminton Ord Cup1950
2433British Red Cross Badge of Honour2006
2434Wickhams Chemist shop staff1959
2435Wickhams Chemist shop staff1960
2436British Red Cross Shop Anniversary2004
2437British Red Cross First Aid Cups1971
2438British Red Cross Mini Bus Inauguration1985
2439Wickham Chemist Shop Staff1959
2440Wickham Chemist Shop Staff1959
2441British Rail Passenger Notice1960
2442Dornoch Castle1910
2443Golfer Garth McGimpsey1985
2444Lord Strathnaver at Dunrobin Castle1990
2445Accie Murray's 90th birthday1980
2446Davie Laird1975
2447Garth McGimpsey1985
2448Embo House1970
2449Rev. James Simpson1980
2450Shanty town, Kildonan 18691869
2451Carts at Skelbo Farm1890
2452Cambusmore and the Mound1890
2453On the beach, Dornoch1890
2454Dornoch from the SE1890
2455The Dornoch Firth at Spinningdale1960
2456Dornoch Cathedral Sept 1924 Centenary Parade1924
2457A Highland homestead1960
2458The Falls, Dunrobin Glen1914
2459Cambusmore & the Mound1910
2460Sutherland Technical School, Golspie1910
2461Branch train leaving Dornoch1940
2462Dornoch Pipe Band 19271927
2464Drum Major Sinclair Gunn1960
2465Embo Beach1920
2466Court of the Lord Lyon1986
2467Ceremony of the Grant of Arms to Dornoch Community Council1987
2468Grant of Arms to Dornoch Community Council1987
2469Grant of Arms to Dornoch Community Council1987
2470The Mound Railway Junction1930
2471Dunrobin Engine1930
2472Boat at Newton Point1920
2473Train pulling into Dornoch Station1960
2474Passengers at Dornoch Station1960
2475Dornoch/Mound railway ticket 19601960
2476Excavation of the old manse well 19871987
2477Excavation of the old manse well 19871987
2478Excavation of the old manse well 19871987
2479Old manse well 19871987
2480Replacement of Cathedral weathercock1976
2481Annie & Tip in 1934 Austin1934
2482Nurse and patients1939
2483Sinclair Gunn1955
2484Man and horse at Pitgrudy1873
2485Man and bull at Pitgrudy1873
2486Mare and foal at Pitgrudy1873
2487Mrs William Sutherland at Pitgrudy1873
2488Cattle at Pitgrudy1873
2489Castle Street1870
2490Mrs. Jane Gilchrist at Ospisdale1870
2491Jackie Gunn at Proncy1938
2492Haystack making in snow at Proncy 19471947
2493Haymaking at Proncy 1947 in snow1947
2494Curlers at Loch an Treel1930
2495Simon Bain, town crier 1950s1955
2496Castle Street1890
2497Castle Street1890
2498Castle Street1890
2499Castle Street1890
2500Building work at Skibo Castle1890
2501Car rally at Sutherland Arms Hotel1935
2502Fishwife Kate "Curlie"1890
2503Fishwives dancing at the Dornoch Highland Gathering1890
2504Pipe band parade1950
2505Pipe band parade1950
2506Pipe band parade1950
2507Dunvegan Castle, Skye1911
2508Train to Dornoch at the Mound1950
2509Railway level crossing at the Mound1930
2510Dunrobin Castle Locomotive1930
2511CD of inaugural lecture by Professor James Hunter2006
2512University of the Highlands and Islands Centre for History2006
2513University of the Highlands and Islands Centre for History Leaflet2006
2514St Barr's Fair Week1975
2515Old Buildings of Dornoch1997
2516Princess Chrysanthemum light opera, 19381938
2517Dornoch Academy Photograph2011
2518Dornoch Academy Photograph 19351935
2519Dornoch Academy Photograph 19371937
2520Dornoch Academy Photograph 0
2521Dornoch Academy Class IIX in the 1950's 1950
2522Dornoch Academy Photograph 1955-56 1955
2523Earls Cross Hostel 19561956
2524Dornoch Academy Fifth Year Pupils 19591959
2525Sixth Year Girls Dornoch Academy 19591959
2526Free Church Sunday School outing1890
2527Group of Scouts at Clynemilton1933
2528The Square from Argyle St1970
2529Girls' sports team 19471947
2530Girls' inter school sports team1950
2531Sandy MacFarlane1930
2532Negatives 1A 39A to 40A1940
2533Negatives 1A 41A to 46A1910
2534Skelbo Crossing Gatehouse1951
2535Dornoch Primary School 19731973
2536Winifred Mary Loder1904
2537Dornoch Station Goods Yard1920
2538Balvraid Sawmill Cottage1940
2539Scottish Country Dancers1950
2541Dornoch West End1905
2542The Mound1930
2543Military Group1868
2544John Mackay Postman1920
2545Dornoch Games1998
2546John Mackay Postman1915
2547Letter from Andrew Carnegie1911
2548De Havilland DH84 Dragon Aircraft2006
2549Dornoch Girl Guides 19311931
2550Burgh Parade1925
2551Dornoch Primary School Staff May 20042004
2552Carnegie Medal for best ploughing1902
2553HMS Dornoch1944
2554Forgan's Workshop0
2555Meat safe in garden at Torranroy0
2556Joiners, The Meadows, Dornoch2006
2557School photograph2011
2558School photograph1935
2559Children in fancy dress1930
2560The Castle Dornoch1906
2561Carnegie the man who gave $350 million to charity2006
2562Sir Robert Gordon, Bart1800
2563Depiction of early game of golf1700
2564Golf Causerie1907
2565Kenneth 3rd Lord Duffus0
2566Historylinks Stand Dornoch Agricultural Show2006
2567Dornoch Heritage Society Coffee Morning2006
2568Piper at Dornoch Heritage Society Coffee Morning 20062006
2569Bric-a-Brac Stall Dornoch Heritage Society Coffee Morning2006
2570Raffle at Dornoch Heritage Society Coffee Morning 20062006
2571Dornoch Heritage Society Coffee Morning 20062006
2572Plant Stall Dornoch Heritage Society Coffee Morning2006
2573Dornoch Heritage Society Coffee Morning2006
2574Peter Wild at Dornoch Heritage Society Coffee Morning 20062006
2575Book Stall at Dornoch Heritage Society Coffee Morning2006
2576The Castle Dornoch1903
2577The Castle Dornoch in Winter1903
2578The Castle Dornoch1901
2579The Castle Dornoch1915
2580Dornoch Cathedral at midnight1909
2581Dornoch from the east1901
2583Panoramic view of Dornoch 19041904
2584Dornoch Railway Station 19021903
2585Castle Street Dornoch1904
2586Castle Street Dornoch1908
2587Castle Street Dornoch1904
2588Castle Street Dornoch1915
2589View of Dornoch and Station Hotel1904
2590Ladies Golf Course Dornoch1904
2591Ladies Golf Course Dornoch1902
2592Reel of Tulloch, Dornoch Games1902
2593Golf Links, Dornoch1905
2594Golf Course, Dornoch1900
2595Opening of Royal Dornoch Golf Club House1909
2596Gordon Highlanders parade in the Square, Dornoch1915
2599Seal matrix of James, Chaplain of Dornoch1200
2600Dornoch Bakery1900
2601Embo lifeboat1982
2602Proposed route for Dornoch Railway1895
2604Proposed improvements for Muirs of Achvandra1950
2608Clashmore Hall and Library1907
2609Clashmore Hall and Library1908
2610Skibo Castle from South West1904
2611Clashmore Hall and Library1895
2612Aerial slides Loch Fleet Summer 20032003
2613Aerial slides Dornoch Summer 20032003
2614Aerial slides summer 20032003
2615Dornoch Academy Magazine 19501950
2616Dornoch Academy Magazine 19511951
2617Captain Bob Grant with comrade and French Sailor1915
2618Captain Bob Grant in uniform1915
2619Three soldiers in Seaforth's non-dress uniform1914
2620Captain Bob Grant Scottish Horse1915
2621Group of tennis players1915
2622Station Hotel from the north1948
2623Meikle Ferry History1981
2624Negatives 1A 47A to 52A1910
2625Negatives 1A 53A to 58A1910
2626Negatives 1A 60A to 64A1910
2627Negatives 1A 65A to 70A1910
2628Negatives 1A 72A to 76A1902
2629Negatives 1B 33 to 381920
2630Negatives 1B 021920
2631Negatives 1B 15 to 201920
2632Negatives 1B 21 to 261920
2633Negatives 1B 09 to 141900
2634Negatives 1B 03 to 081900
2635Group in front of Golf Club House 19001900
2636Group photographs and school concert programmes1920
2637Thomson family part of the Gordon family of Ospisdale1936
2638General Middleton1995
2639General Middleton1855
2640General Middleton1880
2641General Middleton1982
2642General Middleton1630
2643Maid of Norway List of Jewels1850
2644Old Skelbo House1995
2645Rent receipt1850
2646Rent receipt1827
2647Negatives 4A 25A to 30A1900
2648Negatives 4A 27 to 321890
2649Negatives 4A 21 to 261890
2650Negatives 4A 57 to 621890
2651Negatives 4A 19A to 24A1890
2652Negatives 4B 63 to 681890
2653Negatives 4B 25A to 30A1890
2654Negatives 4B 01A to 06A1890
2655Negatives 4B 07A to 12A1920
2656Negatives 4B 09 to 141880
2657Gamekeeper William Macdonald at Dornoch Castle1880
2658Negatives 4B 15 to 201890
2659Negatives 4B 03 to 081890
2660Negatives 1 83 to 881890
2661Negatives 2 13A to 18A1890
2662Funeral procession at Dornoch station1904
2663Negatives 3 65A to 70A1900
2664Negatives 4 56A to 58A1900
2665Cutting the first sod for Dornoch Light Railway1900
2666Negatives 5/1 31A to 36A1880
2667Negatives 5/2 59A to 64A1880
2668Negatives 5/3 75 to 801880
2669Negatives 6 19A to 24A1960
2670Negatives 7 31A to 36A1880
2671Negatives 8/2 71A to 72A1880
2672Negatives 8/1 12A1920
2673Education Certificate1903
2674Archaeology River Evelix1995
2675Cap badge of 5th Seaforths1920
2676Annual Subscriber's Ticket1915
2677Annual Subscriber's Ticket1915
2678Sutherland Constabulary Uniform Button1900
2679Panorama of views taken from Burghfield Tower2006
2680Dornoch Academy School photograph around 19301930
2681Dornoch Academy School photograph 19151915
2682Dornoch Cathedral Memorial Service1970
2683Prospectus Sutherland Technical School1952
2684Skelbo Castle Family Tree2006
2685Skelbo Castle Accounts2006
2686Skibo Castle Carnegie Club1998
2687Skelbo Castle and House1983
2688Skelbo Castle Site Plan1980
2689Skelbo Castle Sketch Reconstruction1980
2690Skelbo Castle House1980
2691Royal British Legion Membership Card1965
2692Royal British Legion Associate Membership Card1965
2693Membership Application1946
2694Subscription Receipts1988
2695Dornoch War Memorial1995
2696Royal British Legion Scotland stick pin1998
2697Royal British Legion Scotland1998
2698Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
2699Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
2700Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
2701Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2702Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2703Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2704Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2705Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2706Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2707Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2708Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2709Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2710Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2711Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2712Dornoch Cathedral - Interior1960
2713Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2714Forester's Axe1939
2715Ditching spade1900
2716Haystack blade1900
2717Programme for opening of Dornoch Light Railway1902
2718Embo lifeboat1945
2719Embo lifeboat1945
2720Embo lifeboat1982
2721Embo lifeboat1902
2722Embo lifeboat Coxswain's Certificate of Service1904
2723Embo lifeboat Exercise April 19021902
2724New Embo Lifeboat September 18861886
2725Embo lifeboat - first Coxswain1930
2726Northern Times article on history of Embo lifeboat - 1982
2727Grant of Arms to Dornoch Community Council1987
2728Royal British Legion Scotland Tie1990
2729Remembrance Day Services 19691969
2730Charity Recognition Letter2000
2732Grant of Arms to Dornoch Community Council1987
2733Grant of Arms to Dornoch Community Council1987
2734Grant of Arms to Dornoch Community Council1977
2735Grant of Arms to Dornoch Community Council1987
2736Community Councils recorded arms1978
2737Dornoch Arms1960
2738Dornoch Arms1970
2739Dornoch Grant of Arms1987
2740Dornoch Grant of Arms1987
2741Dornoch Presentation of Grant of Arms1987
2742Grant of Arms to Dornoch Community Council1987
2743Grant of Arms to Dornoch Community Council1987
2744Rolls of Honour1946
2745War Memorials1945
2746War Memorial1949
2747War Memorial1949
2748War Memorial1947
2749Dornoch Cathedral ~ 1928 Pageant1928
2750Dornoch Cathedral ~ 1928 Pageant1928
2751Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2752Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2753Dornoch Cathedral Daniell's Print1960
2754Dornoch Cathedral - Bentinck1960
2755Dornoch Cathedral ~ interior views1960
2756Dornoch Cathedral ~ interior view1960
2757Dornoch Cathedral ~ Cushions1960
2758Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2759Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2760Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2761Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2762Dornoch Cathedral Stained glass windows1960
2763Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2764Dornoch Cathedral -Windows1960
2765Dornoch Cathedral1960
2766Dornoch Cathedral 1960
2767Dornoch Cathedral early print1960
2768Construction of the Mound0
2769Dornoch Heritage Society outing 19871987
2770Dornoch Heritage Society outing 19871987
2771Dornoch Heritage Society outing 19871987
2772Dornoch Heritage Society outing 19871987
2773Dornoch Heritage Society outing 19871987
2774Dornoch Heritage Society outing 19871987
2775Dornoch Heritage Society outing 19871987
2776Dornoch Heritage Society outing 19871987
2777Dornoch Heritage Society outing 19871987
2778Dornoch Heritage Society outing 19871987
2779Dornoch Heritage Society outing 19871987
2780Dornoch Heritage Society outing 19871987
2781Dornoch Heritage Society outing 19871987
2782Dornoch Heritage Society outing 19871987
2783Dornoch Heritage Society outing 19871987
2784Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2785Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2786Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2787Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2788Dornoch Cathedral tree management1989
2789Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2790Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2791Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2792Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2793Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2794Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2795Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2796Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2797Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2798Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2799Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2800Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2801Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2802Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2803Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2804Uncovering well at old manse 19871987
2805Dornoch cholera victim's headstone1987
2806Earl's Cross1987
2807Earl's Cross1987
2808Old manse well1987
2809Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1989
2810Old manse well1987
2811Mercat cross1988
2812St Michael's well1988
2813St Michael's well1988
2814St Michael's well1988
2815Dornoch Gallows Hill1988
2816Old manse well1988
2817Old manse well1988
2818Old manse well1988
2819Old manse well1988
2820Witch's stone, Littletown1989
2821Witch's stone, Littletown1989
2822Witch's stone, Littletown1989
2823DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2824DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2825DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2826DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2827DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2828DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2829DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2830DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2831DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2832DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2833DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2834DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2835DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2836DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2837DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2838DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2839DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2840DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2841DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2842DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2843DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2844DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2845DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2846DHS summer exhibition 19891989
2847Walking the bounds 19891989
2848Walking the bounds 19891989
2849Walking the bounds 19891989
2850Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1989
2851Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1989
2852Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2853Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2854Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2855Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2856Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2857Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2858Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2859Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2860Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2861Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2862Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2863Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2864Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2865Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2866Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2867Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2868Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2869Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2870Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2871Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1990
2872Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1991
2873Dornoch Firth bridge under construction1991
2874Dornoch Firth bridge nearly complete1991
2875Dornoch Firth bridge nearly complete1991
2876Dornoch Firth bridge nearly complete1991
2877Dornoch Firth bridge nearly complete1991
2878Dornoch Firth bridge nearly complete1991
2879Dornoch Firth bridge nearly complete1991
2880Dornoch Firth bridge nearly complete1991
2881Dornoch Firth bridge nearly complete1991
2882Dornoch Firth bridge nearly complete1991
2883Dornoch Firth bridge nearly complete1991
2884Dornoch Firth bridge nearly complete1991
2885Dornoch Firth bridge nearly complete1991
2886Dornoch Firth bridge nearly complete1991
2887Dornoch Firth bridge nearly complete1991
2888Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2889Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2890Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2891Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2892Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2893Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2894Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2895Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2896Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2897Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2898Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2899Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2900Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2901Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2902Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2903Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2904Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2905Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2906Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2907Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2908Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2909Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2910Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2911Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2912Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2913Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2914Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2915Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2916Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2917Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2918Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2919Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2920Dornoch Burn well excavation1991
2921Dornoch High Street showing old post box1991
2922Dornoch High Street showing old post box1991
2924Dornoch High Street chemist's shop interior1991
2925Dornoch High Street chemist's shop interior1991
2926Dornoch High Street chemist's shop interior1991
2932Dornoch burn well excavation1991
2933Dornoch War Memorial Relocation1992
2934Dornoch war memorial move1992
2935Dornoch war memorial move1992
2936Dornoch war memorial move1992
2937Dornoch war memorial move1992
2938Dornoch war memorial move1992
2939Dornoch war memorial move1992
2940Dornoch war memorial move1992
2941Dornoch war memorial move1992
2942Dornoch war memorial move1992
2943Dornoch war memorial move1992
2944Dornoch war memorial move1992
2945Dornoch war memorial move1992
2946Dornoch war memorial move1992
2947Dornoch war memorial move1992
2948Dornoch war memorial move1992
2949Dornoch war memorial move1992
2950Dornoch war memorial move1992
2951Dornoch war memorial move1992
2952Dornoch war memorial move1992
2953Dornoch war memorial move1992
2954Dornoch war memorial move1992
2955Dornoch war memorial1992
2956Dornoch war memorial1992
2957Dornoch war memorial1992
2958Dornoch war memorial1992
2959Dornoch war memorial1992
2960Dornoch war memorial1992
2961Dornoch war memorial1992
2962Dornoch Heritage Society outing to Strathpeffer 19921992
2963Dornoch Heritage Society exhibition 19921992
2964Dornoch Heritage Society exhibition 19921992
2965Dornoch Heritage Society exhibition 19921992
2966Dornoch Heritage Society exhibition 19921992
2967Dornoch Heritage Society exhibition 19921992
2968Dornoch Heritage Society outing to Castle Leod 19921992
2969Dornoch Heritage Society outing to Castle Leod 19921992
2970Dornoch Heritage Society outing to Castle Leod 19921992
2971Dornoch Heritage Society outing to Castle Leod 19921992
2972Dornoch Heritage Society outing to Castle Leod 19921992
