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Waiting crowd
Waiting crowd

Black and white photo of a crowd waiting behind a barrier, from style of dress possibly during Queen's visit in 1964.
Picture added on 24 April 2008
Peter Murray 3rd from left front;either Cathy or Daisy Grant and Mary Grant behind her; Jessie Bell; Mrs Pete Grant; ?; Elise Macleod; Vidal Cumming slightly behind. At the back Mr Gunn (Camore), behind Mary Grant in back row Donnie Tatty

Many thanks for your comment with so many names - Administrator
Added by Calum grant on 23 September 2013
To Peter Murrays left is that not Jim Macdonald, Ironmonger and behind Elise that is Violet Shearer, and back row, with the flat cap, Tommy Munro. I don't think this is the Queens visit in 1964 as Tommy was presented to the Queen in the Square.

Many thanks for your comment and further identifications - does anyone know what the occasion was? - Administrator
Added by Dan Murray on 24 September 2013
Next to Mrs Grant is Mrs Andrew McLeod. I seem to remember posts and chains around the golf club at an earlier time, there were definitely chains around the pro shop as we sat in them while waiting to caddy.

Added by Dan Murray on 25 September 2013
Hi Dan agree with all of these names. Mine should have read Vida Cumming and Henry Gunn, I could not remember Ian Gunn's fathers name until just now. It's not 1964 as Peter Murray was much older so perhaps 1955. Is the wee fellow front left Fraser Robertson ???

Many thanks for your comment with the additional information and correction to name - Administrator
Added by Calum grant on 25 September 2013
Calum think the laddie extreme left could be Leonard Will and I don't think that is Jessie Bell but Mrs Archie Sutherland who lived above tights shop in the high street and her husband had the basement accessed from the steps at the burn.
Added by Dan Murray on 26 September 2013
Could it have been when Harold Macmillan, then the Prime Minister, played golf at Dornoch? 1955 I think.
Added by Calum grant on 26 September 2013
Photos number 4913 and 11653 confirm that there were posts and chains around a semi circular gravelled area in front of the clubhouse so it could well be the visit of Harold McMillan as suggested by Callum
Added by Dan Murray on 28 September 2013
They are standing in front of the golf club looking towards the open area at the front. Before the club house was done up in the early '70s, there was a gravel area at the front surrounded by a chain linked to posts. We used to get hell for swinging on the chain. You couldn't sit on the chains round the pro's shop (now knocked down) because they had huge spikes on them. I think the lady on the right with the long light coat is Connie MacDonald, Maths teacher. Just behind Peter Murray is Charlie MacKay, painter and drummer in the pipe band. Could be Kenny Macrae and Finla' the shoemaker just behind Violet. Definitely not 1964 so Calum's suggestion of Macmillan visit sounds more likely

Many thanks for your comment providing us with further information - Administrator
Added by Bill Leslie on 29 September 2013
Agree with Charlie Mackay but do not think it's Kenny nor Finla as neither wore a hat as I recall and suspect that Finla would not make an appearance at such events !!!
Added by Calum grant on 01 October 2013
Often saw Kenny wearing a hat, Mr Grant. Don't think I ever saw Finla outside his shop except in his car.
Added by Bill Leslie on 02 October 2013
Hi Bill , only when in the Pipe Band !!
Added by Calum grant on 03 October 2013
Sorry Callum, have to agree with our cup winning goalscorer, that would appear to be Kenny McRae wearing a bunnet and next but one to him and next to Tommy Munro, is that Alec McDonald, Rays father?
Added by on 04 October 2013
A real teaser this one, still do not think that it is Kenny although I can see why you think it may be. The goal scoring, riot starting hero that almost had us lynched !??
Added by Calum grant on 07 October 2013
I have to agree with the goal scoring trouble maker Calum, positively Kenny the pipe major janny
Added by Dan Murray on 26 February 2015
Just noticed DONNIE TATTIE at the middle back behind MARY GRANT, Balbain.
Added by Calum Grant on 21 March 2016
Far left hanging on to Peters shop bike Leonard Will and far right with homburg hat and dark specs Ted Brannen. Woman in centre of photo Mrs Archie Sutherland.
Added by Dan Murray on 07 April 2016
Can confirm that's my mother, Connie Macdonald, far right ( white coat). We have this photograph and I wish I'd paid more attention when my mother told me who was in it. Behind Mrs McLeod ~ I think it's Mabel, Violet's sister. Mabel was married to Eddie, who worked in the ironmonger/household goods shop with Sander. She had a clothes shop in the square. Fashions are 50s not 60s. My mother has her "watching golf" face on! ~ Many thanks for the additional information ~ Administrator
Added by Maggie Macdonald on 20 July 2016
Just noticed the Box Brownie in my mother (Connie, far right) 's hands ~ perhaps there was a celeb visiting?
Added by Maggie Macdonald on 20 July 2016
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