2973Dornoch Heritage Society outing to Castle Leod 19921992
2974Dornoch Heritage Society outing to Strathpeffer 19921992
2975Dornoch Heritage Society outing to Strathpeffer 19921992
2976Dornoch Heritage Society outing to Strathpeffer 19921992
2977St Michael's well move1992
2978St Michael's well move1992
2979St Michael's well move1992
2980St Michael's well move1992
2981St Michael's well move1992
2982Roll of Honour World War 1939-19451945
2983Lady Haig's Poppy Factory Invoices1991
2984British Legion Dornoch Roll of Honour Correspondence1947
2985British Legion Dornoch Christmas List1989
2986British Legion Dornoch Dedication of Colours1951
2987British Legion Scotland Invoices1987
2988British Legion Scotland Invoices1995
2989John Sutherland family photograph1900
2990Staff of Dornoch Academy1961
2991Watchmaker's tools1914
2992Sutherland Rifle Volunteers1885
2993Letter Heating Dornoch Prison1867
2994Northern Times extract September 19191969
2995Old 93rd at Balaclava1955
2996Role of the 93rd in the Indian Mutiny1955
2997Canadian Forestry Corps1940
2998Canadian Forestry Corps1940
2999Canadian Forestry Corps1940
3000Canadian Forestry Corps1940
3001Canadian Forestry Corps1940
3002Canadian Forestry Corps1940
3003Canadian Forestry Corps1940
3004Canadian Forestry Corps1940
3005Canadian Forestry Corps1940
3006Canadian Forestry Corps1940
3007Canadian Forestry Corps1940
3008Canadian Forestry Corps1940
3009Canadian Forestry Corps1940
3010Canadian Forestry Corps1940
3011Canadian Forestry Corps1940
3012Canadian Forestry Corps1940
3013St Michael's well move1992
3014St Michael's well move1992
3015St Michael's well move1992
3016St Michael's well move1992
3017St Michael's well move1992
3018St Michael's well move1992
3019St Michael's well move1992
3020St Michael's well move1992
3021St Michael's well move1992
3022St Michael's well move1992
3023St Michael's well move1992
3024St Michael's well move1992
3025St Michael's well move1992
3026St Michael's well after move1992
3027St Michael's well after move1992
3028St Michael's well after move1992
3029St Michael's well after move1992
3030Dornoch Heritage Society exhibition 19921992
3031Dornoch Heritage Society exhibition 19921992
3032Dornoch Heritage Society exhibition 19921992
3033Dornoch Heritage Society exhibition 19921992
3034Dornoch Heritage Society exhibition 19921992
3035Dornoch Heritage Society exhibition 19921992
3036Dornoch Heritage Society exhibition 19921992
3037Dornoch Heritage Society exhibition 19921992
3038Dornoch Heritage Society exhibition 19921992
3039Dornoch Heritage Society exhibition 19921992
3040St Michael's well in new position 19921992
3041St Michael's well in new position 19921992
3042St Michael's well in new position 19921992
3043Sutherland Show DHS stand 19941994
3044Sarcophagus in Dornoch Cathedral 19951995
3045Sarcophagus in Dornoch Cathedral 19951995
3046Sarcophagus in Dornoch Cathedral 19951995
3047Sarcophagus in Dornoch Cathedral 19951995
3048Sutherland Show DHS stand 19951995
3049Sutherland Show DHS stand 19951995
3050Common Good Land sign 19971997
3053Common Good Land sign 19971997
3056Common Good Land sign 19971997
3060Common Good Land sign 19971997
3062Dornoch Burn well 19911991
3063Chambered cairn Clashmore road1980
3064Pipe band march 19851985
3065War memorial in old position 19891989
3066Cathedral green 19851985
3067Sign at the Mound 19891989
3068Pipe band outside Eagle Hotel 19851985
3069Dornoch from Schoolhill 19791979
3070Croick church 19791979
3071Croick church window1980
3072Struan Robertson 19931993
3073Struan Robertson 19931993
3074Pipe band march 19851985
3075Croick church window 19791979
3076Row of cottages - Littletown?1880
3077Classic car rally in the Square1985
3078Ruins of Sutherland Arms Hotel1941
3079Four men seeding oats1890
3080Postcard from Edinburgh to Clashmore Post office1919
3081Mackintosh - soldier/entertainer1914
3082Bible quote birthday card1880
3083Girl guide parade 19351935
3084Silver jubilee celebration 19351935
3085Unidentifed man1890
3086J Tallach in uniform1915
3087John Alick Thomson plumber1900
3088DHS outing to Dunbeath 19971997
3089John and Lizzie Oman, Evelix1900
3090The Way We Are Today Dornoch2007
3091Jobs for the Boys ...and Girls2007
3092British Legion Correspondence WW2 & War Memorial1946
3093British Legion Correspondence1946
3094Wooden set square1890
3095Wooden set square1890
3096Meikle Ferry disaster memorial inscription2007
3097British Legion Deposit Account book1971
3098National Savings 7% British Savings Bonds1990
3099Receipt list for British Legion Christmas Gifts1988
3100British Legion Statement of Accounts1993
3101The Claymore - Official Journal of the British Legion Scotland1993
3102Northern Times cutting British Legion1951
3103Scottish Veterans' Garden City Association1952
3104Joiners, The Meadows, Dornoch2007
3105The Constitution of the British Legion Scotland1950
3106British Legion Dornoch AGM1969
3107Meikle Ferry disaster memorial to Hugh McCulloch2007
3108Dornoch Academy 5th & 6th year pupils 19591959
3109Dornoch Academy School Concert 19581958
3110Dornoch Academy School Concert 1958 Programme1958
3111Dornoch Academy 5th & 6th year pupils 19581958
3112Dornoch Academy 6th year pupils 19591959
3113Dornoch Academy 19591959
3114The Macleod twins taxi to Dornoch1983
3115Woman late 19th century1860
3116Ben Hope and Shin River1960
3117Padlock and key1960
3119Vase of roses1960
3120Spinningdale Mill1960
3121Ornate swords1960
3122Decorated porcelain bowl1960
3124Loch Fleet1960
3125Stone Farmhouse1960
3126Dornoch Cathedral1960
3128Sword 1960
3129Van towing trailer carrying horse cart1960
3130Standing stone1960
3132Dornoch Beach car park1960
3133Shore Road, Dornoch1960
3134St Gilbert Street, Dornoch - Donald Ross' house1960
3135Castle Hotel Dornoch1960
3136Helmsdale Castle & harbour 19451945
3137Woman, dog and car1960
3138Floral display St Gilbert's Street, Dornoch1960
3139Floral display, Dornoch1960
3140North Street, Dornoch1960
3141Spinningdale Mill1960
3142Dornoch beach1960
3143Gorse in bloom1960
3144View over countryside1960
3145Skelbo Castle1960
3146Loch Brora1960
3147Dun Dornaigil Broch1960
3148Loch view1960
3149Carn Liath Broch, Strathsteven. Golspie1960
3150Croft Bonar Bridge1960
3151Standing stone Loch au Treel1960
3152Helmsdale Castle and harbour1960
3153Cairn at Spinningdale1920
3154Hector Calder - crofter1920
3155Helmsdale Castle1920
3156Dunrobin Castle1920
3157Daniell print of Dornoch1920
3158Harvest in the Highlands1920
3159Ospisdale standing stone1920
3160Bonar Bridge 19521952
3161Croft house - Des Winter?1952
3162Earls Cross Dornoch1935
3163Post office and mail buses at Lairg1935
3164Hilton pictish stone1935
3165Red Cross certificate WW21945
3166St Andrews Ambulance Association certificate1910
3167Business premises of George and John Bell1970
3168Cathedral and St Gilbert's Street1900
3169Miss Lyon's mother?1870
3170Miss Lyon's mother1875
3171Miss Lyon's house in Overton1975
3172Shetland gravestone1880
3173Man in 16th century dress1550
3174Woman in 19th century dress1860
3175Wheelback chair1920
3176Man with packhorse1930
3177Man feeding sheep1930
317818th century woman1650
317918th century young woman1780
3181Lady and dogs1960
3182Westwick, Norfolk1782
3184View near Tyndrum1930
3185River view1930
3186Canal and bridge1930
3188William Daniell print of Dornoch1827
3189Embo Road Dornoch1935
3190Houses in Little Town, Dornoch1935
3191Castle Hotel Dornoch1950
3192Royal British Legion Correspondence1951
3193Royal British Legion Correspondence1952
3194Royal British Legion Application for Membership1944
3195Royal British Legion Correspondence1951
3196Royal British Legion Scotland Notes for Speakers1951
3197Poppy Wreaths1946
3198Recall of Army and RAF Reservists1951
3199Helmsdale Castle1950
3200Skelbo Castle1950
3201Harvesting in the Highlands1950
3202West coast scenery1950
3203Loch Fleet1950
3204Skelbo Castle1950
3205Dornoch Firth1950
3206Dornoch Firth1950
3207Evelix Valley1950
3208Dornoch beach in snow1950
3209Ben Hope1950
3210Skelbo Castle1950
3211Loch Brora1950
3212Cyderhall Farm - A History2005
3213Patriotic Family Gunn1945
3214Letter to Northern Times 'A Very Uncommon Land'2011
3216The Mound1938
3218'Dunrobin' locomotive at Dunrobin Castle Station1938
3219Royal Dornoch Golf Club1902
3220Royal Dornoch Golf Clubhouse1954
3221Royal Golf Hotel1954
3222Angus Pirie Weaver1930
3223Burghfield Hotel, Dornoch1900
3225Northern Times articles on bridges of the north2011
3226James Hardie1920
3227Mrs James Hardie1920
3228Thomas and Ruby Hardie1933
3229Thomas and Ruby Hardie1933
3230Presentation at Golf Club1920
3231Presentation at Golf Club1935
3232Small boy1933
3233Man and horse1935
3234Caithness croft house1935
3235Ruby Hardie1935
3236Mr & Mrs James Hardie1935
3237Dornoch Castle1940
3238Woman and car1940
3239Sir James Matheson's tomb1940
3240Sir James Matheson's tomb1940
3241North Highland landscape1940
3242North Highland landscape1940
3243North Highland landscape1940
3244North Highland landscape1940
3245North Highland landscape1940
3246North Highland landscape1940
3247North Highland landscape1940
3248North Highland landscape1940
3249North Highland landscape1940
3250North Highland landscape1940
3251North Highland landscape - a broch1940
3252North Highland landscape - a cairn1940
3253North Highland landscape1940
3254North Highland landscape1940
3255North Highland landscape1940
3256North Highland landscape1940
3257North Highland landscape1940
3258North Highland landscape1940
3259North Highland landscape1940
3260North Highland landscape1940
3261North Highland landscape1940
3262North Highland landscape1940
3263North Highland landscape1940
3264North Highland landscape1940
3265North Highland landscape1940
3266North Highland landscape1940
3267North Highland landscape1940
3268North Highland landscape1940
3269North Highland landscape1940
3270Kyle of Sutherland1940
3271Letter from Ben Crenshaw to Mr Grant1966
3272Skibo Castle1930
3274Fishwives' Race, Dornoch Games1903
3275Torboll Falls, Dornoch1902
3276Cambusmore House, The Mound1902
3277The New Castle, Loch Buie1920
3278'Palm Beach' Littleferry1950
3279Dunrobin Castle1907
3280Novelty cartoon1907
3281Novelty cartoon1907
3282Novelty postcard1954
3283Novelty postcard1930
3284Views of Dornoch1950
3286Dornoch from the north-west1924
3287Decorated postcard1954
3288Dornoch from Grange Road, looking west1905
3289Upper Dornoch1920
3290Upper Dornoch1920
3291The Dornoch Firth from Spinningdale1920
3294Spinningdale ~ The Old mill1901
3295Dornoch Cathedral 1902
3296Dornoch ~ The Square1953
3297Dornoch and the Cathedral1953
3299Tennis Courts near Golf Club1954
3300Castle Street1910
3301Gilbert Street1890
3302Bridgend near Skelbo1920
3303Dornoch Castle1902
3304Embo Station1969
3305Mr & Mrs R Mackay Embo1890
3306Mrs Adam Cumming, Catherine and Kate Ann Mackay and Jessie Fraser1925
3307Barbara Mackay and Kenneth Fraser1940
3308Mr & Mrs J Cumming1890
3309Elsie "Gallie" and others1890
3310Embo fishwife1900
3311Group at Embo Station1920
3313My Sandy1940
3314Highland Hospitality1940
3315The Longings of an Emigrant1960
3316Gordons of Embo1962
3317Embo's History1964
3318Notes on the Gordons of Embo1980
3319Dr John Gordon's account to the Honourable John Gordon of Embo1734
3320Map of Embo1980
3321Map of Littleferry area1776
3322Embo drifter Mizpah1975
3323Embo outing to Ben Bhraggie1975
3324Embo women baiting lines1975
3325Entry visa to Independent State of Embo1988
33261938 calendar John Ross Embo1938
3327Petition by John Ross to the Countess of Sutherland1803
3328Dornoch Wax Seal0
3329Watercolour of Dornoch1884
3330Photographs of Dornoch Light Railway1950
3331Photographs of Flooding of Camore Gardens 20062006
3332Whisky bottle with accompanying note1840
3333Album of Madonna photographs and newspaper clippings2000
3334Album of Madonna photographs and newspaper clippings2000
3335Dornoch War Memorial1925
3336St Finnbarr's Episcopal Church1925
3337United Free Church and Manse1912
3338West End and United Free Church1925
3339Dornoch Academy1930
3340Carnegie Free Library, Dornoch1910
3341Oversteps, Dornoch1910
3342Royal Golf Hotel Annexe, The Square, Dornoch1910
3343House with tennis court, Dornoch1910
3344Earls Cross, Dornoch1922
3345Witch's Stone, Dornoch1922
3346Sunset over the Dornoch Firth 1920
3347Loch Migdale1920
3349Dornoch Firth from Bonar Bridge1946
3350Bonar Bridge1946
3351Bonar Bridge1946
3352Bonar Bridge Station1917
3354Carbisdale Castle, Invershin1920
3355Aultnagar Lodge Hotel, Invershin1920
3356Falls of Shin Restaurant, Invershin1907
3357Dornoch Focus Group2000
3358Clashmore Scottish Women's Rural Institute2000
3359SWRI Spring Flower Show2003
3360SWRI Conduct of Meetings and Business Procedures1950
3361SWRI Handicrafts Schedule1980
3362Ode to Evelix Water1884
3363Rent receipts 1795-18801795
3364Fragment of receipt1795
3365Undated rent receipt Hugh Graham1795
3366Rent receipt William Grahame 17951795
3367Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18011801
3368Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18061806
3369Note re trees at Migdale 18071807
3370Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18071807
3371Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18081808
3372Statute labour Hugh Graham 18101810
3373Statute labour Thomas Mackenzie 18101810
3374Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18131813
3375Statute labour Hugh Graham 18131813
3376Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18141814
3377Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18141814
3378Statute labour Hugh Graham 18141814
3379Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18151815
3380Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18181818
3381Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18211821
3382Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18211821
3383Road assessment Hugh Graham 18221822
3384Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18221822
3385Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18231823
3386Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18241824
3387Statute labour receipt Hugh Graham 18241824
3388Statute labour receipt Hugh Graham 18251825
3389Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18251825
3390Labour receipt Hugh Graham 18251825
3391Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18261826
3392Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18261826
3393Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18271827
3394Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18281828
3395Statute labour receipt Hugh Graham 18281828
3396Rent receipt Hugh Graham 18291829
3397SWRI Duties of Office Bearers1990
3398Clashmore SWRI Programme 1997/81997
3399SWRI List of Office Bearers1997
3400Clashmore SWRI ~ 30th Anniversary Invitation1953
3401Schedule for 1951 & 1952 Shows of SWRI1951
3402Sutherland Federation SWRI Exhibition of Work & Produce1953
3403Sutherland Federation SWRI Bulb Show 19541954
3404Clashmore SWRI Syllabus for Session 2001/22001
3405SWRI Handbook1935
3406SWRI Handbook1947
3407SWRI Handbook1951
3408SWRI Handbook1960
3409SWRI National Conference1945
3410Clashmore SWRI Photograph0
3411Clashmore SWRI Photograph0
3412Clashmore SWRI Photograph0
3413Clashmore SWRI Photograph0
3414Clashmore SWRI Photograph0
3415Clashmore SWRI Photograph0
3416Clashmore SWRI Photograph0
3417Clashmore SWRI Photograph0
3418Clashmore SWRI Photograph0
3419Clashmore SWRI Photograph0
3420Clashmore SWRI Photograph1988
3421Clashmore SWRI Minute Book 1930-441931
3422Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18301830
3423Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18321832
3424Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18331833
3425Statute labour assessment ~ Hugh Graham 18351835
3426Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18371837
3427Statute labour assessment ~ Hugh Graham 18371837
3428Statute labour assessment ~ Hugh Graham 18361836
3429Statute labour assessment ~ Hugh Graham 18381838
3430Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18401840
3431Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18411841
3432Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18411841
3433Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18421842
3434Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18421842
3435Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18431843
3436Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18431843
3437Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18441844
3438Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18441844
3439Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18441844
3440Receipt for rent receipts ~ Hugh Graham 18451845
3441Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18451845
3442Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18451845
3443Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18461846
3444Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18461846
3445Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18461846
3446Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18471847
3447Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18481848
3448Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18491849
3449Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18491849
3450Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18501850
3451Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18501850
3452Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18521852
3453Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18521852
3454Receipt for plough ~ Hugh Graham 18531853
3455Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18541854
3456Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18551855
3457Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18551855
3458Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18561856
3459Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18561856
3460Rent receipt ~ Hugh Graham 18571857
3461Rent receipt book ~ Hugh Graham 1860-18801860
3462South & East Sutherland Local Plan 19981998
3463South & East Sutherland Local Plan Inset Maps 19981998
3464South & East Sutherland Local Plan Map A 19981998
3465South & East Sutherland Local Plan Map B 19981998
3466Local Plans General Policies Annex 19981998
3467Structure Plan General Development Control Policies 19961996
3468Negatives 2 - 7A to 12A1970
3469Negatives 2 13A to 15A1970
3470Negatives 2 27 to 321900
3471Negatives 2 54 to 561900
3472Negatives 2 97A to 02A1910
3473Letter re Dornoch Landscape Survey 19941994
3474Dornoch Region Landscape Assessment Report 19951995
3475Dornoch Region Broadscale Landscape Character 19951995
3476Letter re Common Good Lands 19951995
3477Sand Dune Vegetation Survey Dornoch 19941994
3478An Sithean SSSI1975
3479Dornoch Firth SSSI1985
3480Wooded landscape1920
3481Dornoch Firth bridge construction1988
3482Dornoch Firth bridge construction1988
3483Dornoch Firth bridge approach road1988
3484Colour-Sergeant Robert Mackay 18831883
3485Roadworks and Suilven1940
3486Lochinver Red Cross Work Party1915
3487The Future of Medicine1908
3488Sutherland Branch ~ British Red Cross Society1917
3489Sutherland Red Cross Society ~ Gift from Mrs Carnegie1917
3490Sutherland Branch British Red Cross Society1917
3491Sutherland Branch British Red Cross Society1915
3492Sutherland Branch British Red Cross Society -~ Inaugural Meeting1912
3493Sutherland Branch British Red Cross Society ~ Appeal1917
3494Wedding of Mrs Carnegie's Grand-Daughter1938
3495Dornoch Pipe Band1938
3496Sutherland Branch British Red Cross Society - Appeal1917
3497New Motor Ambulance Car1917
3498Medical Record of MacLachlan Brothers1938
3499Birichen Library and Social Club1931
3500The Cambusmore Holidays of the Loder Family 1900 -19082007
3501Allsorts After School Club2007
3502Allsorts After School Club2007
3503Allsorts After School Club2007
3504Allsorts After School Club2007
3505Historylinks ~ Mock Archaeology Dig2007
3506Caravan holiday at Dornoch1945
3507Archaeological Evaluation of Dornoch Square2007
3508Air photographs from RCAHMS2007
3509Aerial photograph of Dornoch from RCAHMS1944
3510Aerial photograph Dornoch Airstrip in 1944 from RCAHMS1946
3511Aerial photograph of Dornoch from RCAHMS1948
3512Kintradwell Broch1880
3513Kintradwell Broch1880
3514Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3515Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3516Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3517Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3518Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3519Collection of negatives belonging to Miss Lyon1910
3520Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3521Aitcham ~ Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3522Monastic Ruins ~ Collection of negatives belonging to Miss Lyon1910
3523Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3524Carolyn ~ Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3525Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3526Bolton Castle ~ Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3527Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3528Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3529Font at Hodnet ~ Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3530Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3531Framelton ~ Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3532Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3533Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3534Elsdon Peel ~ Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3535Mudall, Heart of Sutherland ~ Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. J. Lyon1910
3536Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3537Ben More, Assynt ~ Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3538Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3539Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3540Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3541Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3542Spinningdale Mill ~ Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3543Ardvreck ~ Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3544Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3545Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3546Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3547Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3548Collection of negatives belonging to Miss Lyon1910
3549Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3550Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3551The Carnegie Club in Skibo Castle2000
3552Official opening of Carnegie Hall, Clashmore2007
3553The Bulletin - Golf Collectors' Society2005
3554Old Pinehurst Clubhouse2000
3555Gordon Campbell Election leaflet2006
3556Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3557Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3558Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3559Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3560Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3561Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3562Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3563Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3564Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3565Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3566Melverley, interior ~ Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3567Acton Burnell ~ Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3568Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3569Doune ~ Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3570Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3571Haymaking ~ Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3572Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3573Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3574Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3575Collection of negatives belonging to Miss K. L. Lyon1910
3576Embo Lifeboat Dedication2007
3577Embo Lifeboat Dedication2007
3578Embo Lifeboat Dedication2007
3579Embo Lifeboat Dedication2007
3580Filming of the DVD 'Dornoch Light Railway'2007
3581Hammer head2007
3582Quern Stone from Dornoch Cathedral0
3583Quern Stone from Dornoch Cathedral0
3584Second World War - Baby's Protective Helmet0
3585Dornoch Cub Scout Register1972
3586Dornoch and District Community Association1979
3587Dornoch Air Strip1981
3588Tomb of McLeod of Assynt 18811881
3589Notes on cup and ring marked stones 18811881
3590Report on sculptured stones from Golspie 18821882
3591Notes on the tomb of the Gordons of Carroll 18831883
3592Drawing of unidentified object1879
3593Dornoch & District Community Association Papers1980
3594Dornoch & District Community Association1988
3595Fishing for pearls ~ River Evelix1985
3596Aerial view of Dornoch 19791979
3597Use of hand seed tray for sowing2007
3598Newspaper cutting ~ Premiere of Dornoch Light Railway film2007
3599Premiere of Dornoch Light Railway film2007
3600Dornoch Light Railway film1896
3601Highland Railway Company Logo2007
3602Tablecloth from the Sutherland Arms Hotel1920
3603Letters ~ Heavy snowfall 19781978
3604Dornoch Light Railway ~ Line Gradients2007
3605Pot fragment from Sutherland Arms Hotel1920
3606Dornoch & District Community Association1982
3607Dornoch & District Community Association1982
3608Dornoch & District Community Association1981
3609Dornoch & District Community Association1981
3610Dornoch & District Community Association1981
3611Dornoch & District Community Association1981
3612Dornoch & District Community Association1981
3613Dornoch & District Community Association1982
3614Dornoch & District Community Association1982
3615Dornoch & District Community Association1982
3616Dornoch & District Community Association1982
3617Dornoch & District Community Association1983
3618Dornoch & District Community Association1983
3619Dornoch & District Community Association1984
3620Dornoch & District Community Association1984
3621Dornoch & District Community Association1985
3622Dornoch & District Community Association1985
3623Dornoch & District Community Association1985
3624Dornoch & District Community Association1986
3625Dornoch & District Community Association1987
3626Dornoch & District Community Association1983
3627Dornoch & District Community Association1983
3628Murdo Macpherson in Castle Street1961
3629War Memorial1992
3630Trees outside the Jail, Dornoch2002
3631The Square, Dornoch1960
3632Dornoch Beach and Caravan Park1960
3633Mound Fleet Bridge and defences2007
3634Telford and the Winch Mechanism2007
3636The Mound Timeline2007
3641Buckle from Dornoch woods1700
3660Buckle found in Dornoch woods1700
3668Sutherland Arms Hotel ~ Bread Basket1920
3669Sutherland Arms Hotel & Garage Sign1920
3670Minutes of the Historylinks Trust2001
3671Minutes of the Dornoch Heritage Society2001
3672Ecology, wildlife and plantlife at the edge of Dornoch Firth2001
3673A9 Mound Sluices Refurbishment2002
3674Sluices at the Mound2002
3675Map of Roads and Bridges c.1803 in N.E. Scotland1803
3676Series of Reports on Highland Roads and Bridges1813
3677New Ways Through the Glens1920
3678Thomas Telford1920
3679Telford Bridges1838
3680Roads in the North East1920
3681Membership card for Dornoch and District Athletic & Sports Club1948
3682Cyderhall Farm2007
3683Extract of Weather Records ~ Sutherland Field Club2007
3684Sykes Family outside the Castle, Dornoch1920
3685Royal Dornoch Golf Club Clock2005
3686BBC 'Coast to Coast' Services Dornoch Cathedral1978
3687Skibo Rent Receipt Book1877
3688The Photography of Kathleen Lyon1930
3689The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - Ben Loyal1930
3690The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - St Gilbert Street, Dornoch1930
3691The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - Chinese bowl1930
3692The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - Spinningdale Mill1930
3693The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - bridge building at Altnacealgarth1930
3694The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - Ardvreck Castle, Assynt1930
3695The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - Mansion House, Skelbo1930
3696The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - Kyle of Sutherland1930
3697The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - Dornoch Castle1930
3698The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - Dunrobin Castle1930
3699The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - Ben Arkle and Loch Stack1930
3700The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - Loch Fleet1930
3701The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - Invershin railway bridge1930
3702The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - ATS 19391930
3703The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - Shropshire canal1930
3704The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - Whittington Castle1930
3705The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - Canal at Whittington1930
3706The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - Vale of Clwyd1930
3707The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - hay making Tyne Valley1930
3708The Photography of Kathleen Lyon1930
3709The Photography of Kathleen Lyon Haughmond Abbey Shropshire1930
3710The Photography of Kathleen Lyon Dilston Castle1930
3712The Photography of Kathleen Lyon1930
3713The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - winter street scene1930
3714The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - hay stacked in a field1930
3715The Photography of Kathleen Lyon - Powis Castle terrace1930
3716The Photography of Kathleen Lyon1930
3717Exhibititon of pictures of the 51st Highland Division1945
3718Certificate of Service of Colour Sergeant William B1908
3719Guide to the 1985 St Andrews Championships1985
3720Dornoch Heritage Society Burns Night 20082008
3721Dornoch Station1930
3722Dornoch from the south1920
3723Dornoch Golf Course1920
3724Dornoch Golf Course1920
3725Dornoch Shop1900
3726Dornoch Football Tean 1930's1930
3727The rebuilding of Skibo Castle1899
3728Sutherland Arms Hotel1930
3729Bill Wright Milkman1900
37305th Seaforth Highlanders1942
3731Dornoch Boys Football Team1953
3732Presentation of the Stafford Cup to Dornoch Football Team1958
3733Dornoch Boys Football Team 19741974
3734Dornoch Football Team early 1900s1900
3735Dornoch Football Team 19371988
3736Dennis Bethune with golfer Tom Watson1981
3737Collection of Tools1896
3738Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1950
3739Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1901
3740Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area2000
3741Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3742Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1913
3743Furness Postcard Collection - Skibo Castle1899
3744Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area2000
3745Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1988
3746Dornoch Highland Games Papers1926
3747Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1960
3748Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area2000
3749Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1988
3750Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1988
3751Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1988
3752Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1979
3753Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1965
3754Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1991
3755Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1990
3756Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1990
3757Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1992
3758Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1920
3759Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1960
3760Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3761Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3762Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1960
3763Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3764Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3765Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1989
3766Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3767Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3768Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3769Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1960
3770Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1960
3771Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3772Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3773Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area2000
3774Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1930
3775Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1961
3776Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Cathedral at Night1980
3777Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3778Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3779Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3780Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Cathedral1980
3781Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3782Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1988
3783Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3784Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3785Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3786Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3787Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1937
3788Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1990
3789Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1990
3790Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1990
3791Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1980
3792Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1930
3793Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1950
3794Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1950
3795Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1950
3796Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1990
3797Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1990
3798Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1990
3799Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1990
3800Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1930
3801Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Area1930
3802Furness Postcard Collection - Fish Wives at the Dornoch Show1905
3803Furness Postcard Collection - Last Train from Dornoch1905
3804Furness Postcard Collection - Train at Dornoch Station1930
3805Furness Postcard Collection - Sticker Boomerang Display1950
3806Furness Postcard Collection - Floral Display Dornoch1950
3807Furness Postcard Collection - Floral Display Dornoch1950
3808Furness Postcard Collection - Golf course Dornoch1950
3809Furness Postcard Collection - Golf course Dornoch1950
3810Furness Postcard Collection - Golf course Dornoch1980
3811Furness Postcard Collection - Golf course Dornoch1950
3812Furness Postcard Collection - Golf course Dornoch1999
3813Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Hotel1980
3814Furness Postcard Collection - Royal Golf Hotel1980
3815Furness Postcard Collection - Royal Dornoch Golf Club1980
3816Furness Postcard Collection - Royal Dornoch Golf Club1980
3817Furness Postcard Collection - Royal Dornoch Golf Club1980
3818Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Firth1991
3819Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Firth1991
3820Furness Postcard Collection - Bridge Inn Dornoch1991
3821Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Firth1991
3822Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Firth1930
3823Furness Postcard Collection - Spinningdale1979
3824Furness Postcard Collection - Spinningdale1930
3825Furness Postcard Collection - Spinningdale1960
3826Furness Postcard Collection - Spinningdale Mill1960
3827Furness Postcard Collection - Spinningdale Mill1937
3828Furness Postcard Collection - Spinningdale Mill1920
3829Furness Postcard Collection - Spinningdale Mill1937
3830Furness Postcard Collection - Spinningdale Mill1930
3831Furness Postcard Collection - Spinningdale Mill1930
3832Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Firth with Dun Creich1950
3833Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Firth with Dun Creich1950
3834Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Firth with Dun Creich1930
3835Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Firth with Dun Creich1901
3836Furness Postcard Collection - Croich Church1950
3837Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Firth1920
3838Furness Postcard Collection - Glencalvie Lodge Ardgay1913
3839Furness Postcard Collection - Carron Bridge, Ardgay1902
3840Furness Postcard Collection - Carron Bridge, Ardgay1910
3841Furness Postcard Collection - Edderton1950
3842Furness Postcard Collection - Wild Flowers1950
3843Furness Postcard Collection - Struie Viewpoint1940
3844Furness Postcard Collection - Struie Viewpoint1960
3845Furness Postcard Collection - Struie Viewpoint1960
3846Furness Postcard Collection - Wild Heather1960
3847Furness Postcard Collection - Dornoch Firth1960
3848Furness Postcard Collection - Tain1960
3849Furness Postcard Collection - Bonar Bridge1920
3850Furness Postcard Collection - Aerial views of Bonar Bridge1960
3851Furness Postcard Collection - Loch Migdale1940
3852Furness Postcard Collection - Bonar Bridge, Sutherland1977
3853Furness Postcard Collection - Bonar Bridge1977
3854Furness Postcard Collection - Bonar Bridge Salmon Fishing1977
3855Furness Postcard Collection - Bonar Bridge Salmon Fishing1920
3856Furness Postcard Collection - Bonar Bridge1960
3857Furness Postcard Collection - Main street Bonar Bridge1960
3858Furness Postcard Collection - Main street Bonar Bridge1960
3859Furness Postcard Collection - Kyleside Shop Bonar Bridge1960
3860Furness Postcard Collection - Kyleside Shop Bonar Bridge1960
3861Furness Postcard Collection - War Memorial Bonar Bridge1960
3862Furness Postcard Collection - Bonar Bridge east side1946
3863Furness Postcard Collection - Bonar Bridge across the Kyle of Sutherland1920
3864Furness Postcard Collection - Bonar Bridge from the south1920
3865Furness Postcard Collection - Swan on Kyle of Sutherland1950
3866Furness Postcard Collection - Embo1950
3867Furness Postcard Collection - Post Office, Front Street, Embo1990
3868Furness Postcard Collection - Front Street, Embo1990
3869Furness Postcard Collection - Front Street, Embo1990
3870Furness Postcard Collection - Grannie's Heilan Hame, Embo1990
3871Furness Postcard Collection - Grannie's Heilan Hame, Embo1990
3872Furness Postcard Collection - Embo Sands1990
3873Furness Postcard Collection - Embo Sands1990
3874Furness Postcard Collection - Embo Sands1960
3875Furness Postcard Collection - Embo Sands1960
3876Furness Postcard Collection - Littleferry1960
3877Furness Postcard Collection - Littleferry1960
3878Furness Postcard Collection - Croft house1960
3879Furness Postcard Collection - Loch Fleet1960
3880Furness Postcard Collection - Loch Fleet1960
3881Furness Postcard Collection - Aerial view of Loch Fleet1960
3882Furness Postcard Collection - Loch Fleet at sunset1960
3883Furness Postcard Collection - Wild poppy1960
3884Furness Postcard Collection - Fleet side of the Mound1960
3885Furness Postcard Collection - Sunset at the Mound1960
3886Furness Postcard Collection - Sunset at the Mound1960
3887Furness Postcard Collection - Road crossing at the Mound1960
3888Furness Postcard Collection - Road crossing at the Mound1950
3889Furness Postcard Collection - Road and rail crossing at the Mound1950
3890Furness Postcard Collection - Poppies in a house garden1950
3891Furness Postcard Collection - Strath Fleet, Rogart1950
3892Furness Postcard Collection - Rogart Church1950
3893Furness Postcard Collection - Rogart at Muie1950
3894Furness Postcard Collection - Rogart1950
3895Furness Postcard Collection - Rogart1930
3896Furness Postcard Collection - Kyle of Sutherland1950
3897Furness Postcard Collection - Carbisdale Castle1950
3898Furness Postcard Collection - Carbisdale Castle1950
3899Furness Postcard Collection - Carbisdale Castle1950
3900Furness Postcard Collection - Carbisdale Castle1950
3901Furness Postcard Collection - Carbisdale Castle1950
3902Furness Postcard Collection - Carbisdale Castle1950
3903Furness Postcard Collection - Carbisdale Castle1950
3904Furness Postcard Collection - Carbisdale Castle1950
3905Furness Postcard Collection - Carbisdale Castle1950
3906Furness Postcard Collection - Carbisdale Castle Interior1960
3907Furness Postcard Collection - Carbisdale Castle and railway bridge1960
3908Furness Postcard Collection - Carbisdale Castle and railway bridge1960
3909Furness Postcard Collection - Kyle of Sutherland at Invershin1950
3910Furness Postcard Collection - Sutherland near Invershin1950
3911Furness Postcard Collection - Falls of Shin2001
3912Furness Postcard Collection - Falls of Shin1960
3913Furness Postcard Collection - Falls of Shin1960
3914Furness Postcard Collection - Falls of Shin1960
3915Furness Postcard Collection - Falls of Shin1960
3916Furness Postcard Collection - Falls of Shin1960
3917Furness Postcard Collection - Falls of Shin1960
3918Furness Postcard Collection - Falls of Shin1960
3919Furness Postcard Collection - Falls of Shin1960
3920Furness Postcard Collection - Falls of Shin1960
3921Furness Postcard Collection - Falls of Shin1930
3922Furness Postcard Collection - Falls of Shin1950
3923Furness Postcard Collection - Salmon leaping the Falls of Shin1950
3924Furness Postcard Collection - Salmon leaping the Falls of Shin1930
3925Furness Postcard Collection - Drawing of the Shin Falls1930
3926Furness Postcard Collection - Drawing of the Shin Falls1990
3927Furness Postcard Collection - Drawing of a salmon leaping the Shin Falls1990
3928Furness Postcard Collection - Drawing of a salmon underwater1990
3929Furness Postcard Collection - Drawing of the Shin Valley1990
3930Furness Postcard Collection - Shin Valley1960
3931Furness Postcard Collection - Around Lairg2000
3932Letters to D Ross Rhivaig 19131913
3933Furness Postcard Collection - Shin Valley1930
3934Furness Postcard Collection - Lairg1960
3935Furness Postcard Collection - Lairg1930
3936Furness Postcard Collection - Lairg1970
3937Furness Postcard Collection - Lairg and Ben Klibreck1970
3938Furness Postcard Collection - Lairg1970
3939Furness Postcard Collection - Lairg1970
3940Furness Postcard Collection - Lairg1970
3941Furness Postcard Collection - Lairg1970
3942Furness Postcard Collection - Lairg1970
3943Furness Postcard Collection - Lairg1970
3944Furness Postcard Collection - Lairg1970
3945Furness Postcard Collection - Lairg1970
3946Furness Postcard Collection - Sutherland Arms Hotel, Lairg1938
3947Furness Postcard Collection - Sutherland Arms Hotel, Lairg1970
3948Furness Postcard Collection - Sutherland Arms Hotel, Lairg1970
3949Furness Postcard Collection - Rhiconich Hotel, by Lairg1930
3950Furness Postcard Collection - Hotel Loch Shin1970
3951Furness Postcard Collection - Altnacealgach Hotel by Lairg1970
3952Furness Postcard Collection - Altnacealgach Hotel by Lairg1970
3953Furness Postcard Collection - Loch Shin1970
3954Furness Postcard Collection - Loch Shin1920
3955Furness Postcard Collection - Gloanal Bay Loch Shin1920
3956Furness Postcard Collection - Loch Shin Dam and Ben Leod1930
3957Furness Postcard Collection - Strath Kyle1960
3958Furness Postcard Collection - River Cassley at Achness, Rosehall1960
3959Furness Postcard Collection - Aultnagar Lodge Hotel1960
3963Dornoch Academy Photograph 1922/231922
3964Dornoch Academy Photograph c19281928
3965Dornoch Academy Photograph 1927/281927
3966Dornoch Academy School Photograph 19331933
3967Dornoch Academy Photograph 19311931
3968Dornoch Academy Photograph 19351935
3969Dornoch Academy Photograph c 19351935
3970Dornoch Academy Photograph Class P 7 19351935
3971Dornoch Academy Photograph 19371937
3972Dornoch Academy Photograph 19371937
3973Dornoch Academy Photograph 19471947
3974Dornoch Academy Photograph Class 1A 19501950
3975Dornoch Primary Photograph c 19501950
3976Dornoch Academy Photograph c 19551955
3977Dornoch Academy Photograph c 19551955
3978Dornoch Academy Photograph 1954 -551954
3979Dornoch Academy Photograph 19551955
3980Dornoch Academy Photograph 1955 - 561955
3981Dornoch Academy Photograph About 19561956
3982School Group Ross House 1955 - 561955
3983Dornoch Academy Photograph Late 1950's1950
3984Dornoch Academy Staff Photograph c 19501958
3985Dornoch Academy Cast of Allison's Lad 19581958
3986Dornoch Academy Fifth Sixth Year End of Term 19591959
3987Dornoch Academy 5th & 6th year pupils summer 19591959
3988Dornoch Academy 5th & 6th year end of summer term 19591959
3989Dornoch Academy End of Summer Term 19591959
3990Dornoch Girl Guides Group Photograph2008
3991Earls Cross Hostel, Dornoch 19541954
3992Cathedral pageant 19891989
3993Cathedral pageant 19891989
3994Cathedral pageant 1989 Children in Churchyard1989
3995Cathedral pageant 19891989
3996Cathedral pageant 1989 Street Party1989
3997Cathedral pageant 19891989
3998Cathedral pageant 19891989
3999Cathedral pageant 19891989
4000Cathedral pageant 19891989
4001Cathedral pageant 19891989
4002Cathedral pageant 19891989
4003Cathedral pageant 19891989
4004Cnoc Garbh-airigh (Loch Laro) Boundaries1986
4005William Munro's Family Tree1998
4006RBLS Golf Tournament 19751975
4007The Mound Story2007
4009Snow Scenes Dornoch 1955 War Memorial1955
4010Coin from Proncy1760
4011Coin from Proncy1760
4012Coin from Dornoch Woods1700
4013Medal from Dornoch Woods1901
4014Coin from Meikle Ferry1839
4015George III coin found at Meikle Ferry1818
4016Coin found at Meikle Ferry1688
4017Coin found at Meikle Ferry1816
4018Coin found at Meikle Ferry1797
4019Token from fields at the rear of the Burghfield Hotel1794
4020Coin from fields at the rear of the Burghfield Hotel1727
4021Coin from the fields at the rear of the Burghfield Hotel1649
4022Coins from the fields at the rear of the Burghfield Hotel1600
4023Metal item from the fields at the rear of the Burghfield Hotel1600
4024Coin frfom Littleferry1694
4025Coin from Littleferry1600
4026Game token found at Rogart1850
4027Game token found at Rogart1850
4028Coin found at Embo Beach1760
4029Coin found on Embo Beach1760
4030Coin found on Embo Beach1874
4031Coin found at Embo Beach1806
4032Coin found at Meikle Ferry Inn1697
4033Coin found at the site of the Meikle Ferry Inn1760
4034Coin found at the site of the Meikle Ferry Inn1760
4035Coin found in Dornoch Woods1727
4036Coin found in Dornoch Woods1903
4037Coin found in Dornoch Woods1663
4038Coin found in Dornoch Woods1663
4039Coin found in Dornoch Woods1663
4040Coin found in Dornoch Woods1663
4041Coin found in Dornoch Woods1663
4042Coin found at the Burghfield Hotel1775
4043Coin found at Burghfield Hotel1766
4044Bonar Bridge Pier and Harbour Order 18771877
4045Highland Railway - View from Sandycroft1901
4046Clashmore East End1904
4047Token from Dornoch Woods1600
4048Postcard Clashmore to USA in 1906 in ten days1906
4049Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie 1985
4050Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie 1985
4051Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie 1985
4052Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4053Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie 1985
4054Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4055Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie 1985
4056Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie 1985
4057Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4058Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie 1985
4059Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie 1985
4060Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie 1985
4061Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4062Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4063Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4064Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4065Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4066Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4067Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4068Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4069Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4070Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4071Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4072Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4073Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4074Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4075Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4076Carnegie Libraries in Britain and Ireland1985
4077Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4078Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4079Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4080Illustration from a set of 21 posters of the life of Andrew Carnegie1985
4081Highland Railway Waybills1909
4082Publicity booklet 'Dornoch and around'1960
4083Packet of Photographs1910
4084Skibo School, Sutherland 19371937
4085Skibo School, Sutherland1890
4086Carnegie Christmas and New Year Greetings Card 19421942
4087Christmas Greetings Postcard 19081908
4088Skibo School Art Work1940
4089Skibo School Art Work1940
4090Skibo School Albany Reader, Book 41930
4091Skibo School Albany Reader, Book 51930
4092Skibo School Royal Prince Readers, 4th Book1930
4093Dornoch Burgh School Prize1910
4094Scott's Porage Oats ~ World War Two packaging1940
4095Invoice from Fraser & Mackay for planting of trees 19261926
4096Royal Dornoch 4 v Droitwich Golf Club 41998
4098Dornoch Cathedral and the Square1909
4099Dornoch Cathedral and the Square1923
4100Dornoch Cathedral and the Square1940
4101The Square, Dornoch1952
4102Cathedral and Post Office ~ Dornoch1953
4103Dornoch Square1953
4104The Square, Dornoch1960
4105Cathedral and Post Office Dornoch1961
4106The Square, Dornoch1953
4107Bundle of documents relating to the cathedral septcentenary celebrations1924
4108Letter re games for cathedral septcentenary celebrations1924
4109Letter re material for booths for cathedral septcentenary celebrations1924
4110Letter re donation for cathedral septcentenary celebrations1923
4111Letter re assistance with booth for cathedral septcentenary celebrations1924
4112Letter re donation for cathedral septcentenary celebrations1923
4113Letter re donation for cathedral septcentenary celebrations1923
4114Letter re donation for cathedral septcentenary celebrations1923
4115Letter re assistance with booth for cathedral septcentenary celebrations1924
4116Letter re assistance with booth for cathedral septcentenary celebrations1924
4117Letter re assistance with booth for cathedral septcentenary celebrations1924
4118Notes for cathedral septcentenary celebrations1924
4120Telegram re meeting about cathedral septcentenary celebrations1924
4121Railway bill of carriage1924
4122Note re fund for cathedral septcentenary celebrations1924
4125The Square, Dornoch1954
4126High Street, Dornoch1919
4127High Street, Dornoch1930
4128High Street and Cathedral, Dornoch1940
4129High Street looking west, Dornoch1956
4130Dornoch Cathedral2008
4131Dornoch Cathedral2008
4132Dornoch Cathedral2008
4133Dornoch Cathedral2008
4134Dornoch Cathedral2008
4135Dornoch Cathedral ~ Septcentenary1924
4136The Nave ~ Dornoch Cathedral1935
4137Dornoch Cathedral ~ Interior2008
4138Book ~ "Old Dornoch - Its Traditions and Legends"1920
4139Poem "Dornoch Parish Ploughing Match"1924
4140Dornoch Beach1930
4142Dornoch Beach2008
4145On the Beach, Dornoch2008
4146Dornoch Beach2008
4147Dornoch Beach1928
4148Notes on cathedral septcentenary celebrations1924
4149Letter re St Gilbert tablet in the cathedral1924
4150Wording for St Gilbert tablet in the cathedral1924
4151Estimate for printing for cathedral septcentenary appeal1923
4152Dornoch Beach2008
4153Estimate for printing for cathedral septcentenary appeal1923
4154Estimate for removing plaster in cathedral1923
4155The Sands and Beach, Dornoch2008
4156Bill for removing plaster in cathedral1926
4157Reminder of bill for removing plaster in cathedral1926
4158Notice re cathedral septcentenary1923
4159Notice re cathedral septcentenary1924
4160Dornoch ~ Castle Street looking west1950
4161Dornoch ~ Castle Street looking east1910
4162Dornoch ~ Castle Street looking east2008
4163Dornoch ~ Entrance from the west1949
4164Dornoch ~ Castle Street1914
4165Dornoch ~ Castle Street2008
4166Dornoch ~ Castle Street looking west2008
4167Dornoch ~ Castle Street looking west1908
4168Dornoch ~ Castle Street looking west1949
4169Dornoch ~ Castle Street looking east2008
4170Dornoch ~ Gilbert Street2008
4171Dornoch Castle1902
4172Dornoch Castle2008
4173Dornoch Castle2008
4174Dornoch Castle2008
4175Dornoch Castle Hotel2008
4176Dornoch Castle2008
4177Dornoch Castle2008
4178Dornoch Castle from the west2008
4179Dornoch from the Cathedral tower2008
4180Dornoch Castle from the west2008
4182Dornoch Castle and County Buildings1955
4183Dornoch Castle from the west2008
4185Castle Square, Dornoch1902
4186Cathedral Square, Dornoch1909
4187Dornoch Castle and County Buildings2008
4188The Castle & County Buildings, Dornoch1936
4189Dornoch Castle1938
4190Dornoch Castle2008
4191Will of Andrew Carnegie ~ List of beneficiaries in the Dornoch area1920
4192Marriage of Andrew Carnegie's great grand-daughter1935
4193Death of Louise Carnegie Thomson1947
4194Miss Louise Miller, grand-daughter of Andrew Carnegie1936
4195Mrs. J. F. Gordon Thomson, grand-daughter of Andrew Carnegie1940
4199Dornoch Golf Club List of Members 19251925
4201Personal Memories of Royal Dornoch Golf Club 1900-19251985
4202Letter from Donald Grant 19791979
4203Certificate of appointment of A C Neish to Lieutenant1939
4204Sgt Donald Sutherland's diary 1801-18071985
4205Notes relating to Sgt Donald Sutherland's diary 1801-18071985
4206Notes and photocopies relating to Sgt Donald Sutherland1985
4207Sgt Donald Sutherland's diary 1801-18071985
4208Ensign's commission, Thomas Graham1860
4209Lonfliuch croft notes2008
4213Golf causerie - with Rod and Club1901
4214Strath Laro settlements1988
4215Strath Laro settlements1988
4216The Kyle of Sutherland and Dornoch Firth from Struie1950
4217The Kyle of Sutherland and Dornoch Firth from Struie1940
4218The Kyle of Sutherland and Dornoch Firth from Struie1954
4219Struie Viewpoint and the Dornoch Firth1970
4220The Kyle of Sutherland and Dornoch Firth from Struie1990
4221Dornoch Cathedral1990
4222Kyle of Sutherland from the Struie Viewpoint1990
4223Dornoch Firth1990
4224Dornoch Firth1990
4225Dornoch Firth1990
4226Dornoch Firth1990
4227Menu and toast list for coronation banquet 19371937
4229Sales prospectus for Northfield, Dornoch (Burghfield Hotel)1921
4230Booklet Dornoch Hotel1935
4231Finbarr note by Jimmy Bell1990
4232Dornoch Cathedral - notes on significant gargoyles1990
4233The cathedral of Caithness at Dornoch1891
4234Repair of Dornoch Cathedral1833
4235Order of Service 19891989
4238Order of Service 19891989
4239Extract from 'This Game of Golf'1950
4240Papers relating to Struie Golf Course1983
4241Royal Dornoch Golf Club 1877 - 19771977
4242Norwegians in Dornoch World War 21999
4243Poster about rubbish collection 18971897
4245Sutherland Arms Hotel booklet1925
4246Advertisments from John O'Groats Journal 19281928
4247Invoice from JOhn Gillespie Chemist to J R Gilchrist1892
4248Dornoch Castle from the west2008
4249Account book of John Grant & Sons Dornoch1847
4250Note about R R Johnstone's shop1990
42511989 Cathedral Pageant Programme1989
4252Reverse of postcard of Castle Hotel, Dornoch1966
4253Script for 1989 Cathedral Pageant1989
4254Overhead projector transparencies for 1989 Pageant1989
4255Royal Dornoch Golf club Newsletter Spring 19871987
4256Letter about Joyce Wethered2000
4257Account of the Rothsay and Caithness Fencibles1800
4258Seaforth Highlanders Pipe Music Programme 19191919
4259WW2 Observation Post near Golspie1985
4260Information on field guns1990
4261Letter from Walter Matheson 19161916
4262Tiny Treasure Book1920
4263Central Garage Filling Station2000
4264Royal Golf Hotel Brochure1957
4265Guide to Dornoch and Vicinity by D Mathieson1902
4266Dornoch Cathedral Guide1981
4267Obituary for Rev Donald Grant1907
4268History of Dornoch Cathedral1988
4270Plan of the Royal Dornoch Golf Course 19061906
4271Golf Journal 1981 - Article Royal Dornoch Golf Course1981
4272Testimonial to John Sutherland Secretary RDGC1933
4273Letters to Donald Grant - Golf 1940 - 19701972
4274Carnegie Links1997
4275Golf Journal 1984 - article Dornoch Course1984
4276Letter to Donald Grant with tickets for Masters Tournament1946
4277The '45 Jacobite Rising1985
4278The Battle of Flanders1941
4279Account book of Pte K McKay 1912 - 19181912
4280Seaforth Highlanders' Regimental Association Report 1914-191919
4281Highland Military Forces2004
4282Account Book of Private Donald Mackay1835
4283Battle of New Orleans1996
4284Battle of New Orleans1996
4285Account Book of Private Donald Mackay 1835-411830
4286Historical Records of 93rd Regiment of Highlanders1819
4287Comments about the Sutherland Fencibles1977
4288Papers relating to Dornoch War Memorial1983
4289Dornoch Information Guide1986
4290Gillispie's shop Castle Street1980
4291Cameron's butchers Station Road1914
4292Norlander Country Shop, Station Road1990
4293Group of railwaymen at Dornoch Station1930
4294Kyle of Sutherland view1964
4295Sunset over Dornoch Firth1950
4296Embo Main Street1930
4297Additional 23 bedrooms to Station Hotel and annual boat race1912
4298Dornoch Hotel1935
4299The First Seven Divisions1916
4300Volunteers parade in Dornoch1880
4301Around the Falls of Shin1990
4302Bonar Bridge1930
4303Bonar Bridge1990
4304Furness Collection - Aerial View of Bonar Bridge1960
4305Furness Collection - Bonar Bridge1960
4306Furness Collection - At Bonar Bridge Sutherland1960
4307Furness Collection - Fisherman at Bonar Bridge2008
4308Furness Collection - Fishermen at Bonar Bridge1960
4309Snow Scenes in Dornoch1955
4310Snow Scenes in Dornoch1955
4311Snow Scenes in Dornoch1955
4312Snow Scenes in Dornoch1955
4313Snow Scenes in Dornoch1955
4314Sutherland Arms Hotel, Dornoch2008
4315Sutherland Arms Hotel, Dornoch2008
4316Sutherland Arms Hotel, Dornoch2008
4317Sutherland Arms Hotel, Dornoch1907
4318Furness Collection - Bonar Bridge1970
4319Furness Collection - Bonar Bridge1960
4321Furness Collection - Skibo Castle 1920
4322Furness Collection - Skibo Castle1950
4323Furness Collection - Skibo Castle1950
4324Furness Collection - Castle Street, Dornoch1990
4325Furness Collection - Castle Street Dornoch1990
4326Furness Collection - Castle Street, Dornoch1990
4327Furness Postcard Collecton - Dornoch Cathedral at Night1980
4328Burghfield Hotel, Dornoch2008
4329Burghfield House Hotel, Dornoch2008
4330Burghfield Hotel, Dornoch2008
4331Burghfield House Hotel, formerly Northfield1906
4332Burgfield House Hotel, formerly Northfield2008
4333Amateur Radio Station contact card1936
4334Burghfield House, Dornoch1939
4335Burghfield House Hotel1948
4336Burghfield House Hotel, Dornoch1947
4338Burghfield House Hotel, Dornoch1970
4339Dornoch War Memorial2008
4340Dornoch War Memorial2008
4341Dornoch War Memorial1931
4342Burghfield House Hotel, Dornoch1956
4343Dornoch War Memorial postcard - reverse with George V stamp2008
4345Dornoch ~ west end1930
4346United Free Church and Sutherland Road, Dornoch1925
4348Dornoch Academy1968
4349Reverse of Basil Hellier postcard of Dornoch Academy2008
4350Reverse of a monochrom postcard of the United Free Church1930
4351Oversteps, Dornoch2008
4352Reverse of a Dornoch house with tennis court postcard2008
4353Tain Archaeology Group fieldwalking finds Evelix 0
4354House with tennis court, Dornoch1910
4355Tain Archaeology Group fieldwalking finds Creag Astle 19952008
4356Small piece of shaped bone found at Skelbo Castle1998
4357Historylinks Image Library Launch Publicity2008
43581899 cheque stubs found above McPerson's shop Dornoch1899
4359Locomotive at Dornoch Terminal Station1935
4360The Mound Junction Station1935
4361Opening of Ladies Golf Course by Mrs. Carnegie1904
4362Northern Counties Cup, Lossiemouth1911
4363Royal Dornoch Golf Club2008
4364Club House and Golf Course, Dornoch2008
4365Royal Golf Hotel, Dornoch1958
4366Royal Golf Hotel, Dornoch1954
4367Clubhouse and Old 18th Green, Royal Dornoch Golf Course1966
4368Royal Golf Hotel, and Dornoch Hotel2008
4369Royal Golf Hotel, Dornoch2008
4370Donald Ross - Champion Rifle Shooting Team1900
4371First Green Dornoch Golf Course 1895?1895
4372Seventeenth Green Dornoch Golf Course c 18951895
4373Lily Campbell Ross mother of Donald Ross 19211921
4374Murdo Ross Aug 1921 Father of Donald Ross1921
4375Janet Kenedy Conchie (Mrs D J Ross)1921
4376Lillian Grace Wilson Ross daughter of Donald Ross1990
4377US Golf Hall of Fame installation Donald Ross1977
4378Christina Ross sister of Donald Ross1920
4379Donald Ross 'Made Great Contribution to Golf'1948
4380Alex Ross Obituary1952
4381Service of Thanksgiving Lillian Ross Pippitt2000
4382American Society of Golf Course Architects1948
4383Donald Ross Certificate of Nationalization1921
4384Convention of Royal Burghs Quincentenary Celebration1905
4385Robert Brothers Circus Programme1950
4386Obituary Michael Alexander of Skelbo2004
4387How I got my Royal Scoop1989
4388Baron Boyar1996
4389Laird from the Steppes1996
4390Firm bid by US General1990
4391Sutherland Guide 19731973
4392The Crossings of the Three Firths1969
4393Dornoch Highland Gathering Dinner 20082008
4395Article on amateur championships Royal Dornoch Golf Club 19851985
4396Sutherland Arms Hotel1920
4397Shoehorn golf trophy history1980
4398Shoehorn golf trophy history1980
4399Wartime letter to Mrs Grant1945
4400Wartime letter to Mrs Grant1945
4401Wartime letter to Mrs Grant1945
4402Wartime letter to Mrs Grant1945
4403Wartime letter to Mrs Grant1945
4404Letter to Mrs Grant1946
4405Wartime letter to Mrs Grant1945
4406Dornoch Castle2004
4408Hamilton Bruce association with Dornoch2004
4409Royal Golf Hotel1938
4410Royal Dornoch Golf Club Clock2004
4411Booklet on Dornoch Cathedral1965
4412Dornoch Cathedral Concert 19791979
4413Television Recording in Dornoch Cathedral 19781978
4414Donald Ross of Pinehurst and Dornoch1973
4415Royal Dornoch Golf Club 18th green1914
4416John Sutherland1900
4417The new Royal Dornoch Golf Club House1908
4418Canadian Forestry Corps1940
4419Skelbo and the Sutherlands of Duffus1990
4420Dornoch Bowling Club 1940 -20001940
4421Pinehurst No 2 owes it greatness to man from Dornoch1950
4422Meikle Ferry known as 'Welcome Home'1950
4423Newspaper cuttings Northern Times 'Times Past'1905
4424Old German 'Bertha' gives Dornoch a dilemma1991
4425Dornoch Academicals in 1920s1990
4426Lecture on 'Characters Connected with Dornoch Cathedral'1990
4427John Mitchell - Highland Stories1990
4428Marine Cargo receipt 18381838
4429Poster advertising voyage of 'Jane Mackenzie'1838
4430The Mancur Spring Balance2005
4431Inventory of the Cattle goods and other effects of George Gordon of Culmaily.1751
4432Account of expenses James Glass to Dornoch Town Council1750
4433Table of Meikle Ferry rates leviable by the ferryman1919
4434Norwegians in Edderton2008
4435Parish of Edderton during 1940 and World War II2008
4436Muster Roll of Edderton Local Defence Volunteers2008
4437Local Defence volunteers area of responsibility1940
4438Station Hotel, Dornoch1900
4439Station Hotel Dornoch1905
4440Station Hotel, Dornoch1905
4441Dornoch Hotel, Dornoch1920
4442Dornoch Hotel, Dornoch1930
4443Dornoch Hotel line drawing c 19301930
4444Dornoch Hotel, Dornoch 1930
4445Dornoch Hotel, Dornoch c 19461946
4446Dornoch Hotel, Dornoch c 19541954
4447Fishwives' Walking Race, Dornoch Games1908
4448Highland Fling, Dornoch Games1906
4450Fishwives' Dance, Dornoch Games1908
4451Reel of Tulloch, Dornoch Games2008
4452Proclamation of King George V at Dornoch1910
4453Free Church Sacrament, Dornoch1915
4454Dornoch Historical Pageant1928
4455Dornoch Historical Pageant1928
4456Highland Railway ~ "Dunrobin Castle "2008
4457The Mound ~ Station sign2008
4458Dornoch train at The Mound station2008
4459Locomotive 55053 crossing The Mound1954
4460Highland Railway locomotive 447981952
4461The last train from Dornoch to The Mound2008
4462Two ladies sitting on Dornoch Station2008
4463Skibo Castle2008
4464Skibo Castle2008
4465Skibo Castle from the south west2008
4466Skibo Castle2008
4467Skibo Castle2008
4468Skibo Castle1933
4469Skibo Castle2008
4472The Mound & Loch Fleet2008
4473Loch Fleet & The Mound Rock2008
4474The Mound and the road to Golspie2008
4475The Mound1965
4476Torboll Falls, Dornoch2008
4477Torboll Falls, Dornoch1902
4478Torboll Falls, Dornoch1905
4479Cambusmore House, near Dornoch1931
4482Spinnigdale ~ Macrae's Stores2008
4483Spinningdale ~ Macrae's Tea Room2008
4484Spinningdale ~ Macrae's Tea Room2008
4485Spinningdale, Sutherland2008
4486Spinningdale ~ The Old Mill Inn2008
4487Spinningdale ~ Creag na Sroine Guest House2008
4488Spinningdale ~ Creag na Sroine Guest House1965
4489The Old Mill and the Dornoch Firth, near Spinningdale2008
4490Spinningdale ~ The Old Mill2008
4491Spinningdale ~ The Old Mill2008
4492Sunset over the Dornoch Firth2008
4493Dornoch Firth, and the Kyle of Sutherland1938
4494Doune of Creich, and the Dornoch Firth2008
4495Bonar Bridge2008
4496Bonar Bridge2008
4497Bonar Bridge2008
4498Bonar Bridge ~ approach from south2008
4499Bonar Bridge2008
4500Salmon Fishers at Bonar Bridge2008
4501Bonar Bridge ~ approach from south1953
4502Bonar Bridge2008
4503Bonar Bridge1958
4504Bonar Bridge2008
4505Bonar Bridge2008
4506The War Memorial, Bonar Bridge2008
4507Bonar Bridge2008
4508Carbisdale Castle2008
4509Carbisdale Castle2008
4510Carbisdale Castle2008
4511Invershin Hotel, Sutherland2008
4512Inveran Bridge, Invershin1933
4513On the Shin, Lairg2008
4514Falls of Shin, Sutherland2008
4515Falls of Shin, Sutherland2008
4516Falls of Shin, Sutherland1907
4517Preferential Tariffs1903
4518Armaments and Their Results by Andrew Carnegie1909
4519The Wrong Path - speech by Andrew Carnegie1909
4520The Crime of War by Andrew Carnegie1909
4521Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 1910 -19851985
4523The Baseless Fear of War by Andrew Carnegie1913
4524Carnegie Hero Fund Commission1911
4525Britain and Her Offspring by Andrew Carnegie1911
4526My Experience with Railway Rates and Rebates by Andrew Carnegie1908
4527Lord Middleton1670
4528Answer sheet for mathematics exam (Bennett College); 1930
4529Answer Sheet to mathematics exam (Bennett College); 1930
4530Souvenir marking the opening of Dornoch Academy 19631963
4531Photocopies of pages from 1857 Reynolds Almanack1857
4532Skelbo Accounts 1756 - 17871887
4533Rates Assessment for Skibo Estate 1935 - 19361936
4534Rates Assessment for Skibo Estate 1938 - 19391939
4535By the Banks of the Neva - burial of Lord Duffus of Skelbo in St Petersburg1715
4536Contract of appointment James Hardie Factor of Skibo 18991899
4537Proposed downgrading of Dornoch Academy 19681968
4540Skelbo Castle and House 19701970
4542Letter from George Dempster to Donald Cameron 18521852
4543Letter from George Dempster to Donald Cameron 18531853
4544Death of Mrs Dempster 18101810
4545A Highland Landmark article about George Dempster2008
4546Bonnie Spinningdale - A Highland Cotton Mill 1792 -18061970
4547George Dempster and the Skibo Estate2000
4549Skibo "Heaven on Earth" - Carnegie Club 20012001
4550George Dempster Portrait 18001800
4552Life of Evan Charles Sutherland-Walker of Skibo2003
4554Attendance Register for Larachan School 1941/421942
4555Memorabilia Domestica Parish Life in the North of Scotland1889
4556Dornoch Academy Prizegiving 19981998
4557Letter from George Dempster, Skibo to Donald Cameron 18531853
4558Diurnal of Occurrences in Scotland - Skelbo2000
4559Extract from diaries of the Loder Family2003
4560Northern Times Extract 19331933
4561History of Rearquhar School1998
4562The Disruption's Important Role in Education1980
4563Education in Sutherland 18th & 19th centuries2002
4564The Sutherland Crofting System1963
4565Appendix to "The Sutherland crofting system"1966
4566The History of Dornoch Academy 19951995
4567The Strathnaver Clearances1990
4568Extract from 'The Highland Clearances'1970
4569'Progress, poverty and criticism' - the Highland clearances1940
4570Preservation of Skelbo Castle1987
4571Visit Maid of Norway in 12901985
4573Lord Duffus1986
4574Family Duffus1985
4575Sutherland, Lord Duffus2008
4576Preservation of Skelbo Castle1986
4577'de Sutherlander' - Dutch article about Skelbo Castle1987
4578Skibo Castle - bicentenary of George Dempster1986
4579Skibo Castle restoration of model ship by Donald Macleod2004
4580Sasine in favour of James Boog of Skelbo1798
4581Receipt for rent 17951795
4582Information on George Dempster2000
4583How Carnegie heard Skibo was for sale2003
4584The Road to the Beach - a Dornoch Controversy1998
4585Will of Louise Whitfield Carnegie1946
4586Letter to Andrew Carnegie seeking unwanted golf clubs1911
4587Grain prices at Skelbo and Cambusavie 19141914
4589Preservation of Skelbo Castle1987
4590HMS Dornoch2005
4591Kenneth Mackay 5th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders1915
4592Annie Mackay, John Mackay and Nellie Mackay1917
4593Annie Mackay and John Mackay 19191919
4594Annie Mackay in uniform of City of Glasgow tram company1917
4595Highland Brigade Camp Fort George 19001900
4596Dornoch Light Railway Scrapbooks1960
4597Teacher's Certificate 18981898
4598Certificate Examination 18981898
4599Letter forwarding education certificate 19031903
4600Bundle of papers relating to Skebo Castle 1985 - 62008
4601Sutherlands of Duffus - Heritage Society talk on Skelbo2006
4602Letter from George Dempster 17951795
4603Letter from George Dempster 1791 - cotton manufacture1791
4604Disposition George Dempster - James Mackintosh merchant of Clashmore1850
4605Register of deeds 18961896
4606Search for incumbrances relating to land at Clashmore1929
4607Genealogy notes on Robert Gray d 1776 1920
4608Report on Court case Skibo estate v tenants 18861886
4609Skibo rentals for 17811781
4610Notes on Skibo 1727 - 17901992
4611Notes on Skibo 1727 - 17431992
4612Skibo Rent Receipts 1770 -18061770
4613Missive of lease Skibo 18571857
4614Lease Skibo tenant 18751876
4615Lease Skibo tenant 18781878
4616Civil Defence Handbook No 8 Emergency Feeding 19601960
4617A Companion to Emergency Cooking WVS for Civil Defence1950
4618Old Dornoch Its Traditions and Legends1920
4619Poem 'Dornoch Parish Ploughing Match'1924
4620Family Tree William Murray b 17552008
4621History of the Eagle Hotel Dornoch 1847 - 20062008
4622The Seaforth Highlanders Regimental Magazine 19221922
4624Erection of United Free Church & Church Hall Dornoch 19081908
4625Engagement of a swimming teacher for Sutherland 19081908
4626Dornoch School swimming instruction 19101910
4627Dornoch from the air1950
4628Dornoch Pipe Band 19512008
4629Group of people outside old Sutherland Arms Hotel1930
4630Pre 2002 R R Johnstone Chemist Shop sign, Dornoch2002
4631Close up of pre 2002 R R Johnstone Chemist Shop sign, Dornoch2002
4632Post 2002 Mitchell's Chemist Shop sign, Dornoch2002
4633Close up of post 2002 Mitchell's Chemist Shop sign, Dornoch2002
4634Dornoch Pet and Country Store, Castle Street2004
4635A. & I. Davidson ~ Shoe Shop, Castle Street2004
4636Dornoch Outdoor Shop, Castle Street2005
4637M G Ross Radio & Television, Castle Street, Dornoch2004
4638Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4639Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4640Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4641Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4642Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4643Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4644Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4645Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4646Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4647Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4648Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4650Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4651Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4652Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4653Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4654Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4655Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4656Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4657Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4658Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4659Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4660Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4661Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4662Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4663Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4664Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4665Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4666Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4667Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4668Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4669Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4670Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4671Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4672Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4673Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4674Dornoch Cathedral1960
4675Dornoch Cathedral1960
4676Dornoch Cathedral1960
4677Dornoch Cathedral1960
4678Dornoch Cathedral1960
4679Dornoch Cathedral1960
4680Dornoch Cathedral1960
4681Dornoch Cathedral1960
4682Dornoch Cathedral1960
4683Dornoch Cathedral1960
4684Dornoch Cathedral1960
4685Dornoch Cathedral1960
4686Dornoch Cathedral1960
4687Dornoch Cathedral1960
4688Dornoch Cathedral1960
4689Dornoch Cathedral1960
4690Dornoch Cathedral1960
4691Dornoch Cathedral1960
4692Dornoch Cathedral1960
4693Dornoch Cathedral1960
4694Dornoch Cathedral1960
4695Dornoch Cathedral1960
4696Dornoch Cathedral1960
4697Dornoch Cathedral1960
4698Dornoch Cathedral1960
4699Dornoch Cathedral1960
4700Dornoch Cathedral1960
4701Dornoch Cathedral1960
4702Dornoch Cathedral1960
4703Dornoch Cathedral1960
4704Dornoch Cathedral1960
4705Dornoch Cathedral1960
4706Dornoch Cathedral1960
4707Dornoch Cathedral1960
4708Dornoch Cathedral1960
4709Dornoch Cathedral1960
4710Dornoch Cathedral1960
4711Dornoch Cathedral1960
4712Dornoch Cathedral1960
4713Dornoch Cathedral1960
4714Dornoch Cathedral1960
4715Dornoch Cathedral1960
4716Dornoch Cathedral1960
4717Dornoch Cathedral1960
4718Dornoch Cathedral1960
4719Dornoch Cathedral1960
4720Dornoch Cathedral1960
4721Dornoch Cathedral1960
4722Dornoch Cathedral1960
4723Dornoch Cathedral1960
4724Dornoch Cathedral1928
4725Dornoch Cathedral1928
4726Dornoch Cathedral ~ 1928 Pageant1928
4727Dornoch Cathedral ~ 1928 Pageant1928
4728Dornoch Cathedral ~ 1928 Pageant1928
4729Dornoch Cathedral ~ 1928 Pageant1928
4730Dornoch Cathedral ~ 1928 Pageant1928
4731Dornoch Cathedral ~ 1928 Pageant1928
4732Dornoch Cathedral1960
4733Dornoch Cathedral1960
4734Dornoch Cathedral1960
4735Dornoch Cathedral1960
4736Dornoch Cathedral1960
4737Dornoch Cathedral1960
4738Dornoch Cathedral1960
4739Dornoch Cathedral1960
4740Dornoch Cathedral1960
4742Dornoch Cathedral1960
4743Dornoch Cathedral1960
4744Dornoch Cathedral1960
4745Dornoch Cathedral1960
4746Dornoch Cathedral1960
4747Dornoch Cathedral1960
4748Dornoch Cathedral1960
4749Dornoch Cathedral1960
4750Dornoch Cathedral1960
4751Dornoch Cathedral1960
4752Dornoch Cathedral1960
4753Dornoch Cathedral1960
4754Dornoch Cathedral ~ Cushions1960
4755Dornoch Cathedral ~ Cushions1960
4756Dornoch Cathedral ~ Cushions1960
4757Dornoch Cathedral ~ Cushions1960
4758Dornoch Cathedral ~ Cushions1960
4759Dornoch Cathedral ~ Cushions1960
4760Dornoch Cathedral ~ Cushions1960
4761Dornoch Cathedral ~ Cushions1960
4762Dornoch Cathedral ~ Cushions1960
4763Dornoch Cathedral1960
4764Dornoch Cathedral1960
4765Dornoch Cathedral1960
4766Dornoch Cathedral1960
4767Dornoch Cathedral1960
4768Dornoch Cathedral1960
4769Dornoch Cathedral1960
4770Dornoch Cathedral1960
4771Dornoch Cathedral1960
4772Dornoch Cathedral1960
4773Dornoch Cathedral1960
4774Dornoch Cathedral1960
4775Dornoch Cathedral1960
4776Dornoch Cathedral1960
4777Dornoch Cathedral1960
4778Dornoch Cathedral1960
4779Dornoch Cathedral1960
4780Dornoch Cathedral1960
4781Dornoch Cathedral1960
4782Dornoch Cathedral1960
4783Dornoch Cathedral1960
4784Dornoch Cathedral1960
4785Dornoch Cathedral1960
4786Dornoch Cathedral1960
4787Dornoch Cathedral1960
4788Dornoch Cathedral1960
4789Dornoch Cathedral1960
4790Dornoch Cathedral1960
4791Dornoch Cathedral1960
4792Dornoch Cathedral1960
4793Dornoch Cathedral1960
4794Dornoch Cathedral1960
4795Dornoch Cathedral1960
4796Dornoch Cathedral1960
4797Dornoch Cathedral1960
4798Dornoch Cathedral1960
4799Dornoch Cathedral1960
4800Dornoch Cathedral1960
4801Dornoch Cathedral1960
4802Dornoch Cathedral1960
4803Dornoch Cathedral1960
4804Dornoch Cathedral1960
4805Dornoch Cathedral1960
4806Dornoch Cathedral1960
4807Dornoch Cathedral1960
4808Dornoch Cathedral1960
4809Dornoch Cathedral1960
4810Dornoch Cathedral1960
4811Dornoch Cathedral1960
4812Dornoch Cathedral1960
4813Dornoch Cathedral1960
4814Dornoch Cathedral1960
4818Dornoch Cathedral ~ Gargoyles1960
4819Family Group of George McKay born c 1763 at Skelbo2008
4820Family Group record Sackville George Sutherland McKay b 17822008
4821Family Group record of John McKay born 1820 in Dornoch2008
4822Portrait of George Dempster1750
4823George Dempster Portrait1750
4824Portrait of George Dempster1750
4825Meikle Ferry Disaster1809
4826Meikle Ferry Disaster recalled1949
4828Note about old golf clubhouse1986
4829Committee report on disbursment of Meikle Ferry disaster funds1811
4830Meikle Ferry Disaster1960
4831Air photograph of Meikle Ferry area1960
4832Air photograph of Meikle Ferry area north side1959
4833RAF air photograph Meikle Ferry area1959
4834Meikle Ferry tariffs 19191919
4837Report on the Meikle Ferry Disaster1809
4838First Mail Coach Inverness to Thurso1983
4839General Post Office Edinburgh to London Time Bill1790
4840General Post Office Thurso to Inverness Time Bill1850
4841General Post Office London to Edinburgh Time Bill1800
4842General Post Office Mail Coach routes direct from London2008
4843Historical Summary of the Post Office in Scotland1856
4844Census details of Receiving House (Post Office) 1871-18892001
4845Excavation of a souterrain and roundhouse at Cyderhall, Sutherland1992
4846Postal Runners of East Sutherland 17942001
4847House and point at Meikle Ferry1920
4848Account by Robert Louis Stevenson about Wick in 1868 1997
4849Mail coach accident in Brora 18641964
4850Notes relating to Postal Runners1990
4851Postcard portrait of Andrew Carnegie2000
4852Dunfermline 'demonstrations' for Carnegie Library opening2000
4853Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum2008
4854Meikle Ferry Disaster1984
4855Meikle Ferry significant events1992
4856Envelope with imperforate Queen Victoria Stamp 18411841
4857Envelope addressed to Dornoch with Queen Victoria stamp 18771877
4858Burgh Minutes 1832 reference Meikle Ferry Disaster1832
4860Skibo Staff1910
4861Meikle Ferry - 'Peril aboard the ferryboat'2006
4862Meikle Ferry's place in history1980
4863Meikle Ferry Disaster - Northern Times extract 19562006
4865St Demhan's Cross at Creich - general location2008
4866Face detail of the St Demhan's Cross at Creich.2008
4867Particulars of Sale of Skibo Estate 19821982
4868Dornoch Jail Cell door lock and key1800
4869Booklet 'Looking Back' 19531953
4870Booklet 'Hail Caledonia - North to John O' Groats'1935
4871Scull (fish basket) from Embo1920
4872Autochrome photographic process 19072000
4873Aerial photograph of Dornoch area around Fire Station2003
4874Aerial photograph of Dornoch - the Meadows car park2003
4875Aerail photograph of Dornoch - West Church Hall - Poles Road2003
4876Aerial photograph of Dornoch - Dornoch Hotel and Caravan Park2003
4877Aerial photograph eastern edge of Dornoch2003
4878Aerial photograph of Church Street - Station Road Dornoch2003
4879Aerial photograph of Dornoch Cathedral2003
4880Aerial photograph of Dornoch viewed from SW2003
4881Aerial photograph of Dornoch - 'The Meadows' bottom centre2003
4882Aerial photograph of western edge of Dornoch2003
4883Aerial photograph over Dornoch towards Dornoch Firth2003
4884Aerial photograph of NW end of Loch Fleet2003
4885Aerial photograph of Cambusmore Lodge and The Mound2003
4886Aerial photograph of the Mound2003
4887Aerial photograph of The Mound2008
4888Aerail photograph of Skelbo Castle and Skelbo Farm2003
4889Aerial photograph of Dornoch from the NE2008
4890Aerial photograph of Dornoch - Dornoch Hotel - Stafford Rd area2003
4891Aerial photograph of western side of Dornoch2003
4892Aerial photograph of Dornoch with Loch Fleet in background2003
4893William Thomson of the Gordon family of Ospisdale2008
4894William Thomson of the Gordon family with his nursemaid1936
4895Louisa and Mary Thomson of the Gordon family of Ospisdale1936
4896Skelbo railway level crossing1951
4897Skelbo level crossing gatehouse1951
4898Scottish Country Dancers1950
4899The Mound from southern end1930
4900Meat safe in garden at Torranroy2006
4901List of archaeological sites in Sutherland 19851985
4902Sir John MacDonald first Prime Minister of Canada2005
4903Notes on Margaret the Maid of Norway2008
4904Pipe Major K D Macrae MBE at Edinburgh Castle1942
4905Photograph of blind Sandy 'Bobbin' of Dornoch1930
4906Skibo Home Farm staff 19142008
4907Fishermen baiting lines1900
4908Milkman with milk cart1930
4909Ross' Public Supply Store Embo1900
4910Car Rally at Sutherland Arms Hotel Dornoch 1930s1930
4911Car Rally at Sutherland Arms Hotel Dornoch1930
4912Two masted ship at Littleferry quay c 19041904
4913Royal Dornoch Golf Clubhouse 19101910
4914Deep snow at Dornoch War Memorial 19551955
4915Ship's foghorn1880
4916Rocket apparatus for saving life from shipwreck1927
4918Driver Tom Fraser in Dornoch Engine Shed 19562008
4919Millicent Duchess of Sutherland - Stafford Archives2005
4920Loch Laro archaeological survey1988
4921List of archaeological Sites for preservation 19831983
4922Cuthill Bay and Sydera Wood locations of hut circles1992
4923Life of John Bethune2006
4924Statement by Patrick Sellar January 18261826
4925Northern Times Centenary Edition 1899-19991999
4926Reprint of first edition of Northern Times 1 June 18991999
4927Northern Times June 30th, 2000 'A Century of News'2000
4928RAF Police Group Photograph1940
4929Dornoch Sheriff Court Plaque1953
4930Archaeological Evaluation of Dornoch Square2008
4931Letter re Drumdivan stone1986
4932Cyderhall souterrain dig 1987/81987
4933Note found in a desk - 'Happy and Peaceful Dornoch'1985
4934Letter re flu epidemic of 1918-191990
4935Influenza 1918 - 19191990
4936Letter about 'flu epidemic 1918 - 19191991
4938Horse bones Embo1992
4939Embo Horse Bones1992
4940Horse bone from Embo horse skeleton 19921992
4941Part of horse skeleton unearthed at Embo1992
4942Horse bone from Embo 19921992
4943Horse bone1992
4944Horse bone1992
4945Horse bones1992
4946Horse bones1992
4947Horse bones from Embo1992
4948Horse bones1992
4949Horse bone1992
4951Testimonials for John Macdonald 19051905
4952Award of Jubilee Medal to Chief Constable John Macdonald1935
4953Appointment of Chief Constable John Macdonald 19311931
4954Invitation to Holyrood Garden Party July 19271927
4955Ladies putting 18961896
4956Ruby Grierson preparing her golf drive 18961896
4957Meikle Ferry at pier 18961896
4958Two ladies standing on the green in Dornoch1896
4959Dornoch from the links c 18961896
4960Kitchen Garden, Clashmore House ~ Sept. 19351935
4961Back Lawn, Clashmore1935
4962Front Garden, Clashmore1935
4963Lewis, Ruby and Macleod at Ardgay ~ Oct. 19351935
4964Falls of Shin ~ Winter 19351935
4965Thomas Hardie below Shin Falls1935
4966River Shin, looking north from Falls1935
4967Thomas Hardie above Shin Falls1935
4968Thomas Hardie at Clashmore1935
4969Ruby's First Snow1935
4970The Jinx1935
4971Muir of Ord1932
4972Christmas Tree ~ Skibo 1935
4973The Struie, from Newton Point1935
4974Ruby and 1935
4975Migdale Loch1935
4976Migdale Loch1932
4977Barrie and Mr. Hardie at Clashmore1932
4978Thomas Hardie's mother ?1935
4979The Rose Garden at Clashmore1935
4980James Hardie1935
4981Skibo Castle from the south1936
4982Skibo Castle1936
4983Skibo Castle1936
4984Skibo Castle1936
4985Snow Scene1936
4986Snow Scene1936
4987Snow Scene ~ Spinningdale1936
4988Snow Scene1936
4989House and drive, in snow1936
4990House, in snow1936
4991Driveway, in snow1936
4992Driveway, in snow1936
4993River Evelix1936
4994View over the Little Ferry1936
4995Snow Scene1936
4996Snow Scene1936
4997Snow Scene ~ Motor Car1936
4998Snow Scene with dog1936
4999Snow Scene with man and dog1936
5000Black Pool, Clashmore1936
5001Clashmore ~ snow scene of main road, looking east1936
5002Skibo Castle from the south-east1936
5003View north-east from Skibo Castle1936
5004Archaeology in the River Evelix Valley1998
5005Historic Dornoch Archaeological Implications of Development1982
5006Chambered cairn at Embo1980
5007Archaeological assessment of Meadows Business Park1998
5008Archaeological Watching Brief at Meadows Business Park, Dornoch1998
5009Rhian settlement location1985
5010Obituary for Ruby Munro, Balvraid1994
5011Poster Dornoch Horticultural Society exhibition 19081908
5012Wedding of Madonna 20012001
5013Glasgow School of Art Certificate Edward Mackay1933
5014Highland Transport bus timetable, Inverness to Thurso 19471947
5015Poem 'Geordie Barron's Ball' 1915
5016Letter about team members Celtic Football Team 1946/72008
5017Proposal Robert Stevenson arch bridge for Dornoch Firth1840
5018Short biography of Robert Stevenson engineer1990
5019Sailing vessels at Littleferry 1890's1890
5020Littleferry crossing in 1990s1990
5021Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland1992
5022List of ancient monuments in the Highland region 19881988
5023List of archaeological sites Sutherland 19881988
5024List of Ancient Monuments in Scotland 19551955
5025List of archaeological sites in Sutherland by parish 19801980
5026Excavation of a beaker cist at Embo Street1979
5027Letter about resiting of Clach a' Charra1968
5028Crane at work re-siting Clach a' Charra 19681968
5029Re-siting of Clach a'Charra in 19681968
5030Repositioning of Clach a'Charra in 19681968
5031Base of the re-sited Clach a'Charra in 1968.1968
5032Clach a'Charra in its resited location 19681968
5033Colour photograph of re-siting of Clach a' Charra 19681968
5034Clach a'Charra prior to erection at new site 19682008
5035Original photographs used in the booklet 'The Vikings in Sutherland'2008
5036Telegram birth of a Master of Reay-Reay 19371937
5037Letter from John Grant to Mrs Grant 18071807
5038Architecture buildings of Cromarty mid-17th to mid-19th century1990
5039Post office retirement William Murrary 19131913
5041Lease Birichen shootings and fishing 19321932
5042James VI 'Billion Plack' (8d) 1583 -15901583
5043Sydera dig 1987
5044Summary report of excavation by Cyderhall Farm, Clashmore1988
5045Plans of excavation Cyderhall Farm, Clashmore1988
5046Bone and charcoal analysis Cyderhall1988
5047Botanical analysis Cyderhall1988
5048Investigations Environment and Ethnobotany of the Cyderhall1988
5049Newspaper report about the Cyderhall souterrain1988
5050Information about Evelix hut circle2004
5052Strathnaver Trail2003
5053Journal of Transport History, Vol. 6, 19631963
5054Durness Riots of 18411980
5055Biref history of the Morangie House Hotel2008
5057Line drawing of Boy Scout playing the bugle1930
5058Guide to the Geological Model of the Assynt Mountains1914
5059County of Sutherland 19501950
5060Greetings postcards 1920's1920
50611876 postcard addressed to T W Marshall Dornoch1876
5062History of Dornoch Village, Ontario, Canada1980
5063Carved stone found on Dornoch beach2001
5064Bentinck bayonets and family history1995
5065Historylinks Museum Childrens' Mock Archaeology dig 20082008
5066Corn drying kiln at Achtaduaig Strath Carnaig1986
5067Spinningdale Mill Ruins1997
5068Spinningdale Mill location1997
5069Ceann-loch-lagain (Loch Laggan)1988
5070Strath Laro archaeology walk 19861986
5071Stone circle near Keswick, Cumbria1996
5072Dig at Cyderhall November 1987 - January 19881987
5073Torball Farm field trip 19901990
5074Torboll Farm field trip 19901990
5075Millhill and the Kung Evelix Valley1985
5076Skibo Castle from the east1936
5077List of archaeological sites Dornoch and Criech East1980
5078Possible quern or socket stone from Knockglass1990
5079The Baths, Skibo1936
5080Aerial photograph of the Evelix Valley 19591959
5081Aerial photograph of ring ditch at Cyderhall 1977
5083Mr. C's Waterfall ~ Skibo1936
5084Cairns of Clava 1989
5085Dornoch Heritage Society field visit to Dalchork Broch1992
5086The Dairy, Skibo Castle1936
5087Forest Enterprise plan for North Dalchork1997
5088Hut circle near Astle1985
5089Bus road tax disc 19471947
5090Rev Alexander Pope, Reay, Caithness 1910
5091In Memoriam John Matheson 18911891
5092Scottish Gem Stones1937
5093Sutherland Steam Packet Company china1996
5094History of Schweppes packaging1985
5095List of coucillors and magistrates of Dornoch 17631763
5096Poem - Dornoch Cronies Nicht wi' Burns 1923
5097Inscription on Crackaig snuff mull1829
5098Clearing snow at Torranroy 19551955
5099Walter Mackay, miller at Cyderhall2003
5100Dornoch Cathedral ~ View south from Burghfield1936
5101Dornoch Hotel ~ View east from Burghfield1936
5102James Boog, Annats and Mackays2008
5103Sutherlands of Birichen and Meikle Ferry2001
5104The Mound, with railway and Cambusmore Lodge1936
5105Two masted Ponoma of Portmahomack at Little Ferry1890
5106Ponoma of Portmahomack at Littleferry north side1890
5107Torboll Falls, Cambusmore1936
5108Sheep at Loch Fleet 1890's1890
5109Postcard of the Castle with Christmas Greetings1904
5110Thomas Hardie1936
5111Newspaper cutting childrens' mock archaeology dig 20082008
5112Mrs. Ruby Hardie1936
5114Scout camp sports day presentation 1928
5115Scout sports day presentation1928
5116Scout camp 19281928
5117Scout camp activities 19281928
5118Scout group photograph1928
5119Motor Cyclists, with open-top car1936
5120Scouts at camp 19281928
5121Scout Jamboree 1928
5122Scouts at camp 1928-341928
5123Mrs. Ruby Hardie1936
5124Scouts at World Jamboree1928
5125Scouts at World Jamboree1928
5126Scout patrol leader and young scout1928
5127Clashmore, from the north1936
5128Scout patrol leader and adult1928
5129Scouot camp1928
5130Clashmore, from the west1936
5131Scout group feeding2008
5132The Pond at East Lodge, Skibo1936
5133Scout group members1928
5134Clashmore, from the east1936
5135Local Scout Leader1928
5136Scout leaders 1928
5137Coastal View1936
5138Coastal View1936
5139Coastal View1936
5140Thomas Hardie on Dornoch Beach1936
5141Mrs. Ruby Hardie on Dornoch Beach1936
5142Garden Scene1936
5143Garden Scene1936
5144Family group photograph related to local scouts1928
5145Scout leaders1928
5146Local scout leader1928
5147A local scout leader1928
5148Cub group photograph1928
5149Local Scout activity1928
5150A scout leader1928
5151Scout fun and games1928
5152Scout group photograph1928
5153Group of local scouts1928
5154Scouts with ash staffs1928
5155Scout troop photograph1928
5156Scout leaders1928
5157Scout leader with scouts1928
5158Scouts packing after camp1928
5159Scout group photograph1928
5160Scout group photograph1928
5161Scout Camp1928
5162Scout parade at camp1928
5163Scout activities at camp1928
5164Scout group photograph taken at camp1928
5165Group of past scouts1928
5166Past scouts in foreign locations1928
5167Scouts eating sitting against a wall1928
5168Scouts queuing for food1928
5169Scout leader standing in door of a bell tent1928
5170Scout Pipe Band1928
5171Large body of Scouts in various uniforms1928
5172Scout activity at World Jamboree1928
5174Airing the tents at Scout Camp1928
5175Gibraltar sign at Scout World Jamboree 1928
5176Shropshire sign at Scout World Jamboree1928
5177Scout pipers probably at World Jamboree1928
5178Scout flag bearers1928
5179Scouts on parade1928
5180Scouts grouped in pine trees1928
5181Scout flag bearers on parade1928
5182Scout activity at World Jamboree1928
5183A scout group at camp1928
5184Scout Flag Party1928
5186Scout group photograph1928
5187A Scout Leader at summer camp1928
5188Scout leader in 'mufti'1928
5189Scout leaders at camp1928
5190Kyle of Sutherland1936
5191Kyle of Sutherland1936
5192Scout leader with troop and patrol leaders1928
5193Kyle of Sutherland1936
5194Scout leader at camp1928
5195Kyle of Sutherland1936
5196Scout washing at camp1928
5197Loch Scene1936
5198Scout in kilt1928
5199Loch Scene1936
5200A scout sitting against a wire fence1928
5201Scouts at the end of camp1928
5202Loch Scene1936
5203Gentleman standing in a garden1928
5204Young boy - possibly scout recruit1928
5205Group photograph of scout leaders1928
5206Scout leaders in preparing for camp activity1928
5207Scout at door to bell tent1928
5208Scouts cooking at camp1928
5209Scout leader with his cooks1928
5210Scouts enjoying their camp1928
5211Scout 'billie' can cooking or washing up1928
5212Scouts tea 1928
5213Scouts grouped at tea at scout camp1928
5214Scouts at tea with camp fire shelter in background1928
5215Scout patrol1928
5216Four scouts at camp1928
5217Group photograph of scouts1928
5218Scouts at rest in a bell tent1928
5220Scouts grouped at flag pole 1928
5221Scouts sitting outside bell tent1928
5222Loch Scene1936
5223Loch Scene1936
5224River Scene1936
5225River Scene1936
5226Thomas Hardie and an unidentified man in a boat.1936
5227Thomas Hardie and an unidentified man in a boat.1936
5228Kyle of Sutherland ?1936
5229Arched Entrance1936
5230Loch Scene ~ Migdale ?1936
5231Loch Scene ~ Migdale ?1936
5232Steam Boat at Newton Point1936
5233Falls of Lochay, Killin1936
5234Scouts emerging from bell tent1928
5235Scoout Troop Leader standing in front of ridge tent1928
5236Scout emerging from ridge tent1928
5237Scout Troop Leader in full uniform less headdress1928
5238Groop of Patrol leaders and Seconds 1928
5239Scout group photograph1928
5241Scout camp morning inspection1928
5242Scout leaders conducting morning inspection1928
5243Washing at scout camp1928
5244Scouts preparing rhubarb at camp1928
5245Castle ~ Unidentified1936
5246Highland View ~ Glencoe ?1936
5247Highland View ~ Glencoe ?1936
5248Highland View - rugged terrain1936
5249Highland View - Loch with islands1936
5252Highland View ~ Glencoe ?1936
5253Highland View ~ Gathering of Stags1936
5254Highland View - a glen1936
5255Highland View - Oykel ?1936
5256Highland View - houses, loch and mountains1936
5257Highland View - snow on the summits1936
5258Ruined Church1936
5259Ruined Church1936
5260River Scene1936
5261Two Gentlemen and a Lady, thought to be at the entrance to Skibo Castle1936
5262Highland View ~ Dornoch Firth ?1936
5265Thomas Hardie's mother ?1936
5266Castle ~ Unidentified1936
5267Castle ~ Unidentified1936
5268House ~ Unidentified1936
5269Group playing Croquet1936
5270Toast list for presentation of Freedom of Burgh 19281928
5271Conferment of Freedom of Burgh Henry Clunie JP 19731973
5272Newspaper advertisement for tennis equipment1920
5274Feu charter Burgh of Dornoch/Johan McCulloch1945
5275Petition for alterations to St Gilbert's Lodge1932
5276Rules Dornoch Boat Club 18861886
5277Account of expenses James Glass to Dornoch Town Council1750
5278Booklet 'Dornoch and Around'1970
5279Dornoch heritage Society Report 1998 - Dornoch's History1998
5280Burns night 1924 report.1924
5281Programme for visit of Queen Elizabeth to Highlands 19641964
5282Flu Epidemic 1918-191919
5283Obituary Henry Clunie last Dornoch Provost1990
5284Report on Dornoch 1821 - 18311840
5285Map to accompany report on Dornoch 1821 - 18311840
5286Poem entitled "Dornoch in December 1880"1884
5287Photocopy of sketch of Skibo Castle before remodelling1895
5288Sketch of Skibo Castle after remodelling1900
5289Scouts camping in woodland1955
5290Scouts wrapped in blankets beside track1955
5291Scouts climbing in snow1955
5292Scouts in camp1955
5293Scouts at a camp fire in a woodland setting1955
5294Scouts swimming1955
5295Group of scouts at a woodland camp site1955
5296Scouts lining up for food at camp1955
5297Group of scouts at camp1955
5298Misty scene of scout camp1955
5299Scouts in roped off camp kitchen area1955
5300Scouts walking up mountain track1955
5301Group of scouts with their leader1955
5302Portrait photograph of a boy later to become a scout1950
5303Scout when serving in the RAF1940
5304Scout Patrol Second at camp1955
5305Scout with striped woollen scarf1955
5306John Robertson Skibo in full Scout uniform1955
5307Dornoch Academy Magazine 19821982
5309Notes on the Dornoch's municipal buildings 18961896
5310Poster re grazing on the Links 18951885
5311Poster - coronation of King Edward VII 19021902
5312Dornoch Common Lands1990
5313Information on Dornoch, Burgh Reform Act 18321832
5314Assorted information on Dornoch1986
5315Dornoch Burgh Council Minutes 1748, 1754 & 17631748
5316Papers relating to Dornoch Common Good Lands1983
5317Letter from Miss Macleod, Cambridge to Mrs Alford, Dornoch, 19831993
5318Letter from Miss Macleod, Cambridge to Mrs Alford, Dornoch, 19831983
5319Memories of Dornoch by a lady of 881983
5320Inverness Scientific Society & Field Club 18941894
5321Letter to Director of Planning about Dornoch Square 19821982
5322Dornoch Square proposed changes 19821982
5323Proposed envrionmental improvements Dornoch Square 19821982
5324Letter and cloth samples for Burgh officers 18941894
5325Dornoch Tercentenary 1928 and Suisgill Lodge Kildonan1928
5327Guidebook to Dornoch 19691969
5328Folder of notes relating to Dornoch library1980
5329Information on Hoctor Common and other Dornoch locations1996
5330Dornoch's Royal Charter , July 14 16281628
5331Extract from Sutherland papers 17601760
5333Dornoch Heritage Trail 19961996
5334List of land plots related to Balloan 18911891
5335Grand Concert Programme 19121912
5336Extract from Criminal Trials 1576-71567
5337Dornoch Heritage Trail 19851985
5338Dornoch Conservation Area design brief1974
5339Minute of Agreement use of Golf Road by motor vehicles 1932
5340Ticket to Volunteer Ball 18621862
5341Lease - Trustees of Robert Ross Johnstone1931
5342Property transactions Dornoch 1545 - 16011970
5343Feu charter - Duke of Sutherland in favour of Elsie Johnstone 1950
5344Dornoch Burgh Crest 1980
5345Dornoch Jail 11812003
5346Conditions in Dornoch Jail1995
5347Rubbings taken from the town crier's handbell2003
5348Burgess Act in favour of Samuel Gallie 17961796
5349Guide to Dornoch1990
5350Dornoch Official Guide with map of district1940
5351St Andrew's day dinner 19281928
5352Twinning Agreement Dornoch and Zetel 19811981
5355Royal Burgh of Dornoch Guide2008
5357Cessation of operation of Meikle Ferry1982
5358Listed Buildings Dornoch 19841984
5359Obituary of Robert Mackay 19311931
5360Dornoch Castle - A brief history2005
5361Various items of Dornoch news 19201920
5362Trawling Trials at Dornoch 19061906
5363The Splendours of Dornoch1964
5364Sutherland County Ball Ticket and Programme 19541954
5365Town Jail Craft Centre 19501950
5366List of Provosts and Freemen of Dornoch 1626 - 19651965
5367Invitation to presentation of Freedom of Burgh 18941894
5368Bye-laws for the use of the Dornoch Links 19131913
5369Provost W S Fraser and his relatives abroad1851
5370Tour of Dornoch - names of houses, residents and occupations1900
5371Dornoch Highland Gathering 20062006
5372Documents relating to relocation of War Memorial1985
5373Note on salmon at Loch Fleet 19802008
5374Note on building of the Council House 1748-501748
5375Letter re death of Queen Victoria 19011901
5376Dornoch Common Good Lands1995
5377Sale of Drumdivan 19871987
5378Feu charter Burgh of Dornoch/Annie Mackay 19051905
5379Mason work for police station 18611861
5380Burgh Accounts for 1888/18891888
5381Burgess ticket William Taylor 17871787
5382Financial Statement of Free Church Congregation Dornoch 18831883
5383Group playing Croquet1936
5385Ferry crossing at Kylesku1950
5386Thomas Hardie with a picnic1936
5387Stags on hillside at Kyle Sku1950
5388Black-headed Gulls1936
5389Mrs. Hardie, and an Unidentified Gentleman1936
5390Sheep on moorland1950
5391Quinag from the River Inver1950
5392Mountain Loch1936
5393'Tinkers by the River Inver'1950
5396Coulmore from Lochinver Road, Sutherland1950
5397Sheep being driven down a road, possibly Clashmore1936
5398Ben Loyal, near Tongue, Sutherland1950
5399Ardvreck Castle & Quinag Loch, Assynt1950
5400Car crossing a ford1936
5401The Twin Peaks of Quinag from Kylesku, Sutherland1950
5403Reflection of Man and Woman (prob. Mr. and Mrs. Hardie) in car1936
5404Smoo Cave Durness, Sutherland1950
5405Clashnessie Bay, Drumbeg, Sutherland1950
5406Small rowing boat, at sea1936
5407Steam Vessel1936
5408A woman, and two children, in a rowing boat1936
5409Four women, a man, and two children having a beach picnic1936
5410Two women having a beach picnic1936
5411River overflowing its banks1936
5412The Kyle of Sutherland1936
5413Rocky River1936
5414Rocky River1936
5415Dornoch Light Railway ~ Last Train ?1960
5416Gentleman with Silver Cup1936
5417Woman standing in the garden, at Clashmore1936
5418Thomas Hardie, together with three young men and a young woman, in front of a steam roller/tractor1936
5419Young Man (probably Robert) in South Africa1935
5420Man and Boy sitting on the running board of a car1936
5421Lady holding two puppies, outside (probably) 1936
5422Small Dog looking through car window1936
5423Man in soldier's uniform1936
5424Mrs. Ruby Hardie, building a snowman1936
5425Woman standing outside a house ~ possibly 1936
5426Unidentified Woman, in an apron, with a dog and cat sitting on two armchairs1936
5427Two Men in Uniform1936
5428Group of Soldiers in a Tug-of-war1936
5429Two Gentlemen and a Lady, in a garden1936
5430Woman standing at the entrance gate to a house ~ Clashmore ?1936
5431Couple standing in a Rose Garden1936
5432Trellis Arch at the entrance to 1936
5433White Dog1936
5434Seven Servicemen in Uniform1936
5435Man standing against a single-rail fence1936
5436Woman standing against a single-rail fence1936
5437Swan, in a lake ~ Skibo ?1936
5438Swan, in a lake ~ Skibo ?1936
5439The Lake at Skibo, with the swimming pool and Castle in the background1936
5440Two Ladies in the front garden of a house1936
5441Three Sports Cars being driven along Castle Street, Dornoch1936
5445Ship under construction, surrounded by Cranes1936
5446Steam Ship, sailing away from camera1936
5447Train pulling into, or out of, a station1936
5448Train passing a river1936
5449Train approaching a viaduct1936
5450Train at Dornoch Station1936
5451Train at Dornoch Station, with soldiers looking out of the windows1936
5452Dornoch Academy Magazine 19471947
5453Dornoch Academy Magazine 19571957
5454Burgh Council Minutes 9 Nov 1877 - golf club lease1877
5455British Legion Dinner c 19451945
5456Ministry of Food handwritten letter and envelope 19451945
5457Dornoch Company Seaforth Highlanders Volunteers 18801880
5458Remembrance Day Service, November 1983 1983
5459British Legion, Dornoch, Dedication of King's colours 19511951
5460Dedication of Dornoch Branch King's Colours 19511951
5461Pipe Band March Past - dedication of King's colours 19511951
5462Saluting dias party - dedication of King' Colours 19511951
5463Parade inspection - dedication of King's Colours 19511951
5464Inspection of parade - dedication of King's Colours 19512008
5465The First Plane to land in Dornoch1930
5466Inspecting officer salutes new King's Colours 19512008
5467Dedication of Colours Dornoch 1951 - Parade Orders1951
5468Dedication of Kings' Colours 1951 - Order of Service1951
54695th Seaforth Highlanders TA departing Dornoch Station1939
5470Two Women and a Boy standing in front of G-AAWZ1930
5471NRA Bisley Meeting 18921892
5472Aeroplane G-AAGR ~ landing or taking off1930
5473Attestation Form Three Years with the Colours 19141914
5474Competitors Final Stage of King' Prize Bisley 1860 -19031903
5475Aeroplane G-ACIT1930
5476Sgt Bethune at Bisley c 18901880
5477Discharge Certificate Territorial Force Soldier 19081908
5478Dornoch Academy Class 1A 19491949
5479Dornoch Academy Class 19531953
5480Aeroplane G-ACIT1930
5481Dornoch Academy Pupils 19491949
5482Dornoch Academy c 19461946
5483Light Aircraft1930
5484Dornoch Academy Session 1955 - 561955
5485Extract from History of Skibo1910
5486School Attendance award - Book 'Twice Bought'1894
5487Colour Party Stafford Court opening 19861986
5488Opening ceremony Stafford Court 19861986
5489Opening of Stafford Court Speech by Hugh Steele JP1986
5490Opening of Stafford Court British Legion Housing1986
5491British Legion Housing ' 'A Home Fit For Heroes'1986
5493Farewell to Rev Frederick H Fulton Dornoch Cathedral1975
5494Programme for Official Opening of Stafford Court Dornoch1986
5495Receipt for rent of Golf Club locker 19501950
5496Invitation to Morning Service - Visit of HRH The Prince of Wales1989
5497Morning Service - 750th Anniversary Dornoch Cathedral1989
5498Concert by Glasgow Phoenix Choir at Dornoch Cathedral 19891989
5499Musical Evening at Skibo Castle 19841984
5500Celebrating 750 years of worship at Dornoch Cathedral1988
5501Cathedral Minister Opts for Rural Parish1975
5502Newspaper article 'The Repose of Dornoch'1976
5503Dornoch Cathedral Young Musician Competition 19891989
5504Four Sports Cars in Dornoch Square1930
5505Re-used stone in Dornoch Cathedral Nave2008
5506The Dornoch 'Imp'2008
5507Man putting the shot at the Dornoch Games1936
5508The Dornoch 'Imp' wall location2008
5509The Dornoch 'Imp' wall location in Castle Street2008
5510Re-use of stones in garden inEaglefield Road, Dornoch2008
5511Man putting the shot at Dornoch Games1936
5512Garden in Eaglefield Road Dornoch - re-use of stones2008
5513Re-use of Dornoch ruin stones - garden Eaglefield Rd Dornoch2008
5514St Gilbert St Dornoch garden - re-use of ruin stone2008
5515Dornoch Social Club Insurance and Performing Rights Tariff1977
5516Dornoch ~ View from the Cathedral1936
5517Colonel Ian Hamilton taking the salute for the 29th Division1930
5518Sheriff J W Forbes2008
5519Lady walking in front of a house1936
5520Minute Book of the Dornoch Social Club 1939 - 19791939
5521Disposition by School Board of Dornoch 19141914
5523Documentation for Dornoch Festival Week 1980 - 19911980
5524Dornoch ~ View from the Cathedral1936
5525Man and Woman, in garden1936
5526Man and Woman, in garden1936
5527Hebridean Singer ~ The Arts League Travelling Theatre1936
5528Two men, a woman, and a boy standing in front of a loch1936
5529Pipe Band marching along Castle Street, Dornoch1936
5530Girl Guides and Boy Scouts parading in Dornoch Square1935
5531Man and woman, with headphones connected to an early radio set1936
5532Mine floating in the water1936
5533Man and woman, with headphones connected to an early radio set1936
5534Mine floating in the water1936
5535Doune of Criech & Dornoch Firth, Bonar Bridge1950
5536Motor coach in front of Bridge Hotel, Bonar Bridge1935
5537The three span, second bridge built at Bonar Bridge1950
5538Group of lady and two girls sitting beside road1950
5539The tree lined road Spinningdale to Bonar Bridge1950
5540Dornoch Firth at Spinningdale1950
5541Road from Bonar Bridge approaching Spinningdale1950
5542Approach to Spinningdale from Clashmore direction1950
5543Fairy Glen, Spinningdale1950
5544Tinted postcard of Fairy Glen, Spinningdale1950
5545Footpath through woodland at Fairy Glen, Spinningdale1950
5546Fairy Glen, The Dornoch Firth, near Spinningdale1950
5547Picnic at Fairy Glen c 19301930
5548Photograph of a Dornoch group on an outing c 19351935
5549Loch Laggan1950
5550Dornoch Cathedral 1930's1930
5551Ospisdale Garden with Miss Kathlyn Lyon on sundial walk1920
5552Ospisdale Farm House with the Wilson family1920
5553Clashmore west end1930
5554Carnegie Hall and Library Clashmore c 19301934
5555Post Office Clashmore1930
5556Bathing Beach and Caravan Site, Dornoch1920
5557Sutherland Council roadworks in Castle Street2008
5558Dornoch Drum Major Sinclair Gunn.1950
5559Sutherland Arms Hotel Dornoch1920
5560Hector Ross of the Sutherland Arms Hotel 19481948
5561Dornoch Pipe Band c 19501950
5562Lttle Ferry on the Dornoch Firth1930
5563Castle Street, Dornoch c 19301930
5565Dornoch taken from above the station looking north east1930
5566Photograph of house with annotation St Andrews2008
5567Dunrobin Castle from the air1950
5568Abden 19061906
5569Dornoch looking East1930
5570Abden, Dornoch1930
5571Castle Street, Dornoch1930
5572Children on Dornoch beach rocks1930
5573'Ardock Cottage Struie Cottage'.1930
5574Dornoch Cathedral1930
5575Dornoch Cathedral from the south1935
5576Castle Street, Dornoch looking west1950
5577Embo Pier1955
5578Dornoch Amenities Queen c 19501950
5579School House & Bank of Scotland House, High Street, Dornoch2008
5580'Golf View' house, Dornoch1910
5582 'Benoran', Dornoch1920
5583'Fynbar' Dornoch1930
5584Abden, Dornoch1930
5585Dornoch from field below Struie Road1930
5586'Firth View' Dornoch1930
5587Buttling Walk John O'Groats to Lands End1950
5588The Buttling Walk from John O'Groats to Lands End1950
5589Barrow's Castle or Northfield now Burghfield Hotel1930
5590"Barrow's Castle or Northfield now Burghfield" 1930
5591County Roadmen hard at work in Castle Street 19541954
5592Castle Street in snow1950
5593Bonar Bridge Hotels1970
5594Skibo Castle and gardens1950
5595Skibo Castle and gardens in colour1950
5596Dornoch Cathedral with a horse and rider in foreground1950
5597Dornoch Castle from west1940
5598The Square Dornoch and its surrounding buildings2008
5599Old Castle from the cathedral tower1950
5600Holiday makers on Dornoch Beach1950
5601The Mound - The Road to Golspie1965
5602Buttling Walk from John O'Groats to Lands End1950
5603Falls of Shin1950
5604Shin Falls1950
5605East Dornoch from the air2008
5606Red Deer Stags1950
5607Black sheep in typical highland setting1950
5608Dornoch Cathedral1950
5609Dornoch Cathedral from the area of the Burghfield hotel1950
5610Dornoch Links and caravan site1950
5611Novelty Cartoon, with inscription 1913
5612Beach and Links, Dornoch1930
5613Nave and statue Duke of Sutherland, Dornoch Cathedral1950
5614The Chancel, Dornoch Cathedral1950
5616Dornoch Cathedral 1950
5617The Beach, Dornoch1950
5618Royal Dornoch Golf Course postcard1950
5619Houses at Bishopsfield, Dornoch1950
5621Dornoch from School Hill / Argyll Street1950
5622Skibo estate office and road to Dornoch1930
5623Victoria Cottage, Dornoch1906
5624Skibo Estate Office and Clashmore House1930
5625Dornoch Cathedral and Castle2008
5626The Harbour & Culag Hotel, Lochinver1950
5627Dornoch from the north-west1930
5628Dornoch from the west2008
5630Dornoch from the east2008
5631Dornoch from the Cathedral2008
5634Dornoch 1959
5636Double Scotch from Dornoch1968
5637Dornoch from the air2008
5638Dornoch Hotel ~ Aerial view2008
5639Dornoch from the Cathedral tower2008
5640Dornoch from the Cathedral tower1955
5641Dornoch from the Cathedral tower2008
5642Dornoch from the Cathedral Tower2008
5643Dornoch looking east1915
5644Dornoch from Grange Road, looking west1962
5645Dornoch from the north-east2008
5646Dornoch from the south-east1905
5647Kenny Macrae's family - Seaforth Highlanders group1916
5648Book - descendants of Grace & Donald Mackay, Davochfin1996
5649Census for Creich 1871 or 18811871
5650Inhabitants of Creich 1822?1822
5651Statute labour list Creich 18311831
5652Statute labour list Creich 18401840
5653Statute labour list Creich 18431843
5654Boog family file including James Boog of Dornoch1990
5655Annat family file1990
5656Family Tree of the Murrays of Achvaich1990
5657Mrs Mackenzie's pioneering family in Canada2002
5660Descendants of William Ross of Invercharron2002
5661Notes on the genealogy of the Murray family of Sutherland2002
5662Descendants of William Mackay of Farr2001
5663Wedding Photograph 19301944
5664The Murray boys c 19201920
5665Newspaper cutting of 'Dornoch Academicals in 1920s'1920
5666Dornoch Academy 1920's1920
5667Dornoch Academy class in 1920's1920
5668Antiquities in Easter Ross and Sutherland1900
5671Dornoch 3rd Eleven Football team 19531953
5672Dornoch Football team 19371937
5673Dornoch Football Team 19531953
5674Norse influence in Caithness2008
5675Notes on Norse names/place names1990
5676The Vikings in East Sutherland2008
5677Report on Sutherland Field Club papers 19891989
5678Weather in Sutherland in 18791879
5679Predisposition of Plants to perpetuate their own Species 18801880
5680Letter from Largo Field Naturalists' Society 18801880
5681Rules of the Largo Field Naturalists' Society1863
5682David Leitch1863
5683Rules of the Sutherland Field Club 18801880
5684Short Cist and its contents found near Dunrobin Castle 18801880
5685Excursion to Ferry Links - Sutherland Field Club Apr 18801880
5686Flint implements found at Little Ferry 18801880
5687Notes on flint implements found at Little Ferry 18811880
5688Notes on structure found at Dunrobin 18801880
5689Notes on Etymology of Kintradwell 18801880
5690Notes on a Collection of Garden Weeds 18801880
5691Weather Report for January 18801880
5692Sutherland Field Club secretary's report for 18801880
5693Weather report for 18821880
5694Orkney boat burial finds1991
5695Vikings in the Dornoch area1985
5696The Vikings in the Dornoch Area1985
5697The Vikings in the Dornoch Area2008
5698Thomas Mackay of Sandycroft2002
5699Origin of name Torboll1990
5700Origin of the name of Torboll1990
5701Norse Place Names1990
5702Ospisdale brooch800
5703Ospisdale brooch800
5704Dornoch Primary School Christmas 20042004
5705Dornoch Primary School Christmas show 20042004
5706Dornoch Primary School Concert Christmas 20042004
5707Dornoch Primary School Christmas 2004 Recorders 2004
5708Group of five people and car at time of 1928 pageant1928
5709Group of five people and car taken at time of 1928 pageant1928
5710Performers at 1928 Pageant1928
5711Performers 1928 Pageant1928
57121928 Pageant fight enactment1928
5713Freedom of Burgh 1928 - Duke of Sutherland speaking1928
5714Freedom of Burgh - Duke of Sutherland & Viscount Rothermere1928
5715Dias group Freedom Ceremony 19281928
5716Dias outside County Building Dornoch, Freedom Ceremony 19281928
5717Freedom of Burgh Ceremony 19281928
5718Speech - Freedom of Burgh Ceremony 19281928
5719Duke of Sutherland signing Freedom Document 19282008
5720Document proceedings Freedom of Burgh 19281928
5721Speech - Freedom of Burgh ceremony 19281928
5722Freedom of Burgh Ceremony 19281928
5723Freedom Ceremony 19291928
5724Ceremony of the granting of the Freedom of the Burgh 19281928
5725Viscount Rothermere receiving the Freedom of Burgh 19281928
5726Duke of Sutherland at Freedom of Burgh Ceremony 19281928
5727Swearing of oath ceremony Freedom of Burgh 19281928
5728Duke of Sutherland following Freedom Ceremony 19281928
5729Freedom Ceremony 19281928
5730Duke of Sutherlands speech Freedom ceremony 19281928
5731Freedom Ceremony Dornoch 19281928
5732Duke of Sutherland with Freedom document 19281928
5733Crowd gathered in front of dias - Freedom of Burgh ceremony 19281928
5734Procession of dignitaries Freedom of Burgh 19281928
5735Freedom of Burgh 1928 audience1928
5736Performers battle re-enactment 1928 Pageant1928
5737Performers in 1928 Pageant costume1928
5738Lady with pages and attendant Dornoch Pageant 19281928
5739Elegant performance at Dornoch Pageant 19281929
5740Lady performer with pages in Dornoch Pageant 19281928
5741Pageant duel 19281928
5742Lady performer dismounting from horse Pageant 19281928
5743Mock battle 1928 Pageant1928
5744Elegant costurmes - group of six - Dornoch Pageant 19281928
5745Ladies attending the Freedom of Burgh Ceremony 19281928
5746Ladies on dias Freedom of Burgh Ceremony 19281928
5747Ladies' elegant costumes Dornoch Pageant 19281928
5748Ladies on side dias Freedom of Burgh 19281928
5749Performers at sun dial Dornoch Pageant 19281928
5750Performers dressed as fish women Dornoch Pageant 19281928
5751Hardies' dog Mutt at Clashmore 19221922
5752"Terry" at Clashmore1922
5753"Toto" at Clashmore1923
5754"Peter" and self (Thomas Hardie) ~ Nairobi, Kenya Colony1928
5755Front Garden, Musgrave Road ( Nairobi ? )1932
5756Thomas and Ruby Hardie1932
5757Garden at Musgrave Road, Nairobi1932
5758Man ( Thomas Hardie ? ) in garden ~ Nairobi ?1932
5760"Precious" ~ Arthur1932
5762"Toto", self (Thomas Hardie) and another1932
5763The Monkeys ~ Father, mother and baby1932
5764The Bungalow, Pinetown, Natal, S. A.1935
5765Toto with twins1935
5766Pets ~ Judy, Adam, Jean, and Gipsy at Pinetown (Natal)1935
5767Mrs. Green, Ruby (Hardie), and the twins ~ Pinetown (Natal)1935
5768Children's Playground ~ Durban1935
5769Table Mountain, with customs sheds in foreground1935
5770RMS Arundel Castle in Table Bay1935
5771Boats of RMS Armadale Castle at rowing practice1935
5772Children's Sports1935
5773Children's Fancy-Dress Winners1935
5774Ladies' Sports ~ Bobbing for Apples ~ RMS Armadale Castle1935
5775Mrs. Parker, Ruby (Hardie), and Mrs. Macmillan (Mac) on board RMS Armadale Castle1935
5776T. Fraser, Mr. Lewis, Ruby (Hardie), Miss Specks ~ on board RMS Armadale Castle1935
5777"The Magpies" ~ on board RMS Armadale Castle1935
5778Views of Edinburgh ~ The Castle1936
5779Views of Edinburgh ~ towards Princes Street1936
5780Views of Edinburgh ~ Scott Monument1936
5781Views of Edinburgh ~ Calton Hill1936
5782Views of Edinburgh ~ Palace of Holyroodhouse1936
5783Views of Edinburgh ~ The Castle1936
5784Forth Railway Bridge1936
5785Forth Railway Bridge1936
5786Floral Clock1936
5787Town View ~ Unidentified1936
5788Thomas Hardie at a Ruined Abbey1936
5789Ruined Abbey1936
5790Bushey Park1936
5791Henry VIII's Garden at Hampton Court Palace1936
5792Bushey Park1936
5793The Base Court, Hampton Court Palace1936
5794The Knot Garden at Hampton Court Palace1936
5795St. Paul's Cathedral1936
5796Houses of Parliament, and Westminster Bridge1936
5797Fountain Court, Hampton Court Palace1936
5798Trafalgar Square, London1936
5799Buckingham Palace, London1936
5800Hardie Group at ships rail1950
5801Hardie group of friends at ship's rail1950
5802Group at ship's rail - Mr Hardie's friends1950
5803From the Hardie 1950 album - two unknown men1950
5804Loch Migdale1950
5805Dornoch Firth from above Spinningdale1950
5806Skelbo Glen near Dornoch1930
5807Man hoeing - possibly on Skibo Estate1930
5808'Always the perfect lady'1930
5809Skibo Castle1930
5810Dornoch Castle from the south2008
5811Mr Hardie fishing1930
5812Dornoch Cathedral from the south1930
5813Fishing - Mr Hardie?1930
5814Mr Hardie Fishing1930
5815Fountain in a formal garden1930
5816Horse drawn harvesting1930
5817Lairg Sheep Sales - overview of site1930
5818Moorland - possibly on Skibo Estate1930
5819Mr Hardie at a moorland river 2008
5820John O'Groats - Lands End Signpost1930
5821Two boats at anchor in a loch1930
5822Loch view1930
5823Golf competition presentation - at Skibo?1930
5824H M Ross, Sutherland Arms and T Hardie, Factor of Skibo1930
5825Dornoch Pipe Band c 19301930
5826Mr Hardie at an ornamental fountain1930
5827Golf group1930
5828A picnic group c 19301930
5829The West Front ~ Hampton Court Palace1936
5830The West Front ~ Hampton Court Palace1936
5831Westminster Abbey, London1936
5832The Tower of London1936
5833Scaffold Site, Tower of London1936
5834Tower of London1936
5835Bell Tower and Byward ~ Tower of London1936
5836The Bloody Tower ~ Tower of London1936
5837The Crown Jewels ~ Tower of London1936
5838Group of Children in sailor suits1936
5839Two couples in front of a naval gun1936
5840Ruby Hardie, with two dogs and a cat ~ Natal, South Africa1936
5841Thomas and Ruby Hardie ~ probably South Africa1936
5842Three of Thomas Hardie's dogs1936
5844The Hardies' Bungalow, Pinetown, Natal, S.A.1935
5845The Hardies' Bungalow, Pinetown, Natal, S.A.1935
5846Waterworks, with two people and dogs1936
5847Road Broch at Keiss2008
5848Broch at Killin, above Loch Brora2008
5849Broch at Killin, above Loch Brora2008
5850Broch at Suisgill ~ near river2008
5851Broch at Clachtoll ~ Lintel Slab2008
5852Broch at Clachtoll ~ Seaward side2008
5853Un-named Broch ~ near Duible, Kildonan2008
5854Broch ~ Carn Mhor,Birchfield, Ross2008
5855Broch ~ in forest at Skelbo2008
5856Broch at Dun Maigh, Tongue2008
5857Entrance to Broch at Dun Maigh, Tongue2008
5858Broch at Kilphedir2008
5859Broch at Loch Rangag2008
5860Broch at Kintradwell2008
5861Entrance to broch at Kintradwell2008
5862Broch at Carn Bran, Glen Loth2008
5863Broch at Carn Liath, Strath Steven2008
5864Entrance to broch at Carn Liath, Strath Steven2008
5865Broch at Castle Cole, Strathbrora2008
5866Doorway of broch at Castle Cole, Strathbrora2008
5867Aumries ~ Broch at Castle Cole, Strathbrora2008
5868Entrance to Broch at Backies2008
5869Entrance to Broch at Ousdale2008
5870Guard Chamber ~ Broch at Ousdale2008
5871Recess ~ Broch at Ousdale2008
5872Broch at Kinnauld2008
5873Entrance to Broch at Kinnauld2008
5874Gallery ~ Broch at Carrol2008
5875Staircase ~ Broch at Carrol2008
5876Broch at Sandy Dun, Invernaver2008
5877Broch at Sandy Dun, Invernaver2008
5878Broch at Coich, Sciberscross2008
5879Outer Wall of Broch at Torwood, Stirling2008
5880Broch in Dunrobin Wood2008
5881Broch at Grum-more2008
5882Broch at Dornadilla2008
5883Broch at Sallachaidh, looking over Loch Shin2008
5884The Broch of Mousa, Shetland2008
5885Sallachaidh Broch ~ looking south-east2008
5886Broch at Carn Liath, Bunahoun Strath Halladale2008
5887Dunchary Broch2008
5888Entrance to the Borg, Forsinain2008
5889Langdale Broch, Strathnaver2008
5890Langdale Broch, Strathnaver2008
5891Ach Coillean Borgie Broch2008
5892Allt an Dun Broch, Skelpick2008
5893Causeway and Broch ~ Dun Creagach, Loch Naver2008
5894Lintel and End of Causeway ~ Broch at Dun Creagach2008
5895Killearnan Broch2008
5896Broch at Ach an Dun, Eriboll2008
5897Broch at Ach an Dun, Eriboll2008
5898Broch at Dun Trodden, Glenelg2008
5899Broch at Dun Trodden, Glenelg ~ from inside2008
5900Broch at Dun Trodden, Glenelg ~ Galleries2008
5901Broch at Dun Telve, Glenelg ~ from west2008
5902Broch at Dun Telve, Glenelg ~ Doorway2008
5903Broch at Dun Telve, Glenelg ~ from inside2008
5904Broch at Dun Beag, Struan More, Skye ~ Guard Chamber2008
5905Broch at Dun Beag, Struan More, Skye ~ Entrance2008
5906Cnoc Alldabreac Broch ~ near Dalchork2008
5907Broch at Dun Carloway, Lewis2008
5908Broch at Dalchrok2008
5909Chambered Tomb ~ Cairn of Get, Garrywhin2008
5910Chambered Tomb ~ Cist, Loch More2008
5911Camster Long Cairn ~ Orthostat2008
5912Reconstructed Second Chamber ( Camster ? )2008
5913Chambered Tomb ~ Chamber at Camster Long Cairn2008
5914Chambered Tomb ~ Coillenaborgie Long Horned Cairn2008
5915Chambered Tomb ~ Invershin Cairn2008
5916Coillenaborgie Middle Cairn2008
5917Chambered Tomb ~ Lyne, near Assynt2008
5918Chambered Tomb ~ Embo Street2008
5919Chambered Tomb at Clava Mains, with causeway and circle2008
5920Chambered Tomb at Clava Mains Cairn (9) ~ Passage Grave2008
5921Chambered Tomb at Clava Mains Cairn (8) ~ Ring Cairn2008
5922Chambered Tomb at Ascoile ~ Cairn Alt a'Mhuilnn2008
5923Chambered Tomb at Clava Mains Cairn (10) ~ Passage Grave2008
5924Chambered Tomb at Air nam Ban, Strath Brora2008
5925Chambered Tomb ~ Cairn at Rearquhar2008
5926Chambered Tomb ~ Letty's Grave, Lettaidh, Rogart2008
5927Kist on Cairn ~ Achageary2008
5928Chambered Tomb ~ Grave at Blarich2008
5929Chambered Tomb at Boath ~ Short Horned Cairn2008
5930Chambered Tomb at Kilournan, in forest ~ Long Cairn2008
5931Chambered Tomb at Boath ~ Chamber2008
5932Chambered Tomb at Kyleoag ~ Secondary Chamber2008
5933Chambered Tomb at Rhiconich2008
5934Chambered Tomb at Skail ~ Remnants of Chamber2008
5935Chambered Tomb at Badnabay ~ Central Chamber 2008
5936Chambered Tomb at Salzcraggie ~ Ruins of Long Cairn2008
5937Chambered Tomb at Dun Carn Fhamhair, Eddrachillies2008
5938Chambered Tomb at Dun Carn Fhamhair, Eddrachillies2008
5939Chamber of Chambered Tomb at Embo2008
5940Chambered Tomb at Embo ~ Cist in Cairn2008
5941Chambered Tomb at Clashmore2008
5942Chambered Tomb at Evelix2008
5943Chambered Tomb at Carn Liath ~ Torboll Chamber2008
5944Chambered Tomb at Coillenaborgie ~ North Cairn2008
5945Chambered Tomb at Carn Liath ~ Torboll Entrance2008
5946Chambered Tomb ~ Rearquhar Cist2008
5947Group in front garden at Clashmore 19351935
5948Formal garden with ornamental fountain1930
5949Mr Hardie, Factor of Skibo Estate, fishing at a lake1930
5950Group of five at Clashmore?1930
5951View of cliffs and stack, taken from ship's rail1930
5952Dolphins 1930
5953Bishops Palace Elgin1930
5954Ruins of Elgin Cathedral1930
5955Elgin Cathedral Chapter House Pillar1930
5956Elgin Cathedral ruins1930
5957Sheep trials1930
5958Sheep Trial Competitor1930
5959View of a Loch - Eriboll?1930
5960Woman and two children1930
5962Thomas Hardie and his mother1930
5964Couple and child1930
5965Mr and Mrs Hardie parents of Thomas Hardie1930
5966Garden group including Mr & Mrs Hardie parents of Thomas1930
5967Thomas Hardie's parents1930
5968Government property toilet roll1940
5969Sutherland Table of Distances 18821882
5970Andrew Jameson KC Sheriff of Ross Cromarty and Sutherland1900
5971G J Campbell Sheriff of Ross Cromarty and Sutherland 1900
5972C J Guthrie KC Sheriff of Ross Cromarty and Sutherland1900
5973A Sheriff of Ross, Cromarty and Sutherland c 19101910
5974Donald Taylor Sheriff's Clerk 1846-1895 - pencil drawing1910
5975Donald Taylor Sheriff's Clerk 1846-1895 - chalk drawing1880
5976Dornoch Cricket Club c 19851980
5977Range marker 800 yards1910
5978Chambered Tomb at Carn Liath, Kildonan ~ Remains of Round Cairn 2008
5979Chambered Tomb at Achue ~ Cairn of the Red Dog2008
5980Chambered Tomb at Achue ~ Horned Cairn2008
5981Chambered Tomb at Caen ~ Long Cairn south2008
5982Chambered Tomb at Caen ~ Long Cairn north2008
5983Chambered Tomb at Achany2008
5984Chambered Tomb at Achinail ~ Cairn2008
5985Chambered Tomb ~ Cnoc Odhar, above Cambusavie2008
5986Chambered Tomb at Kinloch2008
5987Chambered Tomb at Glenelg ~ Chamber of Cairn2008
5988Chambered Tomb at Alt Sgiathaig ~ Cairn2008
5989Chambered Tomb at Ardvreck ~ Cairn2008
5990Chambered Tomb at Stronchrubie ~ Cairn2008
5991Chambered Tomb at Achageary, Strathnaver ~ Cairn2008
5992Chambered Tomb at Achageary, Strathnaver ~ Chamber of Cairn2008
5993'The Smiddy' at the Meadows1982
5994'The Smiddy', The Meadows, Dornoch1982
5995Fireplace at 'The Smiddy' The Meadows, Dornoch1982
5996'The Smiddy', The Meadows, Dornoch - colour photograph1982
5997Meadows Road, Dornoch 19821982
5998Eaglefield Road Dornoch 1982 1982
5999Meadows Road, Dornoch southern side1982
6000'The Meadows' house Dornoch2008
6001'The Meadows' house, Dornoch - garden and adjacent houses1982
6002Miss Ria S Millar last teacher at Balvraid Scbool1960
6003Clashmore - 'A Village to Quicken the Poet's Pen'2008
6004Highland Archaeological Excursion 11 October 20082008
6005Dornoch Cubs 1988-891988
6006Dornoch Brownies on parade 1988 - 19891988
6007Dornoch Cubs and Brownies on parade 1988 - 19891988
6008Dornoch Cubs and Akela Tessa Wild 1988 - 19891988
6009Weighing scales from Dornoch Station1901
6010Carved stone found near Dornoch Library1601
6011Chambered Tomb ~ Fiscary Cairn (235)2008
6012Chambered Tomb ~ Cullerne Ring Cairn, near Inverness2008
6013Chambered Tomb ~ Fiscary Cairn (234)2008
6014Chambered Tomb ~ West Cairn, Fiscary (237)2008
6015Chambered Tomb ~ Cullerne Ring Cairn, near Inverness2008
6016Chambered Tomb ~ Clava type Tomb, Allanfearn, near Culloden2008
6017Chambered Tomb at Skelpick Farm ~ Unexcavated Cairn (240)2008
6018Chambered Tomb ~ Chamber of Skelpick Round Cairn (239)2008
6019Chambered Tomb ~ Long Horned Cairn, Skelpick (241)2008
6020Chambered Tomb at Baile Marghait ~ Long Cist2008
6021Chambered Tomb at Baile Marghait ~ Short Cist2008
6022Stone Circle at Corrimony, Glen Urquhart2008
6023Chambered Tomb at Corrimony, Glen Urquhart ~ Passage2008
6024Chambered Tomb at The Ord, Lairg 2008
6025Chambered Tomb at The Ord, Lairg ~ Entrance to Chamber2008
6026Chambered Tomb at The Ord, Lairg ~ Chamber of Cairn2008
6027Hut Circle, Salzcraggie2008
6028Hut Circle, Achosnich2008
6029Hut Circle, on Seanval to Clyne Old Track2008
6030Hut Circle, Kilphedir2008
6031Hut Circle, Caen2008
6032Hut Circle, Dalharold, Strathnaver2008
6033Hut Circle, Torrish2008
6034Hut Circle, Achinael (118)2008
6035Hut Circle, Creag an Amalaidh (111)2008
6036Hut Circle, Baile Marghait2008
6037Round House, Eriboll ~ looking north through door2008
6038Round House (Eriboll?) ~ inside, showing east shelter2008
6039Round House (Eriboll?) ~ inside, showing south-west shelter2008
6040Enclosure ~ Brae Langwell, Berriedale2008
6041Round House, Eriboll ~ from the south-west, showing window2008
6042Garage in St Gilbert's Street, Dornoch2007
6043Interior of St Gilbert Street garage, Dornoch2007
6044The heating stove, St Gilbert Street garage, Dornoch2007
6045Forge in St Gilbert Street garage, Dornoch2007
6046Garage buildings St Gilbert Street, Dornoch2007
6047Old fish and chip shop at rear of St Gilbert Street garage2007
6048Interior of old fish and chip shop St Gilbert Street garage2007
6049The Plaiden Ell, Dornoch Cathedral churchyard1300
6050The Mercat Cross, Dornoch1300
605130 Year Membership Badge, National Union of Railwaymen1950
6052Mr & Mrs Duncan Matheson with MG TC car2007
6053LMS Railway Service Badge1950
6054Lochgorm Works, Inverness Railway Badge1950
6055Old woman who lived in a shoe, Dornoch Festival week1980
6056'Jaws' - pram race, Dornoch Festival week1980
6057'Jaws' inc Castle Street during pram race, Dornoch Festival week1980
6058'Timmy the Tortoise' - pram race, Dornoch Festival week1980
6059Competitors Dornoch Festival week pram race1980
6060Wheelhouse ~ Coll Tulloch, Houstry2008
6061Wag at Forse2008
6062Wag at Forse2008
6063Wag at Forse2008
6064Iron Age Homestead ~ Alt a Choire Mhoir2008
6065Wag/Wheelhouse at Sciberscross ~ 2nd Enclosure East2008
6066Homestead below Learable Hill (on west)2008
6067Galleried Homestead at Kintradwell2008
6068Wag/Wheelhouse at Ach Coillena Borgie ~ outside broch2008
6069Enclosure below Allt an Dun2008
6070Iron Age Homestead ~ Drumergid2008
6071Enclosure at Sciberscross ~ near Graveyard2008
6072Iron Age Homestead at Drumergid ~ Enclosing Wall2008
6073Enclosure (or Fort) ~ Ord Lairg2008
6074Site of Early Cell ~ Attansagart2008
6075Wag/Wheelhouse at Strath Steven ~ outside broch2008
6076Derailment at the Mound1930
6077Wag/Wheelhouse at Nybster2008
6078Winning team Dornoch Festival week pram race1980
6079Wag/Wheelhouse at Nybster2008
6080'The Flying Pickets' Dornoch Festival week pram race1980
6081'Groucho Marx' Dornoch Festival week pram race1980
6082Wag/Wheelhouse ~ Island, Loch Brora2008
6083Start of pram race Dornoch Festival week1980
6084'White Lining' - pram race Dornoch Festival week1980
6085Enclosure at Loth2008
6086Wag/Wheelhouse ~ Grianaan, Loch Hacoin2008
6087Crannog, east end of Loch Shin2008
6088Enclosure ~ Kinnauld (NW)2008
6089Enclosure ~ Kinnauld (E)2008
6090Homestead ~ Kinnauld2008
6091'HMS Dodo - pram race Dornoch Festival week1980
6092Start of pram race Dornoch Festival week1980
6093Participants plus dog pram race Dornoch Festival week1980
6094Competitors & spectators pram race Dornoch Festival week1980
6095Pirates in the pram race Dornoch Festival week1980
6096Young competitors in the pram race Dornoch Festival week1980
6097Dornoch Festival week pet show1980
6098Pram race entry Dornoch Festival week1980
6099Dornoch Festival week stall at street fair1980
6100Wire Bell puzzle Dornoch Festival week stall1980
6101Refreshment stall Dornoch Festival week1980
6102Refreshment stall and helpers Dornoch Festival week1980
6103Participants in the Dornoch Festival week1980
6104Enclosure ~ Lettaidh2008
6105Enclosure ~ Lettaidh2008
6106Mesolithic Midden, near Meikle Ferry2008
6107Enclosure ~ Craggan Astle2008
6108Enclosure below Duchary Broch2008
6109Earth House at Kirkton ~ Entrance from inside2008
6110Earth House at Kirkton ~ Inner Gallery2008
6111Earth House ~ Portmancon2008
6112Earth House at Glen Loth ~ East Souterrain2008
6113Earth House at Glen Loth ~ West Souterrain 2008
6114Earth House by Helmsdale River2008
6115Earth House by Fhionn Fhuaraidh2008
6116Earth House at Achinnearin ~ Exposed inner end2008
6117Earth House by Suisgill Burn2008
6118Hut Circle and Earth House ~ Caen2008
6119Earth House at Eriboll ~ Head of Loch2008
6120Earth House at Cracknie2008
6121Earth House at Cracknie2008
6122Enclosure at Kinnauld2008
6123Earth House under Silver Rock2008
6124Stone Circle at Achavanich II ~ Most northerly stone2008
6125Stone Circle (believed to be ) at Achavanich III ~ Horse-shoe shape and Loch Sternster2008
6126Stone Circle at Aberscross2008
6127Stone Circle at Linside, near Altass2008
6128Stone Circle at Guidebeest2008
6129Stone Circle at Auchinduich2008
6130Stone Circle at Dalharold, Strathnaver2008
6131Stone Circle at Dalharold, Strathnaver2008
6132Stone Circle at Braegrudie2008
6133Stone Circle at Braegrudie2008
6134Chambered Cairn at Ledbeg, near Elphin2008
6135Chambered Cairn at Batcharn, Lairg2008
6136Chambered Cairn at Learable Hill ~ East Slope2008
6137Archer's Cist ~ Skelbo Forestry2008
6138Chambered Cairn at Learable ~ on cairn, south of standing stone2008
6139Hut Circle, Savalbeag, by Lairg2008
6140Hut Circle at Brae Langwell, Berridale2008
6141Chambered Tombs at Meayll Circle, Rushen, Isle of Man2008
6142Chambered Tomb at Maes Howe, Orkney2008
6143Wag/Homestead at Carn an Uaighe, Loth ~ Hunting Lodge2008
6144Wag, Loth ~ North of Carn nam Wag2008
6145Wag at Loth ~ North of wag at ref. 61442008
6146Article on burning of Janet Horne2000
6147Dornoch drainage scheme 19811981
6148Carnegie Mansion, New York1910
6149Prudential Annual Report 19101910
6150Mourning envelopes2008
6151Prudential Assurance Co Ltd - Some references1910
6152Financial statement of the Free Church, Dornoch 18831883
6153Extract from Parish Life in the North of Scotland c 17901790
6154Dornoch information guide c 19701970
6155Arnaud Massey playing golf at Dornoch1920
6156Dornoch Academy group photograph with names 19461946
6157Skara Brae, Orkney2008
6158Broch ~ Dun Alascaig, near Edderton2008
6159Broch ~ Ferenach, Borrobol2008
6160Broch at Ferenach, Borrobol ~ Entrance inside2008
6161Broch at Ferenach, Borrobol ~ One chamber of six2008
6162Broch at Glen Cassley ~ Dail Langwell2008
6164Broch at Jairshof, Mainland, Shetland2008
6165Stone Circle at Aberscross2008
6166Stone Circle ~ Ring of Brodgar, Orkney2008
6167President's report for 18801880
6168Sutherland Field Club List of members 18801880
6169Extracts from letters to Dr Joass 18811880
6170Temperatures at Dunrobin 18811881
6171Notes on wild birds 18811880
6172Notes on wild birds 18811881
6173Notes on wild birds 18811881
6174Notes on red deer in Sutherland 18811881
6175Notes on peat moss at Golspie 18811881
6176Report of outing to view peat moss at Golspie 18811881
6177Further information on peat moss at Golspie 18811881
6178Information on memorial stone from Dunrobin nursery 18811881
6179Draft circular - support for Sutherland Field Club 18811880
6180Sutherland weather report for 18811881
6181Notes for Field Club annual report 18811881
6182Sutherland Field Club Annual Address Dec 18811881
6183Sutherland Field Club Secretary's report 18811881
6184Sutherland Field Club Annual Address 18821882
6185Sutherland Field Club Secretary's Report 18821882
6186Botany of Golspie1882
6187Medical and family recipes 18791879
6188Notes on geology c 18791879
6189Notes on Mr Traquair's herbarium c 18791879
6190Notes on murder trial 1739 with reference 'pit of Dornoch'1879
6191Notes on an early 18th century chair1879
6192Notes on bog butter 18831883
6193A story of Sutherland & Caithness of 260 years ago1879
6194Notes from Mr Lock's book c 18791879
6195'Artificial Salmon Breeding in Sutherland' c 18791879
6196Kildonan gold diggings et al 18821882
6197Gaelic tune and folklore1880
6198Gaelic poem1906
6200Wrapping of package to Dr Joass c 19101910
6201Sutherland Weather Reports for 18801880
6202Rental value of Dornoch Sewage Works 19861986
6203Dornoch Traffic Management Meadows Road 19821982
6204Northfield 24 July 19051905
6205Obituary Rev Dr Joass 19171917
6206Programme for visit of Queen Elizabeth to Highlands 19641964
6208Long service agricultural medal1919
6209Balvraid Public School photograph 19122008
6210Balvraid Public School photograph1905
6211Balvraid Public School photograph c 19061906
6212Balvraid School photograph 19361936
6213Duncan Matheson at Balvraid School c 19361936
6214William, James and Duncan Matheson c 19251925
6215William and Mary Matheson c 19251925
6216Invoice for petrol 19281928
6217Pocket watch made by George Bell of Dornoch1880
6218Group of workers gathered around their lorry1925
6219Prince of Wales unveils two special plaques 19891989
6220Newspaper article 'Showing the Way' - Dornoch signposts1971
6221No more senior pupils at Dornoch 1959 controversy1959
6222James Matheson standing on LMS railway truck at Skelbo1920
6223Three railway workers at Skelbo1920
6224Five railway workers at Skelbo including James Matheson1920
6225Three railway workers at Skelbo station1920
6227Four railway workers at Skelbo station1920
6228Railwaymen after their day's work1928
6229Derailment of a locomotive at the Mound c 19301930
6230Grenade fire extinguisher1890
6231Male bathing costume c 18901890
6232Architect's plans for Grants Joiner's Yard workshop 19051905
6233Admiralty Chart of Dornoch Firth 19121912
6234Wooden bowl with inscribed shield.1921
6235Folding artist's stool1930
6236St Gilbert Street Road Sign1950
6237Cathedral Vandalism 20082008
6238Dornoch Light Railway meeting 19081908
6239C (Sutherland) Company 11th Bn Seaforth Highlanders TA1966
6240World War 2 Anti-glider posts in the Dornoch Firth2008
6241World War 2 Anti-glider posts in the Dornoch Firth2007
6242World War 2 Anti-glider posts in the Dornoch Firth2007
6243Ground work development of old Sutherland Arms Hotel Site2007
6244Ground work development of old Sutherland Arms Hotel site2007
6245Bottle found on old Sutherland Arms Hotel site1940
6246Metal scorce found on old Sutherland Arms Hotel site1940
6247Dining fork found on old Sutherland Arms Hotel site1940
6248Rusted key found on old Sutherland Arms Hotel site1940
6249Early stages of construction on old Sutherland Arms Hotel site2007
6250Final stages of construction on old Sutherland Arms Hotel site2008
6251Northern Times article development of old Sutherland Arms Hotel site2007
6252Archaeological findsDornoch Business Park 20062006
6253Archaeological finds Dornoch Business Park 20062006
6254Archaeological finds Dornoch Business Park 20062006
6255Archaeological findDornoch Business Park 20062006
6256Archaeological find Dornoch Business Park 20062006
6257Archaeological find Dornoch Business Park 20062006
6258Archaeological find Dornoch Business Park 20062006
6259Archaeological finds Dornoch Business Park 20082006
6260Dornoch Business Park Archaeological Evaluation Report2006
6261Shells found Dornoch Business Park 20062006
6262Archaeological finds Dornoch Business Park 20062006
6263Coal fragment found in survey of Dornoch Business Park 20062006
6264Bone fragment from survey of Dornoch Business Park 20062006
6265Burnt antler fragment Dornoch Business Park survey 20062006
6266Finds from Cuthill Links0
6267Original Royal Dornoch Golf Club clock2005
6268Component parts of original Royal Dornoch Golf Club clock2005
6269Restored Royal Dornoch Golf Club clock2005
6271St Andrews Dinner 1928 Toast List and Music Programme1928
6272Dornoch Pipe Band1920
6273Hostel Photograph ? 19481948
6274Dornoch Pipe Band group photograph c 19281928
6275The Square Dornoch from the Cathedral tower c 19601960
6276Dornoch Pipe Band ready to perform at the Pageant 19281928
6277Dornoch Pipe Band performing at the Pageant 19281928
6278Dornoch Pageant 19281928
6279Dornoch Pipe Band at Pageant 19281928
6280Dornoch Pipe Band Cathedral Septcentenary1928
6281Seaforth Highlanders group photograph c 19391939
6282Seaforth Highlanders with Pipe Band on parade in The Square1946
6283Donoch Pipe Band on parade in The Square, Dornoch c 19101910
6284Donoch Pipe Band on parade in The Square, Dornoch1920
6285Seaforth Highlanders on parade in The Square, Dornoch 19391939
6286Wedding of daughter of Dr MacLachlin1930
6287James Murray's shop Castle Street, Dornoch1930
6288Dornoch Golf Club grass cutting vehicle1925
6289Seaforth Highlanders at Dornoch Station1939
6290Amenity Week Parade Pipes and Drums1937
6291Amenity Week Parade1948
6292Rules for Postmen Rg 131957
6293Defence of the Realm Local Pass1917
6294Offer to buy Spinningdale1815
6295Letter from Daniel Gilchrist to James Loch re courthouse1848
6296Invoice to Dugald Gilchrist1835
6297Letter to Dugald Gilchrist1835
6298? Delivery notice to Dugald Gilchrist1835
6299Correspondence between Miss Lyon and the National Museum of Antiquities1974
6300Letters re. Rates Assessment1939
6301WW2 Clothing Book1942
6302Local pass - Mrs Jane Lyon1916
6303List of Miss Lyon's papers 19861986
6304J.G. Gilchrist1880
6305Portraint photograph of J.G. Gilchrist1890
6306Obituary for Donald Levack Robertson2009
6307Boats in Brora Harbour1890
6308Three unused watch glasses1914
6310Notes on Sutherland estate and genealogy2009
6311Battle of Golspie 17462009
6312Sutherland archaeology2009
6313Notes on Sutherland 17452009
6314Letters from Lord Duffus of Skelbo2009
6315Notes on Duncan Forbes of Culloden et al2009
6316Notes on Sutherland2009
6317Notes from Memorabilia Domestica2009
6318Notes on Earls of Sutherland and Cromartie2009
6319Notes on Sutherland2009
6320Notes on 16th c. Sutherland2009
6321Notes on Sutherland2009
6322Notes on Sutherland archaeology etc.2009
6323Notes on Sutherland2009
6324Commercial Bank book 18231823
6325Rosehall account book 18301830
6326Receipt for Creich schoolmaster's salary 18491849
6327Letter re Sabbath School at Whiteface 18411841
6328Toll dues on sheep and cattle 18321832
6329Gordons of Embo2009
6330Scottish defeats2009
6331Miss Lyon Documents - Notes on Marquis of Montrose2009
6332Notes on road building in Sutherland2009
6333Notes on Skelbo2009
6334Notes from Culloden Papers1745
6335Notes on Sutherland parishes2009
6336Notes on the Sutherlands of Duffus, Proncy and Torboll2009
6337Notes on the history of Sutherland2009
6338In defence of the census2009
6339Notes on leading Sutherland families2009
6340Notes on various Sutherland names2009
6341Notes on Lord Reay2009
6342History of Ospisdale2009
6343Notes on Gordon of Sallachy2009
6344Notes on history of Sutherland2009
6345Notes on the Munros 16th and 17th c.2009
6346Notes on Rosehal2009
6347Notes on the early rulers and archaeology of Sutherland2009
6348Letter to Dr. Duguid 17461746
6349Notes on various branches of the Mackays2009
6350Inventory of Dunrobin 17611761
6351Notes on castles in Sutherland2009
6352Letters from Dunrobin 1746/71746
6353Notes on events of 17461746
6354Notes on Earlof Sutherland's militia 17461746
6355Extract from the Life of Lord Cromartie 17461746
6356Article on Sutherland2009
6357Widening of Castle Street 19701970
6358Assorted notes 18th century2009
6359Death of Lady Sutherland 17471747
6360Letters to Mackenzie of Delvine1751
6361Correspondence with Mackenzie of Delvine 17831783
6362Correspondence re Dunrobin inventory 19621962
6363Notes on the Gordon family2009
6364Notes on the Mackay family2009
6365Macleods of Ardvreck2009
6366Visit of Lord Lovat to Strathnaver 16691669
6367Post Office opening hours etc.2009
6368Instructions for dealing with High Value Packets1968
6369Post Office Rules Section A21936
6370The Sub-Postmasters' Handbook1972
6371How to Stamp Out Typhoid1964
6372Advert for Savings Account1981
6373Greetings telegram card2009
6374Telegram forms2009
6375Telegram forms1975
6377Post Office Rules C1-C41955
6378Gilchrist of Ospisdale papers1982
6379Gilchrist Family of Ospisdale2009
6380Watch presented to Donald Mackay relating to WW11915
6381Photograph album of Capt. Ronald Hugh Walrond Rose1914
6382Front trench St. Marguerite World War 11914
6383Machine Gun position outside a wood at Venizel1914
6384 Front trench at St. Marguerite1914
6385Transport struck by shrapnel at Signy Signets1914
6386Bursting German heavy Howitzer shells aimed at aeroplanes1914
6387Front trench at St Marguerite with Artillery Officer1914
6388Machine gun position at St Marguerite1914
6389Cameronians crossing the Marne at La Ferte Sous Jouarre1914
6390Our 60 Pounders on trek after the invasion1914
6391Burnt German aeros between Marne & Aisne1914
6392French train at Busigny Station1914
6393The Queens Bays with German prisoners after Nery1914
6394‘D’ Company 1st Bn Cameronians route marching at Maretz1914
6395Breakfast and toilet Porstoise1914
6396Orderly Room Maretz1914
6397Cameronians on the highway near La Faute Maison1914
6398Rations at Signy Signets1914
6399La Ferte Sous Jouarre ~ French & English troops1914
6400Halt at a farm during retreat the day after Mons1914
6401Officer group at halt during retreat from Mons1914
6402Brodie and a Ulan horse1914
6403Our guns come into action at Signey Siqnets1914
6404A wayside halt when marching to reinforce the left at Le Cateau1914
6405A consultation before Le Cateau farm1914
6406Lee & the Colonel early morning toilet La Haute Maison1914
6407Brodie’s looted horse at Nery1914
6408Fishing on the Aisne1914
6409German lines on the Marne from Signey Siqnets1914
6410La Ferte Sous Jouarre is seen burning on the right1914
6411Company cooks preparing breakfast1914
6412Sunday after church parade at Septmonts1914
6413R-W & his horses at Septmonts1914
6414French Cavalry on the march1914
6415Officers outside Bn HQ Billet at Septmonts1914
6416Observation post in Ritchies farm1914
6417German dead after a night attack on Ritchies farm1914
6418Trench and No. 2 Machine Gun1914
6419C Company Trench and a way across the road1914
6420In ‘C’ Company’s trench1914
6421Looking out for snipers 05/11/141914
6422The burning of Rorkes post1914
6423In the Cabbage Patch trench1914
6424Lt. Robert Money and No.1 Machine Gun1914
6425Richies farm being finally finished off1914
6426Thorpes farm being ‘Black marinated'1914
6427A battery of the famous 75 mm French guns1914
6428No.1 gun fired barrel at limit of reach1914
6429Shell track1914
6430A battery of French guns in action1914
6431French guns and ammunition wagon1914
6432Battery of French guns in action1914
6433Bus transport to the trenches Vlamertinghe to Levantie1914
6434Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders marching at Vlamertinghe1914
6435French guns in action. No. 1 gun & its team1914
6436Mails from home by the wayside outside Steenwerck1914
6437Rooke and a shell buried in a tree1914
6438Aid post at Bac St. Naur1914
6439Move from Vlamertinghe to Levantie 19/10/141914
6440Vlamertinghe. 38 buses were employed1914
6441Chateau billet at Renescuse1914
6442Trench 'bedrooms'1914
6443In the trenches - H.Q. Mess Hut1914
6444Copying a map of the trenches in H.Q. Mess Hut1914
6445Dawn ~ Hobbers & Chaplin1914
6446The back of our bedrooms in the trenches1914
6447Frosty morning 'D' Company Mess1914
6448Machine gun hut1914
6449The troops digging potatoes1914
6450'C Company Trench 28/10/141914
6451Colonel Robertson scrapes snow from the roof of H.Q.’s Hut1914
6452Lt. Money and Davidson outside dug-out1914
6453Hamilton and Lt. Money1914
6454Lee, too much for the camera1914
6455In front of trench occupied by the Cameronians1914
6456Entanglements in front of British trench1914
6457Buildings full of German snipers1914
6458Distance between trenches1914
6459British 19 pounder Field Gun1914
6460British 19 pounder Field Gun 07/12/141914
6461British 19 pounder Field Gun1914
6462British 19 pounder Field Gun1914
6463Private Cairns 1st Cameronians D.C.M.1914
6464Private Cairns decorated for gallantry in the field1914
6465Instruction on machine gun in deserted spinning mill1914
6466Orderly Room of Cameronians whilst in billets1914
6467British 18 Pounder Gun in concealed shelter1914
6468British 18 Pounder Gun in concealed shelte1914
6469C Company Houplines trenches1914
6470Chaplin, Wright, McLellan1914
6471‘A’ Company’s trenches shoveling out the mud1914
6472Captain Darling, Cameronians1914
6473‘A’ Coy keeping above water1914
6474In the trenches1914
6475C Company trenches with steel loop1914
6476A German searchlight at night1914
6477In the trenches1914
6478Photograph album of Capt Ronald Hugh Walrond Rose1914
6479Cleaning machine gun1914
6480A 4.5” Howitzer in concealed position at Houplines1914
6481View of British and German trenches1914
6482British lines from the shelled roof of farm1914
6483‘Grenadiers’ practising bomb throwing1914
6484Trench mortar shows what it can do1914
6485What the trench mortar does1914
6486Barbed wire entanglement1914
6487Barbed wire entanglement after treatment by machine gun fire1914
6488The machine guns treating the barbed wire1914
6489C Company's trenches with Sergeant Blakemore1914
6490D Company's line1914
6491Bechers and Jack1915
6492Attempting to drain the communication trench1915
6493The Colonel returing from 'rounds'1915
6494Stirling's grave. ‘Moat’ farm1915
6495Full view Stirling's grave. ‘Moat' farm1915
6496The cross on Stirling's grave. ‘Moat’ farm1915
6497An unexploded ‘Johnson’1915
6498Church destroyed by German guns1915
6499Interior of Church destroyed by German guns1915
6500Royal Garrison Artillery 60 pound guns1915
6501Firing gun at limit of recoil1915
6502Our lines showing new breast works1915
6503Our lines with new breast works1915
6504The R.E. yard - piles of “dug-out” frames1915
6505A study in empty tins1915
6506Note the willow trees pitted with bullet marks1915
6507A “Dug-out” frame in place1915
6508After wet weather hap-hazard dugout subsides1915
6509Brick laying to keep trenches dry1915
6510‘D’ Company ~ Burgess and Hamilton1915
6511The old Headquarters1915
6512Napoleon B Lee composing his despatches or “The Letter Home”1915
6513McLellan in ‘A’ Coy’s Mess.1915
6514'A' Company.1915
6515Machine gun class1915
6516Outside H.Q. billet1915
6517H.Q. billet ~ Chaplin, Oakley, Davidson, Hill1915
6518Davidson, Hill, Becher1915
6519Capt. Stormouth–Darling1915
6520Hill, Becher, Wright, McLellan1915
6521Davidson, Hill, Wright1915
6522Captain Stormouth-Darling mounted1915
6523The armoured train1915
6524How a rifle grenade is fired.1915
6525Barley using a trench periscope1915
6526Using a Barr and Stroud range finder1915
6527Cox’s corner - futile efforts to clear the water.1915
6528Grande Flamendrie farm fortified by Oakley..1915
6529Oakleys 'minen' holes outside G. Flamendrie1915
6530Water farm from ‘B’ Company’s lines1915
6531Hill putting up a “Dug-out” ‘C’ Company’s lines1915
6532Quartermaster's Stores. coffers1915
6533Rations at Quartermaster's Stores1915
6534Football in billets1915
6535Grande Flamendrie farm and barn after being mined.1915
6536Second view Grande Flamendrie farm after being mined1915
6537The pocket periscope1915
6538Water farm from ‘C’ Company’s breastwork1915
6539Behind ‘C’ Company’s breastwork1915
6540The car of destiny ~ journey to join 2nd Battalion1915
6541The car of destiny journey ~ Lt. Money & Oakley1915
6542Outside ‘D’ lines H.Q. near Neure Chapelle1915
6543Richard Graham’s grave, died 10/01/151915
6546Capt. & Adjutant Wilfred. I. Maunsell’s grave1915
6547Pipe Major A. Cameron’s grave1915
6548Capt. W. Maunsell, and Pipe Major A. Cameron’s graves1915
6549General view of cemetery1915
65502 Lt J H Kennedy's grave2009
6551‘C’ lines H.Q. being shelled and burning1915
6552Four officers standing outside building1915
6553Oakley with entrenchments1915
6554Lieut. H.O.D. Beecher’s grave1915
6555Lieut .H.O.D. Beecher’s grave ~ alternative view1915
6556Several enclosed graves1915
6557Dog behind barred enclosure1915
6558CO and RSM 2nd Battalion The Cameronians1915
6559Soldiers with horses1915
6560Machine gun crew drill1915
6561Soldiers on parade1915
6562Regiment on parade1915
6563Soldiers marching with officers behind mounted1915
6564Col. Vandaleur is introduced to his officers1915
6565Col. Vandaleur with his officers1915
6566Col. Vandaleur with his officers in farm yard1915
6567Mounted Cameronian Officer1915
6568Mounted Cameronian Officer with second horse1915
6569Officers' briefing1915
6570Brigadier General Pinney and the Mayor of Doulieu1915
6571Graham and rations1915
6572Dog behind barred enclosure1915
6573Dog behind barred enclosure (2)1915
6574Dog behind barred enclosure (3)1915
6575Rifle inspection1915
6576Sergeant Major Chalmers recounts the Battle of Neuve Chapelle1915
6578Photograph album of Capt. Ronald Hugh Walrond Rose1914
6579Maj.Chaplin, Maj.Heywood, Capt.Darling in Communication trench1915
6580Flamenderie Farm from reserve trench1915
6581Afternoon tea – ‘C’ Company officers1915
6582Men working on Communication trench1915
6583Captain Lee1915
6584Headquarters dug-out. Col. Robertson, Major. Chaplin1915
6585The new bedrooms ~ Col. Robertson, Major Chaplin1915
6586At Cox’s Corner1915
6587‘C’ Company officers ~ new Mess dug-out in construction1915
6588Afternoon tea ~ ‘C’ Company officers1915
6589Flamenderie Farm and apple blossom1915
6590The visit of the Padres1915
6591Captain Lee mounted1915
6592Captain Lee outside billet1915